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Xiaomi's E experience of smart door lock: "no increase in quantity, no increase in price", may be the first smart door lock in the new house

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Before I start the article, I want to make two remarks at the beginning of the article:

Buying a smart door lock is not as simple as buying a mobile phone. Although the manufacturer has simplified the steps to the maximum, some key information points, such as the size of the door, the installation position of the door lock and the material of the door, need to be measured in advance and sent to customer service for evaluation before purchasing the door lock.

These data are important because the installer needs to bring the opening tool in advance, which will directly affect the time required to install the door lock.

As to why I started these remarks, I'll explain them in detail in the review.


Smart door locks are very common today. They can be seen in apartments, offices and even some families. In the past three or four years, the image of smart door locks has gradually become "reliable" and "convenient" from "powerless door opening" and "easy to be solved".

And as this product is accepted, the market is gradually expanding, and some manufacturers are beginning to give smart door locks smarter functions, such as IoT, which is a major direction of smart home products such as smart door locks.

Why "e"?

Xiaomi launched Xiaomi smart door lock in 2018, and then lowered the threshold of smart door lock to within 1000 yuan with "youth version" in 2019.

Now Xiaomi smart door lock E on the shelf can be regarded as the iteration of Mijia smart door lock youth version. Based on the former, it enhances the lock cylinder and anti pry lock, and has obvious changes in appearance, but the price is still 999 yuan.


Why did millet choose "e" instead of other letters? From Xiaomi's public information, it actually has these meanings:

  • Easy (six unlocking modes)
  • Pressure (use C-class lock cylinder)
  • Especial (custom lock body)
  • Echo (integrated door lock and doorbell)
  • Energy (18 month long endurance, low power reminder)
  • Enjoy (supports the control of Mijia app and apple homekit)

Therefore, the positioning of Xiaomi smart door lock e is the "youth version" within 1000 yuan, but it also integrates some functions of the smart door lock of Mijia that were only available before, which are described by the script when writing the mobile phone as function decentralization; in simple words, it is more cost-effective than the youth version before.

setup script

As I said before, I need to communicate with customer service about the installation size in advance. This is because the type of door has iron and wood, and the size of the door lock is larger, and additional holes may be needed during installation, so the installation master should bring professional tools.


Remove the old lock and prepare to install the new lock

For example, this time I installed a wooden door. After the old door lock was removed, the master needed to open a deeper and wider slot to put it into the lock body. In addition, he also needed to drill holes to connect the lock bodies and cables on both sides, so the whole installation process would take 2-3 hours to complete.

But if the door itself can be opened to install a new lock, the master told me that it only takes one hour to remove the old lock and install the new lock.


This is why we should "measure the size before choosing". On the one hand, there are requirements for the installation of door lock, on the other hand, we want to have a long-term psychological preparation for installation.

If you don't know how to judge whether your own door can be equipped with a smart door lock, Xiaomi gives out on the official websiteTwo methodsOne is manual measurement, the other is to use AI identification judgment. It only takes 10 minutes to test whether the door is suitable for installation.

The design is mellow and integrated with electronic doorbell

Although the main body is still the design of big black bar, compared with the previous Xiaomi intelligent door lock and youth version, the design of new door lock should be more rounded. In addition to the front edge radian is more obvious than before, the four corners of the door lock also become a large radian fillet.


The interior lock layout is simpler than before. Under the plastic cover is the battery compartment and the setting and reset function area, as well as the device codes of the Miya app and the apple homekit.

This time Xiaomi also changed the anti lock device from a mechanical knob to a 1.5-second anti lock device. The difference between the two is a bit like that between the parking brake and the traditional handbrake.


When I first started, I didn't know what the function of this paddle was. After checking the instruction manual, I knew that it was the switch to prevent the cat's eye from unlocking. No wonder there was a button missing in the inner lock handle when unpacking.

Move the paddle upward and the door lock will open the anti cat eye unlocking mode. The function of this function is to lock the indoor handle to prevent the thief from opening the door with the unlocking tool from the cat eye.


