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Windows 10May 2020 information summary: release time, new features, etc .(figure)

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Windows 10 may 2020 (20h1 / version 2004) will be officially launched at the end of this month, introducing a large number of updates including WSL 2.0. Microsoft has now finalized the development progress of Windows 10May 2020 feature updates and provided RTM versions to Release Preview channel users.


[医]date of issue

The official version of this Windows 10 feature update has also been released on the MSDN, the official version number is 19041.208(I believe many people have installed or upgraded this version).

Windows 10 A May 2020 update is expected to start pushing gradually later this month, and it will not be pushed to anyone's PC by force, as previous feature updates.

Eventually, it will be in the Windows Update

As for the exact date when the May 2020 update will actually be launched to the public, we expect it to be around May 28.

Launch of new Chromium-based Edge

Microsoft has released windows 10 kb4559309, which can install a new edge browser on the windows 10 may 2020 update (2004 version) PC.

This seems to be the first phase of the gradual introduction, and a small number of users have been prompted to upgrade. As the scope of the update continues to expand, edge will continue to be installed on all new windows 10 users' computers.

Users can also search the windows 10 kb4559309 independent installation package to install first. After the upgrade is completed and the system is restarted, windows 10 will automatically introduce a new edge browser.

Microsoft's new Edge browser is based on Chromium, it comes with almost all the features of its Chrome browser. the Chromium Edge browser has some new features compared to the old version, and the performance of the new browser is also better, according to the data UL Benchmarks by the developer of the PCMark benchmark tool. in the benchmark, the total score of the new browser is 9631 points, while the traditional version Edge browser lags behind with 8435 points.

Reserved storage( reserved storage)

In the windows 10 may 2019 feature update (version 1903), Microsoft introduced a feature called reserved storage. This function can reserve part of the system storage space to ensure that windows updates and drivers can work reliably when the space is insufficient.


In the May 2019 feature update, reserved storage uses about 7GB of storage by default. However, if you add optional features, install additional drivers, or enable new language packs, this storage space may become larger.

Microsoft plans to introduce a new tool in Windows 10 v1903, v1909 and V2004 to make this process more secure by command. Users will get updates to the (dism) tool, which will give them greater control over the reserved storage. The updated command-line based dism tool will be available later this year in 1903, 1909, and 2004 versions of windows 10.

In the near future, you will be able to enter the following command in the command prompt to manage reserved storage.

DISM.exe / Online /Get-ReservedStorageState

DISM.exe / Online /Set-ReservedStorageState /State:Enabled

DISM.exe / Online /Set-ReservedStorageState /State:Disabled

The new device no longer supports 32-bit systems

Microsoft just announced that since the update (also known as version 2004) in May 2020, the windows 10 OEM channel will bid farewell to the 32-bit version completely.

After that, software giants will no longer offer non 64 bit versions of their systems to OEMs. For customers who are still using the early 32-bit system, Microsoft will continue to provide them with necessary functions and security updates, including the available 32-bit media in non OEM channels, as well as various upgrade and installation solutions.

In short, the announcement covers only three aspects:

(1) First, this policy change affects only new machines in OEM channels, and subsequent PC will install 64-bit versions.

(2) Second, old devices, as well as non OEM channels of 32-bit systems, updates and security patches are not affected.

(3) According to Microsoft's maintenance schedule, the latest 32-bit version, windows 10 1909 (updated November 2019), will terminate support on May 11, 2021.

Support for 10th generation Intel processors and ryzen 4000 series processors

●Windows Mixed Reality

First and foremost, Microsoft said it had finally fixed the performance problem in Windows mixed reality, which had been plagued for many years.


● disk cleaning

Microsoft added the function of cleaning recommendations to the storage settings. With this new feature and the updated user interface, Microsoft says it can help you find large files, quickly free up space, and store more important files.

However, microsoft warned that the feature is not based on artificial intelligence, so it only collects all the content under the "recommendations ", and requires users to adjust to the needs. By cleaning up the recommendation, you can delete personal files, uninstall unused applications, delete copies of files that are locally synchronized to the cloud, and find out

In the 20h2 update, windows will put all the big files in one page, so that you can delete them with just a few clicks. If you free up space when installing updates, delete files that have been stored in the cloud, or uninstall apps that you don't use, you can improve windows performance and reduce the chance of problems.

● summer time zone adjustment in the kingdom of Morocco

This is a Moroccan only problem, but it is still a welcome improvement.

● safe repair

In addition to DirectX 12, Microsoft has optimized the game experience in many ways

● WDDM 2.7

Windows 10 may 2020 feature update includes the latest windows display driver model (WDDM) Two point seven , which should improve the overall game performance of users.

According to the test, the refresh rate setting for multiple displays was optimized after the update was installed. If you have used two multi monitor settings with different refresh rates, you may get stuck during use. Any window movement between two displays with different refresh rates will cause a jam until the window movement stops.


When you run a game like CS: go in borderless mode, and another window is running next to it, the same problem will appear in the single display settings. If you move another window on Windows 10, you may notice stagnation in windowed games.

These problems seem to have been fixed in the windows 10 2004 release, and moving windows between two displays does not seem to cause any pause.

● hardware accelerated GPU scheduling

WDDM updates also add support for hardware accelerated GPU scheduling, which allows the GPU graphics card to properly manage the graphics memory. This will make the video play more smooth, improve the game experience, reduce the delay, and improve the average FPS frame rate.


● improve disk utilization

The upcoming windows 10 may 2020 update will change the way windows search searches are indexed, reducing high disk usage. It includes a new algorithm that automatically detects high disk usage and slows down the indexing process.


● windows 10 game mode

Microsoft also revealed that when you turn on game mode, the windows search indexing process will stop running. This will help you when you play games, update game packs, and / or actively use disks.


You can go


Navigation to

Click to switch game mode on.

● ray tracing 1.1

Windows ԡ 10 may 2020 also adds support for DirectX raytracing 1.1, including new technologies, including inline and indirect raytracing. In version 1.1, raytracing execution is determined at runtime, and they are not predefined. Microsoft says inline raytracing is more efficient than dynamic shader based raytracing.


DirectX raytracing 1.1 also allows game engines to load ray tracing shaders on demand. For example, when your game character moves around the world and new objects are rendered, the tracking shader is loaded.

● variable rate shader

This is another interesting add-on that allows game developers to adjust the shadow rate of the game in real time. It can make proper use of GPU, and it consumes less GPU, which should bring better frame rate.


Variable rate shading (VRS), mesh shaders, and sampler feedback are part of the new DirectX 12 ultimate API. If you buy flagship graphics cards such as RTX 20, you can take full advantage of DirectX 12 ultimate.

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