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The big update of Microsoft's surface: the surface Book 3 is coming, and the new noise reduction headset

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On June 19, 2012, Microsoft released the first surface product: surface RT. As the first product of Microsoft's water testing PC hardware, on the one hand, it was praised for its new form of notebook tablet two in one, which broke the embarrassing situation of serious homogenization of the PC market at that time, on the other hand, it was criticized for its product experience not meeting the user's expectations either in the PC end or the tablet end.

At that time, many media speculated that the surface would probably be a short-term attempt, and would end with the plain performance of surface RT.

But later, not only did surface not become the past, but the product family also flourished unprecedentedly. In addition to several PCs and a series of two in one products, the surface family has also derived products such as dual screen computer surface Neo, dual screen mobile phone surface duo and real wireless headset surface earpods.

Today, the surface family has come to its eighth year, and surface continues to innovate. This time, he updated four products for us, including surface go 2, surface Book 3, surface phones 2 and surface dock 2


Surface go 2: slightly larger screen, still portable and affordable

In an interview with wired, Panos Panay, the father of Microsoft surface, said that surface go was an attempt to decentralize the Pro Series technology.

Indeed, you can see the shadow of big brother pro on the surface go, including two in one product form, the same bracket hinge, even the same aluminum magnesium alloy shell, and the same Alcantara keyboard. The biggest difference in appearance between the two is size.


Microsoft said that the first surface go was designed to add a more affordable and portable two in one device to the surface series.

Today, Surface Go 2, while continuing the "ready to Go」 feature, keeps the previous generation of lightweight designs, with a narrow border design, plugged into a larger 10.5-inch touch screen (10 inches from the previous generation) with a resolution of 1800


In terms of hardware configuration, surface go 2 is divided into LTE version and Wi Fi version. LTE version is equipped with Intel Core m3-8100y processor, with 8GB memory and 128GB storage space. WiFi version is equipped with Intel Pentium 4425y processor, 4GB memory and 64GB storage space.


In addition, surface go 2 keeps pace with the times, supporting Wi Fi 6 network connection. As for the interface, the surface go 2 is still equipped with a usb-c interface, a 3.5mm headphone interface and a surface connector magnetic suction charging interface.

Finally, in addition to the "light" of the previous generation, the surface go 2 also continues the "benefits" of the previous generation. The starting price of the new machine is still no more than 3000 yuan, 2988 yuan.

Surface Book 3: further performance

Next to the lightweight surface go 2 came the family's all-around surface Book 3. Different series in the surface family have their own focus, surface go focuses on portability, and surface Book 3 focuses on professional performance.

The original intention of the first generation of surface book is to meet the users who have a special interest in two in one products and need strong performance configuration to run professional software such as Autodesk and adobe. As the two in one product of the most powerful surface family, although the appearance of this update does not change much, the performance of the surface Book 3 is a step further, making overtime more leisurely.


The surface Book 3 is equipped with Intel's 10th generation core processor, including core i5 1035g7 and i7 1065g7, and also supports Wi Fi 6. In terms of image performance, some high-end versions of surface Book 3 are equipped with NVIDIA grforce GTX 1650 or geforce GTX 1660 Ti independent graphics card.


For users with high requirements for computing power and IO performance, such as developers, the highest memory of surface Book 3 can also be selected as 32GB. According to Microsoft, the performance of the surface Book 3 is 50% higher than that of the previous generation, with a battery life of up to 17.5 hours.

In addition to better performance, surface Book 3 can play 1080p games in PC Xbox game pass game library at 60 frames per second.


Surface Book 3 continues to offer 13 inch and 15 inch versions, but no matter which version you choose, it comes with a touch enabled high DPI pixelsense screen.

A more comprehensive capability certainly means a higher price. The starting price of surface Book 3 is 12888 yuan.

Surface headphones 2: more noise reduction and longer lasting

From 2018, the surface series began to cover acoustic products and released the first generation of surface phones. As the first surface headset, its excellent noise reduction effect and wireless experience have won a lot of praise, but it still has poor endurance, high-frequency performance and other regrets. These well done and poorly done places undoubtedly make users expect its iterative products even more.

And two years later, surface headquarters 2 came.


The new design of surface headphones 2 allows the earmuff to rotate 180 degrees, making it more comfortable for users to hang the headset around their neck.

The active noise reduction ability of surface headphones 2 has also been enhanced. In addition to the level 13 noise reduction adjustment through the ear stick dial, surface headphones 2 can also achieve the effect of human voice filtering or enhancement. In this way, the sound you want to hear can be heard clearly even if you don't need to take off the headphones. For the sound you don't want to hear, surface headphones 2 can help you isolate yourself from the ear.


The previously criticized endurance problem has also been enhanced on the surface headphones 2. According to Microsoft, after the surface headphones 2 is fully charged, it can provide 20 hours of endurance with Bluetooth connection and active noise reduction function.

The surface headphones 2 is available in two colors, titanium white grey and elegant black. The price is 1998 yuan.

It's worth mentioning that the real wireless headset surface earcups, which was released last year, are also on the market now. Compared with many real wireless earphones on the market, the surface earcups are highly recognizable and avant-garde in design.


In addition, the product power of surface earcups is also strong enough. In addition to the common gesture operation of the split headset, surface earcups is also deeply combined with Microsoft 365 to let users use the dictation function in word, outlook and PowerPoint through the headset.

The price of surface pearls is 1588 yuan.

Surface dock 2: easy to use or expensive

In addition to computers and earphones, Microsoft has also brought surface dock 2, an expansion dock product for surface computers. In terms of shape and volume, the surface dock 2 has little change compared with the previous generation, mainly because the mini DP interface on the back and the usb-a interface on the front have been replaced by the usb-c interface.


In addition, the power supply of surface dock 2 has also been upgraded, from the previous 95w to the maximum power supporting 200W, greatly improving the charging speed of the device.


The surface dock 2 is fully configured and powerful enough. The only disadvantage is that it's expensive. The price is 2288 yuan.

Surface is the most important window to show software products

As mentioned at the beginning, in the eighth year, surface has developed from a pioneer of water testing with only two products (pro and RT) to a huge product family.

In the past eight years, Microsoft has been constantly pushing through the old, constantly bringing forth new ideas, covering the crowd from entry-level students to professionals, and trying to push the surface in different directions through more different categories.


According to Gartner's statistics, in the fourth quarter of last year, surface shipments ranked seventh in the world and fifth in the U.S. market. For Microsoft, surface has become an important engine to drive business growth.

However, for Microsoft, what's more important is not how much profit these hardware can bring to the company, but the software and hardware combination experience completely dominated by itself, as well as the large number of loyal users it brings.


As Panos Panay, the father of surface, said in a media interview last year when asked what surface means to Microsoft:

Inside Microsoft, we define Surface as the master and best window of Microsoft's essence. It is a product that combines all the advantages of Microsoft.

No matter what Microsoft does, cloud, operating system or application, we hope that the advantages and capabilities in various fields can be perfectly reflected in the surface products.

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