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Samsung T7 mobile solid state drive: speed up to 1056mb / S

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For the players who love the game, the Games in the game library must be countless. Although they can't play at the same time, the joy of xijiayi is also something that ordinary people can't realize.

But with more and more games, their hard disk space has been stretched. What should we do at this time?

It's a good choice to expand the number of hard disks, but it needs to be disassembled and installed, and it can only be fixed in the computer, and it can't be carried around. At this time, a high-performance mobile hard disk is very important.

With three D NAND of capacity enhancement, the current large-capacity mobile SSD began to fully spread,Different from the general mechanical hard disk, solid state hard disk performance in speed, earthquake resistance, high temperature resistance, especially speed, mobile SSD is several times or even ten times more than the traditional mechanical hard disk.


With the launch of the new Samsung T7 mobile solid-state drive, this hard disk also breaks through 1000mb / s for the first time in terms of speed, with ultra-high reading performance, allowing the game to run more stably.

For some content creators, the high-speed and large capacity mobile SSD can copy materials faster, edit video, pictures and other content in real time, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

Next, let's talk about where the new Samsung T7 mobile SSD has been upgraded.


Appearance: multi color body, fashionable, light and thin body, strong portability

In terms of appearance, Samsung T7 has provided three color schemes for the first launch, namely, Mars red, space gray and Aurora blue. This time, we evaluated the red version;

In terms of capacity, compared with the previous T5, T7 has a capacity of 500g. In addition, there are 1TB and 2TB capacity versions to meet the capacity needs of different users.



Besides,The size of the new T7 is 85mm * 57mm * 8.0mm. Compared with the 10.5mm thickness of the previous generation of T5, the improvement is very obvious, which reduces the thickness of the whole hard disk by 30%, making the hard disk more light and thin.


In terms of interface, Samsung T7 mobile SSD adopts standard type-C interface, andA usb-a to usb-c interface and usb-c to usb-c interface data cable are randomly matchedTo meet the interface requirements of different devices.


In addition, Samsung T7 mobile solid-state drive uses a new USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps interface, and upgrades the nvme protocol. The theoretical speed can reach 1050mb / s sequential reading performance, which is rare in the current mobile solid-state drive.

Features: compatibility of the whole device, excellent heat dissipation performance and excellent safety

In terms of compatibility, Samsung T7 mobile solid state drive adopts usb-a and usb-c interfaces, and is compatible with Windows system, Mac OS and Android 5.0 and above mobile phones.

In addition, it also supports game consoles such as PS4 / Xbox 360 to achieve the compatibility of the whole platform.

However, to achieve the read speed of 1000mb / s, the USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps interface is still needed.



Although nvme protocol performs better in terms of speed, it also has higher requirements for heat dissipation of hard disk. During the use of Samsung T7, the temperature below 45 ℃ can be guaranteed.

This is mainly due to Samsung's use of a new EPCM packaging phase change material, which can effectively absorb heat, and gradually release the heat, thus ensuring the Samsung T7 in the best operating temperature range.

In the actual test process, we use the test software to make Samsung T7 work with full load, and then use the infrared temperature gun to record the actual temperature of Samsung T7 surface as 36.7 ℃.


Last but not least, Samsung T7 used AES 256 bit hardware encryption software

It also supports windows, Mac OS and Android,However, if you need to connect the device to some devices such as TV, game console, etc., you need to turn off the security functionOtherwise, it will not be able to read the data in Samsung T7 normally.

If there is a higher demand for security users can choose to T7Touch, fingerprint identification password, double security, to protect your data.

Performance test:

In the performance test part, we will divide it into two parts: software test and actual application, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the real performance of Samsung T7 mobile solid-state drive. Next, let's take a look at it together!


The first is crystal disk mark, which we are familiar with,Through our actual test, we can see that the sequential reading score of Samsung T7 is 1056mb / s, and the sequential writing score is 940.1mb/s,More than most of the current market performance of the mobile SSD.



In the as SSD benchmark test project,The sequential reading and writing performance of Samsung T7 is 979.06mb/s and 908.27mb/s respectively, while the random reading and writing performance of 4K is 95k IOPs and 264k IOPs respectively, with excellent performance.


In the software Atto disk benchmark, Samsung T7 mobile solid state drive has a sequential reading score of 1073mb / s and a sequential writing score of 907mb / s.

Next, we chose several mainstream 3A masterpieces on the market for game test. Before the test, we copied the game into Samsung T7 mobile SSD, and then directly ran the benchmark in the game in Samsung T7. Finally, we got the running status report of the game. The game special effects are the highest special effects.


The first game is Tomb Raider: shadow. As one of the first games to support ray tracing, Tomb Raider: shadow has excellent light and shadow effects. With a richer plot, it makes the game more playable. In the actual test process, Samsung T7 has a stable performance, without the occurrence of carton, and the final game score is 81 frames, achieving smooth operation of the game Conditions.


The second game is the assassin's Creed: Odyssey, we used 2K resolution in this game, and the special effect is the highest special effect. The final actual test result is 56 frames, which can basically run smoothly, and there is no jam in the process of running the game.


In the third game, we chose Blizzard's watch vanguard as an FPS game. The fast angle of view switching requires high reading performance of the hard disk. In the actual game operation process, the game screen does not tear the drag shadow, so it can run the game smoothly.



Finally, we choose two classic MoBa games, hero League and dota2. After our practical experience, we come to the conclusion that the game can run smoothly when it is put in Samsung T7 mobile solid-state drive. There will be no jam caused by the speed drop of the hard disk. The whole experience is very smooth.


Write at the end:

As an upgrade of the previous generation of T5 mobile solid-state drive, Samsung T7 reduces the thickness of the body by 30% while maintaining the same size in appearance, making the whole body thinner.

In addition, in terms of performance, nvme protocol is adopted, and the sequential reading performance is over 1050mb / s, and the sequential writing performance is also up to 1000mb / s, which is absolutely the leading presence in the current mobile solid-state field.

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