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Huawei Routing AX3Pro: Best Value at $300 Wi-Fi 6 Bonus

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See the router, always think of some past. For example, when I was in college, a few people in the dorm got together to buy a few dozen routers.

During the period, roommates Wi-Fi even play games, always suddenly shouted

Once in a while, the first sentence is always

By 2020, the Wi-Fi 6 has gradually entered our lives, the plight of the past will become an unforgettable painful memory.

But because of Wi-Fi 6 comparison

In fact, as a new generation of Wi Fi standard, Wi Fi 6 has the advantages of high bandwidth, high concurrency, low time delay and low power consumption compared with the previous generation of Wi Fi 5 technology due to its introduction of 5g homologous technology OFDMA, which can also be called indoor 5g.

Huawei, as the leader of Wi-Fi 6 standards, is far ahead in the accumulation of related technologies.

On the basis of deep understanding of the two technologies of G 5 and Wi-Fi 6,Huawei further innovation on the basis of the introduction of self-developed chip collaborative HuaweiWi-Fi 6 technology, and we recently evaluated the Huawei routing AX3Pro is the product of this new technology.

Let's talk about the highlights of this product:

1. cheap or cheap (very cost effective)

2. Equipped with LingXiao quad core 1.4GHz CPU, ax3000 has the strongest routing CPU

Routers with the fastest throughput in 3.AX3000 routing

4.HuaweiWi-Fi 6 dynamic narrow bandwidth technology (with HuaweiWi-Fi 6 terminals) and four independent signal amplifiers

5. Great experience, one touch at a time

6. features child mode, game acceleration, etc

1、 Is it a gimmick or a trend for users to replace Wi Fi 6 routers?

Technology changes life. Nowadays, we can use smart phones, PCs and other tools for shopping, online games and video calls, and the most basic requirement is to have a network.

Just as we didn't expect three G 10 years ago to add voice, video and other features to our social app, changing the way we socialize, the birth of four G five years ago, so that we can see the world through short video.


With the development of technology, more and more information storage, reading, downloading and so on have become an inevitable topic in our life.

For example, the mobile game "Honor of Kings ", which takes about two GB, of mobile storage, takes about five minutes to download our ordinary home broadband, and sometimes updates inside the software make many players

There are Huawei routing AX3Pro, connected to 5 bands, as long as the network conditions permit, the actual download rate can exceed 1 Gbps, download image


Of course, limiting the network is not just the router but also the network speed. In fact, many families or small companies sometimes can't meet the demand even if they upgrade the broadband, and this is the pot of routers in most cases.

For example, home, they choose the router, as long as the router is not damaged, will keep it


This saves two or three hundred dollars for changing routers, but it's slow and multiple devices online



In general, under the support of Wi Fi 6, the wireless network will have the advantages of lower delay, more stable connection and less interference between devices in daily use. Meanwhile, the speed will be improved to some extent, and the minimum speed in the room with poor signal will be improved accordingly.

The routing of Wi Fi 6 is more in line with the needs of current users and their terminal devices, and it is also the next development trend.

Second, the network easily cover the whole house, online games play without pressure

For ordinary consumers, the ability of signal coverage, stability and speed are more concerned about routing.

To this end, we test the signal strength of the route at different locations in the office area through two mobile phones (one HuaweiP40Pro, support Wi-Fi 6; the other does not support Wi-Fi 6) to simulate the actual home use.


tested broadband is 100 M telecom with speed limit. Area of 110㎡, we take two mobile phones in a similar time in the following 6 points for the actual test, routing location at 3. The frequency bands are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz., respectively





It can be seen from the test that Huawei route AX3 Pro is equipped with two independent signal amplifiers at 2.4GHz and 5GHz respectively, although the signal fluctuates at six different positions.

The signal intensity is still in the normal range, whether it is to support Wi-Fi 5 mobile phones (mainstream in previous years) or Wi-Fi 6 mobile phones (hot in the last year) daily use completely, users can be assured of bold change Huawei routing AX3Pro..

Limited by my 100m broadband, it's really hard for this router to play to its best.

Still, mobile phones that support new technologies such as Wi-Fi 6Huawei equipped with routing AX3Pro, can perform better than previous mobile phone intranet experience speed, if the network speed is enough, then the extranet experience is no problem.

