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Jay Chou = Jay, but "Jay walk" is not Jay Chou walking

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The night before yesterday, I was attracted by a push notice: Jay Chou = "Jay", but "Jay walk" is not Jay Chou walking!


So I clicked into Baidu translation app and unconsciously watched the English column for more than two hours, becoming one of the active users of that day.

According to Baidu translation's latest daily active users and other data, I'm not alone. In 2020, Q1 is 10% higher than the previous quarter and 40% higher than last year's Q1. On the premise that the overall growth of the industry is slowing down, baidu translation is growing against the trend. With good user reputation, baidu translation has made outstanding performance and further explored the market potential of translation services.

That is to say, although the time of returning to work is always delayed, foreign language learners are enthusiastic. With good user reputation, they have made outstanding performance and further tap the market potential of translation services.


In addition to the students' Party and workers, they should take their spare time to recharge themselves. During the epidemic, many volunteers chose to use translation tools to study foreign languages such as masks and protective clothing from overseas to explain that "foreign language demand" has been continuously increased in the whole epidemic.

Easy to use and practical, baidu translation brings its users the most intuitive feeling. Enter app store and other major app stores, you can see many users' true feelings and five-star praise.


Recent comments from Baidu translation in App Store

For the student party, baidu translation is far superior to other similar products in terms of word expansion and example sentence presentation, which is helpful for understanding memory and vocabulary discrimination; for the working party, the photo recognition in app and long sentence translation in web page version are daily necessities.

1. Word query

Baidu translation took the lead in launching AI dictionary in the industry, becoming a new generation of dictionary after the first generation of paper dictionary, the second generation of electronic dictionary and the third generation of Internet Dictionary.

Compared with previous generations of dictionaries that require users to actively search and learn, baidu translation's first AI dictionary, based on Baidu's leading AI technology, provides personalized, interactive, intelligent and video based "vivid" experience, with more focus on helping to generate interest in learning.

Baidu translation originally has many bright features: the free Oxford and keslin dictionary interpretation, different words have different examples, pronunciation can be adjusted, support to adjust the card order.


▲ several popular basic functions for word checking

And in the latest version, baidu translation has added a knowledge dessert to help English learners supplement extra-curricular nutrients. For example, it can support real-time intelligent word extraction, recommend content based on user interest or recent word search, watch small video of scenario interpretation when querying words, AI interactive follow-up reading, etc.

Can't memorize the words? You can deepen your memory by watching the explanation video.


Is it difficult to speak a foreign language with a strong accent? AI interactive follow-up is suitable for the vast majority of learners. It is an oral evaluation function covering the whole year from children to adults. It can also grade the user 's pronunciation and provide intelligent pronunciation error correction ability to improve the overall oral level.


If your identity is junior high school, senior high school, college students and so on, the most surprising function of Baidu translation is the big data analysis of the examination given when you query the words.

For example, a senior high school student who inquires about the word "variety" will display a "college entrance examination" label more than the users who locate in the office workers. Click to see the frequency and position of the word in the college entrance examination questions in the past five years, and even the true test and analysis.


▲ screenshot of the inner part of the "college entrance examination" label

In order to give consideration to the active and passive learning of users, baidu translation home page also makes personalized recommendation of reading preference according to personal positioning, with pictures and texts and dry goods.


▲ review the words checked by the way

2. Sentence translation

Generally speaking, many people will take the "faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance" proposed by Yan Fu, a translator in the late Qing Dynasty, as a standard to judge the quality of translation. "Faithfulness" means that the translation is accurate, does not deviate from, does not omit, and does not increase or decrease the meaning at will; "expressiveness" means that the translation is smooth and clear without sticking to the original form; "elegance" means that the words used in the translation should be appropriate and pursue the elegance, simplicity and elegance of the article itself.

What is often overlooked is that in real life, what we need more is "talking to people" and "grounding". The king is the machine that can be perfectly localized. After all, translation is essentially a process of transforming a relatively unfamiliar expression into a relatively familiar one.

You may have seen some ironic mistranslations of signs, most of which have the problem of literal translation word for word. For example, "careful sliding" is translated as "slip carefuly", which means "careful sliding".

