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Sharp 7, four shot dragon 5, sky shaking ASUS b550 main board released

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On May 21, 2020, Asustek officially released the b550 series motherboard, which can meet the performance requirements and provide players with cost-effective options. Including the three series of Rog Strix Raptor, tuf gaming e-racing agent and prime master, there are 11 motherboards, which can fully release the robust performance of the third generation amd sharp dragon processor. The new ASUS b550 series has luxury configuration, innovative technology and fashionable aesthetic design, which can meet the needs of game players, DIY fans and other needs, bringing excellent performance, large bandwidth and amazing speed!


Sharp 7 four shot dragon 5 shakes the sky

In order to deeply explore the potential performance of the third generation amd sharp dragon processor, Asustek b550 series motherboard has a high specification power supply design and a full range of cooling solutions. At the same time, the new B550 series motherboard of ASUS is equipped with a new generation of fast interconnection function, including WiFi 6 and 2.5G network cards, which can provide a faster and more stable network environment; it also supports PCIe 4 technology, and the transmission speed is two times faster than PCIe 3. The whole system is equipped with dual M.2 interface on board, and lightning 3 pin and USB 3.2 Gen2 interface are added, so the fast transmission is unstoppable.

In particular, the new addition of Asus cool techs

In addition, there is BIOS flashback one button BIOS upgrade function, even if there is no memory, graphics card and processor, you can easily upgrade the motherboard BIOS for users to update. In terms of appearance, aura sync is supported, and the on-board second-generation programmable ARGB light effect connector is used to create your own light effect. This new product of Asustek b550 series motherboard, from shape, size, function to price range, allows players to choose and match at will, to create the most suitable host platform, and easily challenge their ultimate potential!

ROG STRIX Raptor B550 Series motherboards


Rog Strix Raptor series, as the first choice of the new trend players, is specially designed for the personalized professional E-sports players. Its avant-garde and fashionable appearance contains strong performance. It has a series of professional E-sports efficiency technology to help you dominate the game battlefield! The main board of the new Rog Strix Raptor b550 series includes the big board type of ATX Rog Strix b550-e gaming, Rog Strix b550-f gaming (Wi-Fi), Rog Strix b550-f gaming, and the small board type of itx Rog Strix b550-i gaming.


the power flow e-sports sharp blade, the ROG STRIX raptor B550 series motherboard is equipped with efficient integrated power supply design and comprehensive heat dissipation scheme, the whole system PCB not less than 6 layers, can fully release the potential of the third generation AMD raptor processor. Among them, ROG STRIX B550-E GAMING motherboard is 14 2 Power supply module design with 8 4Pin ProCool high-strength power supply interface, higher power supply efficiency, for the full play of CPU performance to provide a strong guarantee. ITX small steel gun ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING the main board is more 8 layers of PCB design, plus the built-in super-durable mute fan cooling ice armour, greatly improve the heat dissipation effect, ensure the stable and efficient operation of the system, so as to bring no less efficiency than the large board, can easily overclock the memory frequency to 5100 MHz..


The main board of the Rog Strix Raptor b550 series is equipped with 2.5G network card as standard, and most of the on-board WiFi 6 wireless network cards have larger network bandwidth and faster network speed, bringing stable and smooth game experience for players. The dual m.2 interface on the board and high-efficiency heat sink are also covered to effectively reduce the temperature of m.2 SSD equipment and provide better storage performance. At the same time, there are USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, lightning 3 connector, etc. with lightning 3 expansion card, you can experience faster transmission speed and connect more devices. All system onboard BIOS flashback and pre installed integrated I / O backplane, humanized design, let you enjoy DIY fun.


The main board of the Rog Strix Raptor b550 series, as an electronic competition artifact, is also outstanding in sound effect. With the high-quality audio chip of supremefx s1220a, plus the professional audio design of EMI sound card protective cover, audio split line, Japanese Nichicon audio electrolytic capacitor and dual ear amplifier, players can experience the sound effect of the game. The whole system supports AI noise reduction to achieve clearer voice call effect; the main boards of Rog Strix b550-e gaming and Rog Strix b550-i gaming also have USB type-C audio interface, which can automatically identify the audio signal type. In addition, through the attached USB type-C to 3.5mm audio adapter, different earphones and earphones can be well accommodated.