Moreover, from the actual experience of the network environment, such as the PC side play League of Legends, its delay of about 35 ms, mobile phone side play Honor of Kings, its delay of 50 ms, are smooth running Carton, in addition to the intelligent life app the end can be set up


3、 Simple and fashionable appearance, unique design

Huawei AX3 Pro has a simple overall shape, with two colors of black and white. It is a beauty school in the external antenna routing.

front is a complete plane and center position is a circular Hi key.

The function of Huawei hi key: One-click connection to other HuaweiWi-Fi devices can also be used as a WPS key. Hi key goes down


With the Android phone with NFC function, you can connect to Wi Fi by tapping the NFC sign in the lower right corner of the front of the router, so that even if the user sets a complex password to prevent the network from rubbing, you don't have to worry about the trouble of entering the password when the new device is connected, which is safe and convenient. Relatives and friends come to the home, no longer have to forget the password at home and embarrassed.


There is also an indicator light in the center of the front side of the route, blue indicates normal, red indicates no access to the Internet, flashing means the distribution network is in progress.


all interface layouts are in the back side of the route, from left to right are the power DC interface ,4 gigabit adaptive WAN/LAN ports, and finally a reset key.


The bottom is an irregular design, and the two sides are inclined cooling holes. The symmetrical design can form an air duct to accelerate heat dissipation. The center position is provided with a silicone pad and product label sticker.


Up to 90 for 4 antennas


The most attractive part of the antenna is the front and back of the fourth antenna

HuaweiAX3Pro identity can be seen as Huawei first Wi-Fi 6 routing products.

On the whole, this product is very good in appearance. Whether it is placed in the living room or bedroom, it can match the home's dressing very well.

Fourth, the design of hardware and software, bring extraordinary use experience

In terms of internal hardware, Huawei has equipped a self-developed 4-core 1.4GHz Lingxiao 650 chip for AX3 pro, Power up to 12880 DMIPS, and equipped with 256 MB RAM 128MB ROM, with powerful multitasking parallel capabilities and rich plug-in expansion possibilities.

According to Huawei's official data, its 2.4G band supports 4 concurrency, 5g band supports 16 concurrency, and the total number of device accesses can reach 128.

For a normal family of four, access to 10-20 devices already belongs to more, but because of the existence of Wi Fi 6, users can use it more naturally: play TV, play games, open video conferences, etc. can be carried out at the same time under this network.


the Huawei routing AX3Pro provides 160 large bandwidths from end to end compared to Mhz common 80-bandwidth routing devices and can double the theoretical rate directly under the same other conditions. the total theoretical wireless rate can reach 2976 Mbps (2.4 ghz 574 5 ghz :2402 Mbps).

Also has four independent signal amplifier blessing (2*2.4 GHz 2*5GHz), guarantees the home environment new and old equipment can enjoy the high quality signal (above test result also has the embodiment).

5、 Intelligent design and imagination of intelligent life

On the distribution network and routing management ,HuaweiAX3Pro have web pages and APP two ways, and the operation process is very simple, can be said that any small white users can easily handle.


Huawei routing AX3Pro adds to the web side compared to other routes


Access Huawei

If you forget the password of broadband account, you don't need to panic. If you connect Huawei's AX3 Pro route to the old route, you can get the password of broadband account with one key, even if you call customer service.


The visual elements of the app home page are very simple, only the functional items with high frequency of use are reserved, and other detailed settings need to click to view more functions, and there are service recommendations at the bottom, so users can use them purposefully.


Many of these features are very relevant to real life, such as child Internet protection.

Huawei AX3 Pro does not simply and roughly limit the online time like ordinary routing, but can set the details of all kinds of online behaviors of children. Games, videos, social networking, application installation and other operations can be specifically limited. The online time and online time of each day can be preset in advance.


In addition, mobile game acceleration and other functions for heavy game enthusiasts is also a big blessing.



From the actual experience of these days, Huawei has provided quite complete services for AX3 pro, and some of its features are even high-end flagship at a price of more than 1000 yuan.

Not only does it have Wi-Fi 6 upgrades, it also has a good bonus for HuaweiWi-Fi 5 flagship products, and it supports touch-and-touch, freeing users from complex passwords.

In addition, the product itself is easy to use and rich in intelligent management and expansion, so that this product is basically invincible at the price of 300 yuan.


With the development of technology, Wi Fi 6 will become a trend, and owning a Wi Fi 6 device will be the best choice at present.

You can consider Huawei routing AX3Pro. if you want a high-speed Internet and smart life experience and a cost-effective Wi-Fi 6 route

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