We also put this old Terrier into Baidu translation, Google translation and Youdao dictionary for testing. The result is obvious. Google translation and Youdao dictionary are still literal translation. One answer is "carefuly slide" and the other is "carefuly slide". Only Baidu translation gives the answer of "watch your step".


AI dictionaries are more than simply translating words into another language. With the help of "deep learning technology", they are closer to the level of artificial translation. They can continuously review and understand sentences with complex structures, and translate them with context.

When we translate a large section of text, baidu translation can understand who each pronoun refers to, rather than simply translate it by itself; its powerful logic analysis ability also makes it the highest quality in the comparison of similar products, which can carry out abstract analysis of information, automatically identify language rules and patterns, and achieve accurate translation.


▲ results of the same sentence in different translation tools

It is worth mentioning that the AI interactive follow-up described above can not only be used for words, but also for sentences you search or recognize for translation.

3. Specific translation scenarios

As early as six years ago, baidu translation became popular on the Internet because of the mutual translation of classical Chinese, vernacular Chinese and English.


▲ translation between classical Chinese and vernacular

In the latest update, baidu translation has expanded the number of translation languages by nearly seven times, moving from resource rich languages to deficient languages. At present, it supports 200 languages for mutual translation, and has become the translation system with the largest number of languages in the world.

In addition to the standard language and its variants of various languages, baidu translation also added ancient Greek, ancient English, Medieval French and other ancient languages, covering nearly 40000 translation directions.

According to the estimate given by the Cambridge Language Testing Institute, you can learn English and reach the A2 level (IELTS)

Loyal users' cousins therefore set higher expectations for Baidu translation: "well, since they can speak 200 languages, it's suggested that Baidu translation include the abbreviations (referring to such rice circle slang as NBCS and xswl). "


▲ screenshot from Baidu app

Besides public signs, Chinglish is often found in menus, such as husband and wife lung slice, which is translated as husband and wife lung slice.

For such "unconventional" scenes, baidu translation also provides a specific translation channel, covering menu translation, physical translation, tourism mode and other practical life scenes. The speed and accuracy of image translation technology are not low.


▲ physical translation

In the PC web page version, baidu translation supports uploading video for Chinese text translation, and can edit and fine tune the translation results through online subtitle editing tools, so as to achieve subtitle one click translation, modification, timeline adjustment, export and other functions.


The development of science and technology needs human feelings. In order to help fight against the epidemic, baidu translation has developed, built and opened the highly efficient and easy-to-use customized translation products in the medical field within two days, and supports the Chinese-English translation of professional words and sentences in the vertical fields such as biomedicine, electronic technology, hydraulic machinery, etc., which is conducive to better transmission of epidemic prevention experience and other information to various countries.

At the same time, baidu translation webpage also provides new functions with high practicability for professionals. It supports uploading PPT, ECXEL, word and other multi format documents and full-text translation. It does not limit the number of words. It keeps the format of the document, supports the comparison of the original translation and free export.


▲ fast document processing

As Wang Haifeng, Baidu's chief technology officer, said, machine translation has experienced 70 years of development, and has achieved a quality leap from science fiction ideal to practical application.


Nothing is more important than innovation.

In the past, the translation industry was more labor driven, and translators could get more orders from customers with lower quotations, which led to the generally low quality of translation. In the era of big data, high-quality language assets have been retained and reused, and lower cost machine translation has emerged. From the initial "inferior to human" to the later "surpassing human (in general)", baidu is one of the important promoters in this link.

At the beginning of 2010, baidu established a core R & D team of machine translation. On June 30, 2011, baidu translation service was officially launched, and has maintained rapid development. From 28 languages in 2017, 756 translation directions, to today's 200 languages, 40000 translation directions.

In addition, baidu also took the lead in replacing the translation algorithm with the machine translation system based on neural network, which is a year earlier than Google translation, and has become the mainstream in recent years; it has made major breakthroughs in massive translation models, multilingual translation technology and other aspects, and this is the first AI dictionary. This is the "top student", who can always drive the progress of the industry and ensure that he is at the leading level.


With high-quality products, practical functions and human-oriented services, you can understand why baidu translation has so many loyal supporters, and users are willing to invest more time and energy in it when their life rhythm, life and work style are disrupted.

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