As a representative of the trend of E-sports series, the main board of the Rog Strix Raptor b550 series has added the cyberpunk elements, matched with the Rog totem of e-sports, and the appearance of the watch has exploded. It also supports aura sync technology, and on-board second-generation programmable ARGB light effect connector, which can control the LED light of each connected device, realize light effect linkage with other compatible devices, and let players create personalized and exclusive e-Competition atmosphere at will.

TUF GAMING e-sports agents B550 series of motherboards


In addition to the Rog Strix series, Asustek also brought three main boards of the b550 series of tuf gaming agents to the players. It includes tuf gaming b550-plus of ATX board, tuf gaming b550-plus (Wi-Fi) heavy gunner and tuf gaming b550-plus heavy gunner motherboard of mATX board. This series is designed for younger hardcore players. The military camouflage element combines with the Lamborghini yellow color. It is calm and domineering, showing the military hardcore style. It also adopts MIL-STD military certification high-quality materials and impeccable e-game agent guard technology, which is solid and durable. In addition, it joins many leading e-game efficiency technologies, which is very suitable for players who want to play games stably for a long time.


TUF GAMING e-sports agent B550 series main board power supply is strong, adopt 8 Power supply module and solid material with solid DrMOS, ProCool characteristics of solid power supply interface, can release the third generation of AMD Ruilong processor amazing potential. At the same time, the power supply area, chipset area are equipped with thick heat sink, strong cooling, to maximize the potential of the processor. The main M.2 is equipped with high efficiency heat sink, which can guarantee SSD speed transmission. equipped with a considerable number of USB interfaces, TUF GAMING B550-PLUS more board-loaded lightning 3 pins to meet the needs of high-speed expansion. Moreover, the whole series is equipped with BIOS FlashBack interfaces, which can be upgraded directly without processors BIOS, and is more convenient to support the new generation of processors.


Tuf gaming agent b550 series mainboards are equipped with 2.5G network cards, and tuf gaming b550m-plus (Wi-Fi) heavy gunner is also equipped with WiFi 6 wireless network card, which brings fast network transmission speed and improves the game experience. The exclusive safeslot high-strength graphics card slot, integrated injection molding, metal framework, solder joint enhancement, can provide excellent support and protection for the graphics card. The second generation of on-board programmable ARGB light effect connector supports aura sync technology. It can be integrated with other devices to create cool light effect!

In particular, the z490 motherboard of tuf gaming e-racing agent series adopts high-quality s1200a audio chip, which brings immersive audio experience. It also has DTS game sound effect customization technology, which can provide multi-channel surround virtualization for stereo headphones. According to the current mainstream MoBa, MMO and FPS game types, players can set the sound effect as the corresponding sky mode, sound scene mode and tactical mode to provide a better sound effect experience. It also supports AI noise reduction technology to make the player's voice clearer and experience better when driving black with his teammates.

PRIME Master B550 Series motherboards


In addition to the game players, Asustek also launched four new products for DIY fans, namely, prime b550-plus of ATX board type, and prime b550m-a (Wi-Fi), prime b550m-a and prime b550m-k of mATX small board type. As a classic work of Asustek motherboard, prime master series has many innovative technologies, powerful specifications and comprehensive functions to provide users with more excellent DIY experience.

All series of prime b550 series motherboards support PCIe 4.0 technology, equipped with dual m.2 interface and rich USB 3.2 Gen2 interface, which can bring excellent interconnection performance. Among them, the prime b550-plus motherboard is equipped with 3-pin lightning connector, which can connect faster lightning equipment. It can enjoy up to 40Gb / s bandwidth with its own lightning 3 expansion card. It supports aura sync and onboard RGB light effect pin to create a unique light effect atmosphere. And through simple and intuitive software and firmware functions to provide a wealth of performance tuning options, to meet the DIY players' personalized customization and tuning needs. The small board model prime b550m-a (Wi-Fi) also has a special WiFi 6 wireless network card, which supports Bluetooth 5.1. It can support fast network speed, higher capacity and stronger performance in a dense wireless environment, and provide a fast online game experience with low latency.

Sharp 7 shooting, dragon 5 shaking the sky! Asustek's new b550 motherboard has been officially released, which is a comprehensive evolution of the work against the sky. The power supply is stronger, the heat dissipation is stronger, the interconnection is faster, and the power of the third generation amd sharp dragon processor is surging! Please look forward to it!

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