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Microsoft's surface bucket: Book3 performance increases greatly, GO2 screen is bigger

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On the evening of May 6, Microsoft just quietly launched its new surface products on the official website, and all the concerned surface Book 3 and surface go 2 appeared, the surface Book 3 upgrades the core processor of the 10th generation, with significant performance improvement. The go 2 has a narrow frame design and a larger screen size.

Microsoft Surface product purchase portal


Because of the new crown epidemic, Microsoft did not hold an offline spring conference this year, but directly published new product information on its official blog.

The new product has a large amount of information, and the surface family is the leading role in the new product. Microsoft has released four new surface products, including surface go 2, surface Book 3, surface phones 2 and surface dock 2.


Surface Book 3

Surface Book 3: upgrade 10 generations of core performance to double

Surface book is Microsoft's first real notebook. This series hasn't been updated for two and a half years. The last update dates back to October 2017. There are even rumors that surface book will be cancelled.

The 13 inch and 15 inch versions of the surface Book 3 are still available. With pixel sense touch screen, the memory options include 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, and the hard disk has 256gb, 512gb or even 1TB capacity.

The surface Book 3 processor has been upgraded to Intel Core 10, including core i5 10210u and i7 10510u, which are also standard for high-end and light-weight books. The performance is 50% higher than the surface Book 2, with a battery life of up to 17.5 hours and WiFi 6 support, officials said.

The biggest change of surface Book 3 is on the graphics card. Surface Book 3 has a new version of 3000 graphics card. NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics card is optimized for many professional applications rather than games.

This means that surface Book 3 will expand to 3D animators, designers and engineers.

The consumer version of the surface Book 3 starts at 12888 yuan.

Surface go 2: narrow frame design, larger screen size

Surface Go 2 is a portable two-in-one product, the overall change is relatively large, the screen size is 10.5 inches, the screen resolution from 1800×1200 to 1920×1280, which also means that the screen display effect of Surface Go 2 is better. However, Surface Go 2 the size of the screen remains the same, this means that the large border on the original model will be smaller, that is, the very popular narrow border design. Similar to Surface Pro 3 to Surface Pro 4 changes, the screen is enlarged from 12 inches to 12.3 inches. After the upgrade Surface Go 2 can be perfectly balancedIPadPro is comparable.


Surface Go 2

There is no change in the interface part, but there is still a USB type-C interface, 3.5mm headphone connector, which is charged through the surface connector.

It is worth mentioning that surface go 2 also supports WiFi 6, which is consistent with surface laptop 3 or surface Pro 7. With the adoption of Intel's WiFi 6 module chip, Microsoft Surface go 2 will have a longer endurance and a more stable network connection.

Microsoft officials say the surface go 2 uses studio mics, a dual microphone solution that improves voice clarity and reduces background noise for team meetings or video chats, and uses a 5 megapixel front camera. This time Microsoft added a new "camera" application for the rear camera of surface go 2, which can be used to scan documents and whiteboards.

The surface go 2 can be equipped with bright platinum, elegant black, Bobbie red and ice crystal blue keyboard covers. Because the size of the body has not changed, the surface go 2 can be used with the previous generation keyboard covers. The consumer version of the surface go 2 starts at 2988 yuan.

Surface headset 2: better sound quality, longer life and new colors

At the autumn conference in October 2018, Microsoft released the first wireless noise reduction headset surface headphones. More than a year later, the surface headphone has also been updated. This upgrade is mainly about the sound quality and endurance.


New color for surface headset 2

According to officials, the surface headphones 2 can provide up to 20 hours of endurance after being fully charged. The active noise reduction function can adjust the noise reduction level through the ear stick dial, and can achieve the effect of filtering or enhancing the voice.

Microsoft has updated the Surface Headphones 2 earmuff design to allow the earmuff to rotate 180 degrees, making it more comfortable to hang the headset around the neck. At the same time, in addition to the titanium white gray color, Microsoft has added the color of Dianya black, and the price of surface headphones 2 is 1998 yuan.

Surface earphones: in depth combination with Microsoft 365

The surface earphones that haven't come on the stage are finally sold in China. Like most real wireless earphones, surface earphones will be divided into earphone body and charging box. The body can play for 8 hours continuously, and the charging box can provide 16 hours more endurance, and charge through usb-c transmission port.


Surface earphones

As Microsoft's own product ecosystem, the deep combination of surface pearls and Microsoft 365 can improve efficiency through voice control during office hours. You can use dictation in word, outlook and PowerPoint without using the screen. The price of surface pearls is 1588 yuan.

In the Microsoft Surface product line, there is a low-key existence, that is, the surface dock extension. If you remember correctly, the surface dock has been stopped for more than five years.


Surface Dock 2

This time, surface dock 2 basically retains the design of the previous generation, but also makes some changes to cater to users, such as replacing Mini dp with two USB type-c. At the same time, Gigabit network port, audio and two USB type-A are extended. In addition, surface dock 2 also brings faster charging speed and higher data transmission rate to support more powerful surface devices.

Microsoft has also released a new multi port Microsoft usb-c travel hub, which, by name, is an accessory suitable for connecting the network, monitor and USB type C on the road.

The price of surface dock 2 is 2288 yuan, and that of Microsoft usb-c travel hub is 1088 yuan. Two products will be launched later.

Finally, there are two new Microsoft accessory kits. The Microsoft ergonomic desktop kit uses a separate keyboard, a padded palm rest, a super precision mouse and a padded thumb board. Microsoft Bluetooth desktop set consists of a light and fashionable full-size keyboard and a small and fashionable mouse. The price of Microsoft ergonomics desktop set is 729 yuan, and that of Microsoft Bluetooth desktop set is 489 yuan. Two packages will be available later.

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