The battery compartment of the door lock is the slot of 8 batteries, but in fact, 4 batteries can open the door lock and work normally.

This is because the power supply only needs the Bluetooth connection module, LCD and fingerprint identification module to drive the door lock, and the power consumption of these parts is not very large, so four batteries are enough to support the door lock.

However, no matter how fuel-efficient a car is, when its fuel tank is running out, I still recommend that the battery bin of the door lock be full for safety.

According to the data released by Xiaomi, when the door lock is fully charged, it can support 18 months of endurance, and there is also a low-power reminder (less than 20%), but I haven't tested these two data, otherwise this article may not be published until next year.


Of course, since the advent of smart door locks, we still can see many "no electricity can not enter the door" rollover sitcoms on the Internet.


Xiaomi gave the plan is "emergency key emergency power supply port ", with the box with two Swiss saber-shaped keys, but the key sleeve has no holes, so can not hang in the key string to carry, can only find a place to remember to store.



The emergency power supply port is at the bottom of the outdoor lock. This time, Xiaomi changed from micro USB to usb-c, not because the door lock also needs to support fast charging, but because usb-c has gradually replaced micro USB as the mainstream specification. Android mobile phone users may have usb-c cable on their body, but they may not carry the micro USB cable with them.


This time, Miya smart door lock e integrates door lock and doorbell, which means that users do not need to pay extra money to buy electronic doorbell.

But perhaps in order to save power, the doorbell button will not light up, which will make people ignore the existence of this important function.

Support homekit, but still no NFC

This time, the unlocking mode of Xiaomi smart door lock E has increased from five in "Youth Edition" to six. The door lock itself can support three unlocking modes: password, fingerprint and key. After connecting to the mobile phone, you can unlock with Bluetooth, one-time password and periodic password.


The newly added unlocking method is the support for Apple homekit, which is currently one of the few smart door locks that can support homekit within 1000 yuan. Users can control the door lock with apple devices or directly use Siri to open and close the door lock.


▲ after accessing the homekit, you can lock it with the Siri switch, but I seldom do so

Of course, using the Miya app can also trigger the door lock action of other Miya devices, such as controlling the intelligent curtain. When I open the door, the curtain will automatically open and close when I go out; controlling the air conditioning partner, automatically turning on the air conditioner after entering the door, and automatically adjusting to the set temperature.


▲ every time you operate the door lock, homekit will pop up a reminder

However, it should be noted that since the door lock itself does not have WiFi transmission function, the only way to connect is Bluetooth. Therefore, if you want to control the door lock remotely through the mobile phone, receive the push of door lock message, or control other smart home devices through the door lock, you need to prepare a Bluetooth gateway bridge to connect the door lock and other smart devices.


In the Mijia app, you can enter the authentication information of the administrator and the ordinary user. In theory, both roles can enter multiple users, but they have different permissions. Each user can enter multiple authentication information.

In the absence of special circumstances (fingerprint blur, foreign object blocking, etc.), 10-year-old and 75 year old users participating in the test can easily pass the verification.


The children can use the combination of password and fingerprint to unlock the lock; if it is not convenient for the elderly to enter the password, the fingerprint can also be used to complete the identification.

If it is an illegal user, the door lock will send a "delay time unlocking" or a warning to the bound account after multiple recognition failures.


▲ check the unlocking record through the Miya app

I think the one-time password and the periodic password are the "visitor mode" in the mobile phone. These two functions can make the system generate the password for a short time, or set the time for fixed-point use.

For home users, this mode allows nannies and guests to enter the door directly; for landlords who rent apartments for a short time, the periodic password can avoid the trouble of resetting the password specially.


However, Xiaomi smart door lock e still doesn't support NFC unlocking of Xiaomi's bracelet and mobile phone this time, which reduces the natural and unrestrained coefficient of every time I unlock the door.

