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Apple's new patent exposure: Apple car completely subverts the current car design

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Apple today obtained a new patent from the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (PTO) on car safety, from which we can see that the rumored Apple car car may subvert the current car design to a large extent.For a long time there have been rumors that Apple is developing its own car "Apple Car".. And Apple did come up with a variety of designs to change the way people drive, including skylights and doors, and various interior elements.

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As part of this massive redesign, Apple also takes into account the fact that people (passengers) ride in unconventional ways. Currently, car seats are usually one-way (forward), but Apple car may make all the seats face the middle of the car, like a room where everyone can talk to each other.

Obviously, this new arrangement needs to fundamentally reconsider the safety system adopted by the vehicle in order to ensure the safety of passengers in case of collision. Under current standard conditions, airbags can be installed in some places to prevent drivers and passengers from colliding with vehicle components, or overstretching in the movement after the collision.

but as described in apple patent, if all seats are facing the middle of the vehicle, the airbag in the current position does not play the role of protecting passengers. Today, apple tried to solve the problem by using a number of different elements in a patent awarded by the u.s. patent and trademark office called "crew security system ".

For example, when a collision is detected, apple recommends a deployable partition. The partition has an extensible side arm and an additional barrier material. To do this, a sliding inflatable barrier can be set between the passenger and the window, as shown in the patent illustration.

The stretchable side arm is a way to limit the movement of passengers during the impact, popping out of the window bar in front of the passenger. Like in a crash, passengers are thrown forward, but secured by "safety constraints ", putting an airbag in front of them, limiting their range of movement.

Of course, this can be done in a simpler way. For example, just a large air bag on the roof ceiling directly in front of the passenger can also restrict the passenger's movement and mitigate the impact. This can even be achieved in the form of seatbelts, that is, airbags are built into the seatbelt.

Apple also said that if airbags are deployed on seat belts or ceilings, a partition can still be used, but more to prevent further movement of movement of the airbag, because it gives the airbag more resistance to the weight of the user. The partition may also include hidden lanyards that guide the expansion of the airbag to a predetermined position.

In addition, the partition also provides protection for loose items in the vehicle, ensuring that items on the rear seat are blocked by the partition instead of being thrown into the front half of the vehicle interior, thus eliminating further damage from high-speed projectiles.

In addition to airbags, the patent also mentions the possibility of a face-to-face collision between passengers in a collision. For reverse mounted front seats and conventional rear seats (when both seats are facing in the middle of the vehicle), front impact may force rear passengers to touch the front passenger's feet or knees. Similarly, the rear passengers will feel more impact.

To mitigate impact and minimize the possibility of contact between passengers, Apple suggests that the seat itself can provide some movement. Once the impact is detected, the seat may move forward for a short distance, while the front seat may move further than the back.

By moving the seats, the rear seat passengers feel less force on their bodies, thus reducing the distance their bodies are pulled forward in a crash, thereby reducing the risk of injury. By moving the front seats, the chance of rear passengers contacting the front passenger's limbs in the same impact will be minimized.

It should be noted that Apple submits a large number of patent applications every week, which only indicates the areas of interest of the company's R & D work, and there is no guarantee that these concepts will appear in real products or services in the future.

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