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Questioning google's quantum superiority ali team: a million years problem can be solved in 20 days

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(Original title: Questioning Google Quantum: Ali's team pre-printed paper, so-called 10000-year problem can be solved in 20 days)

Wen / Huang Shan

Many historic moments were witnessed in 2019, but they still need to be tested. e.g. Google announces the realization of quantum superiority (Quantum Supremacy).

Then, google said in its paper in Nature that it had developed a quantum chip called Sycamore's 54 qubit number that could solve a particular problem in just 200 seconds, and that the top supercomputers on earth would take 10,000 years to complete the same task.

According to the California Institute of Technology quantum theory physics Daniel John Preskill 2012

However, Ali's quantum computing team recently published an article in the Arxiv


Figure: This paper (Source: Arxiv)

Ali's team's thinking in the new article is similar to IBM's earlier doubts about google's quantum superiority claim.

IBM is another force that can compete with google in quantum computing.

one question IBM researchers put is that in Nature paper, google quantum processors took 200 seconds to complete the calculations of the world's best supercomputers (which happens to be the top Summit,top500 of IBM) that took 10,000 years to complete, which is not reasonable and can Summit be done within 2.5 days. Beyond that, google has a long way to go from a real quantum computer, because the computing tasks it performs have no known purpose, are not enough to prove their versatility, and how to achieve sustainable fault-tolerant computing remains a huge challenge, as google acknowledged in its paper.

In other words, the skeptics believe that Google claims


Figure Google's paper announcing quantum superiority (source: Google)

In the Alibaba team's study, the researchers used an optimization method, and the classic computer completed the calculation in 20 days.

According to the data provided by IBM and Ali, there are still differences between 20 days, 2.5 days and 200 seconds, but 20 days, 2.5 days and 10000 years are not a level concept.

Quantum the time, quantum computing has been pinned

Random quantum circuit sampling is what Google claims to be quantum superiority

Generally speaking, classical computing takes time to deal with such problems with quantum circuits (usually called cycle)


Google Sycamore Quantum Chip (Source: Google)

Alibaba quantum team jointly developed a simulation algorithm based on tensor network, and tested the algorithm on Alibaba cloud. Compared with sumimit's clustering method, it shows that it can solve the 10000 year version random quantum circuit sampling problem (53 qubits, 20 cycles) used in Google's test in only 20 days.

For another test operation previously used by Google (53 qubits ,14 cycles), compared to what Google claims

In their paper, the researchers also referred to Google's previous test of quantum computing as computing

Simply put, this study considers the quantum random sampling problem to be a

The results of the study aren't as much as Google claims

There is another capacity to focus on


Figure Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google (source: MIT Tech Review)

As a whole, such a result will raise the threshold of computational efficiency for quantum computing research. In theory, quantum computing is more inestimable than classical computing, but in the process of technology from concept to implementation to continuous maturity, its performance and other parameters must be constantly improved. In the future, researchers claim that it will take more effort to realize quantum superiority on a certain issue.

In fact, there has been a lot of noise between quantum computing and classical computing, even though quantum computing is a cutting-edge technology

Instead, it's becoming clearer: comparing the differences between quantum computing and classical computing, a lot of new work has promoted the exploration of classical computing, as well as the further optimization of its algorithms, and has been a new topic for quantum computing.

Just as Dario Gil, head of IBM research, told us in an interview:


(Source: MIT Review)

Note: The authors of this paper are mostly from Ali Quantum Lab and Ali Cloud Intelligence, including Dr. Shi Yaoyun, a former professor at the University of Michigan and head of Ali Quantum Lab. In quantum computing research, ali is an inescapable newcomer, because it is one of the few teams to develop full-stack quantum computing with hardware at its core: in 2017, alibaba set up a quantum with the goal of realizing the potential of quantum computing. In early 2018, a quantum circuit simulator developed by the laboratory

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