In this evaluation, I turned on the "dual authentication" mode. In this mode, the password panel will have a double shield icon. You need to enter the password first, and then you can unlock the lock through fingerprint authentication.


▲ dual authentication: enter the password first, then verify the fingerprint

Although the whole unlocking process is a little tedious, and the double verification also costs more electricity than the ordinary verification, but in the face of safety, these operations are not so much.


The door lock can be unlocked by lifting the handle indoors or outdoors

In addition, when Bluetooth is connected to the door lock, the mobile terminal can also directly control the door lock to unlock; or turn on the "deployment mode" and cooperate with other intelligent devices to automatically open the alert after the user leaves the door.

How about the safety of door lock

The intelligent door lock body uses C-level direct plug-in lock cylinder, which we have seen in other door locks of Miya before. On the basis of this lock cylinder, two points can be taken out separately:

  • Add anti plug lock function
  • Real time status monitoring of door lock

The door lock itself is composed of three parts, outdoor, indoor lock panel and middle lock body. These three parts are relatively independent mechanisms, so even if the front panel is removed, it will not affect the work of the middle lock body. We can also use the key to unlock.


▲ lock body

On the other hand, the main chip is rear mounted, and the indoor panel is the "host" part of the door lock. The purpose of this design is to avoid the "small black box" (which interferes with the door lock work through electromagnetic field) from electronic cracking outside.

This time, the new door lock is based on the addition of "anti lock" technology in the first two items. The reason for adding this technology is that it was exposed last year"Soft card unlock"


▲ picture from: Morning News

Last December, two reporters of the morning news tried to crack the electronic door lock by unlocking it with a soft card. As a result, they opened the electronic lock in less than a minute. This is because the design of the door lock does not consider that the lock tongue can be cracked by inserting the card. As long as the soft card opens the lock tongue, the door lock can be disturbed.

In order to prevent similar ways of cracking, many locks are now changing the design of locking tongue. The solution given by Xiaomi intelligent door lock e is to add locking tongue to solve the problem of card unlocking. In this way, the structure of the main lock is a group rather than a single, and it is difficult to unlock by soft card alone.


If the door is concealed, it will trigger the false alarm and push the notice to remind the door to close. The default time is 3 seconds for false concealment and 5 seconds for alarm;

When the door is going to be damaged, the door lock will also give a warning, but this warning can't be triggered in any way, maybe because I didn't do too much damage to the door lock.

The first intelligent door lock for entry

Xiaomi smart door lock e is a product based on the "youth version" upgrade. It has added mechanical and intelligent functions on the previous basis, such as integrating the electronic doorbell, adding support for the homekit protocol, strengthening the safety of the mechanical structure, etc.


What's more, the price of the new door lock will continue to be set within 1000 yuan, which means that the threshold for users to start is still low. Even for a two bedroom one bedroom apartment, the cost of installing door locks for all doors is only the cost of a common middle-end mobile phone.


But compared with the lower price, the most fundamental advantage of the new door lock is to have the support of the ecological chain of Miya. A smart door lock is equivalent to the switch of the whole house of Miya smart home appliances, which is one of the few smart door locks that can be achieved in the same level and same price products.

The new support for homekit basically "connects" the products of the two IOT camps. For users who are both apple and Android devices, this dual platform compatible setting will add to the experience.


However, for the sake of positioning or cost, Xiaomi didn't move all the functions of the smart door lock to this new product, such as NFC. Although NFC unlocking may not be a common function, it is as convenient as using a bracelet to unlock a computer

However, will these small barriers affect the products? After all, safety is the first priority for door lock products, and other measures are just to enhance the experience. As for the function, in front of this price, the hardware that needs to be upgraded has been upgraded, and the software that needs to be improved has also been improved. As an entry-level smart door lock, it has no obvious defects that can be picked out.

Generally speaking, Xiaomi's smart door lock e should be the first smart door lock for users who have not contacted the smart door lock before or only want to choose the door lock within a limited budget.

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