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High-end Image Flagship :HuaweiP40Pro Comprehensive Evaluation

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How high will HuaweiP series lead to cell phone shooting? The ultra-sensitive Leica V with precise back construction carries the imagination and expectation of the public. HuaweiP40Pro first introduced a 10-fold optical zoom, which is the cell phone photography ceiling-like existence, exploring the mobile phone zoom no-man gives the answer.

Photos in the design of the machine occupies a very high weight, the camera module changes and move the whole body. The camera arrangement as the starting point of the appearance ID design test the brand's understanding of high-end products ,HuaweiP40Pro with the four-song overflowing screen and ceramic fuselage, to create the exclusive high-end differentiation.

Design of ceramic fuselage

The high-end brand should be good at telling stories, and what the product can do is to pass on the brand value through design, so that the story is full and the user is convinced.


The popularity of ceramics can be traced back to the distant times, the complexity of forging technology gives it value, simple and able lines also accord with


As smartphones move toward industrial art, ceramics have been given the mission :HuaweiP40Pro choose the most classic black-and-white ceramics, reflecting its high-end positioning.

The surface color combines the sharpness of metal with the richness of porcelain. The process of its birth requires high temperature sintering and polishing. actually, the HuaweiP40Pro ceramic back shell reaches 8.5 moc hardness, which is close to sapphire; its refractive index, scattering rate is close to diamond, which poses a very high challenge to the manufacturing process.

Considering that the mobile phone is equipped with five cameras, the area of the back camera module will not be small naturally, and the ceramic is an integrated molding process, which requires high precision of the back shell. It is understood that in order to beautify the raised camera, a custom diamond drill bit is required to polish the ceramic.


Of course, in terms of physical properties, the ceramic is scratch resistant, warm in color and hard in texture. But the design idea based on ceramic is the embodiment of the brand concept, that is, the ultimate pursuit of design, which is also reflected in the front of mobile phones.


HuaweiP40Pro front is designed with a four-curve overflow screen, and the four-curve overflow screen is matched with an ultra-narrow a very hierarchical front design. HuaweiP40Pro is the most comfortable type of ceramic holding machine with the edgeless stitching and reduced curvature on both sides.

With the smooth R angle of the four-curved overflowing screen, the display effect on the front HuaweiP40Pro also adopts the rounded design to obtain the balance of the visual effect.



Whether it Huawei initially determined to build high-end, or now become the representative of the high-end market, the invincible image and strong product force is the foundation, but the overall ID outstanding is actually the high-end behind the scenes. From comfortable grip on hand to aesthetic creation on appearance ,HuaweiP40Pro have a unique understanding in the high-end market.

100 times zoom of image

HuaweiP40Pro master has 50 megapixels with a 1/1.28 inch sensor size, and you just need to know that this is Huawei largest sensor so far. HuaweiP40Pro embeds the outsole and the five-shot into the thin fuselage, which is where the excellent workmanship was mentioned earlier.

Generally speaking, the effective sensitive area size of image sensor = number of pixels * single pixel size. Too many stacked pixels will lead to the decrease of single pixel size and sensitivity, which will affect dark light imaging.


That's the mystery of HuaweiP40Pro night scene. On the balance Huawei we choose sensors that take into account the number of pixels and the size of a single pixel.


Best of all for HuaweiP40Pro is a 10x optical zoom


The extremely complex optical path design changes from the conception to the reality, which presents the unprecedented challenge to the module assembly precision, the mirror assembly plane precision control. P40Pro introduce multi AA process active calibration technology, nano-scale mirror leveling process, achieve a maximum accuracy of about 30 nm, and finally achieve optical miracle in the exquisite structure.

Furthermore, the new 3-fold optical zoom camera is HuaweiP40Pro for daily mid-range zoom scene, and the smooth transition from mid-range zoom to long-range zoom is realized. Three, ten, two optical zoom cameras

In the zoom setting during shooting, the user can directly switch the super wide angle, 1X, 3x and 10x focus options. Based on the optical zoom of the fixed focus head, no matter the image quality and definition, the multi focus section samples represented by 3x and 10x are very brilliant.



3x, 10x direct sample sheet

The outsole-based array of RYYB hypersensitive filters allows HuaweiP40Pro night scenes to be spotless, with full-pixel 8-core focus, master ,3 X optical zoom lenses, and 10 X periscope lenses all added OIS optical anti-shake. And it is worth mentioning that the HuaweiP40Pro 10x optical zoom camera module adopts the chute bearing mode, which makes the motor move the mirror with high stability and precision. Even in 10 times zoom, still achieve high-precision auto-focus function. Of course, this also constitutes the module's unique focus motor patent.

Can say ,HuaweiP40Pro not only achieve the breakthrough of focusing speed and stability, in hand-held anti-shake performance, solve the shooting stability of hand-held telephoto, can be said to be at high zoom ,HuaweiP40Pro shooting experience can be said to be all-around.

Built-in Leica color contains a variety of styles ,HuaweiP40Pro bright patterns further enhance saturation, making the picture full of rich film texture.


Main Leica bright mode


3x Leica bright mode

Furthermore, the HuaweiP40Pro's improvement in the consistency of multi-lens white balance is huge, and the addition of 8-channel multi-spectral color temperature sensor makes HuaweiP40Pro's performance in color very stable.


Main Leica bright mode


3x optical zoom sample


Backlight environment of 10x Optical Zoom sample

3X and 10 X optical zoom cover almost all the commonly used focal segments during shooting, and its zoom quality upends the availability of conventional mobile phone zoom shots. Multi-lens collaboration based HuaweiP40Pro support up to 100 X zoom.


Super wide angle, 1X, 3x samples

HUAWEI XD Fusion image engine solves the problem of complex operation and semantic processing of camera. The advantage of physical virtualization brought by the background is vividly displayed in the portrait mode.


Portrait mode direct sample


A sample of the virtual human image

HuaweiP40Pro have multiple levels of virtual options to identify the difference between the face and the background, through the sample can see the way of differentiation processing, thus highlighting the subject.


Portrait mode 2x sample

And in the front camera settings ,HuaweiP40Pro equipped with 32 million pixel depth of field camera combination. Functionally, the depth of field camera also supports the infrared unlock function, while the selfie lens is responsible for customizing the rich beauty settings. Even in the plain state, still can pat out the natural skin color.

HuaweiP40Pro is also equipped with a film lens for video shooting, one of its advantages is the recording of 7680 frames of video, of course, this is based on powerful hardware video play. The image system ,HuaweiP40Pro also developed AI wonderful moments and other novel play, through dynamic image imaging mode AI remove passers-by or use of AI reflection elimination, greatly improve the image post-processing.


Generally speaking, the HuaweiP40Pro image strength surpasses the previous stage of simple comparison width, clarity and color scheme. On the advantage of conventional night scene imaging, breakthrough addition of 3 X and 10 X of two optical zoom lens, in the zoom level of the absolute leading, so that both night and day HuaweiP40Pro can provide enough quality imaging to achieve full-time full-focus segment imaging.

Apart from static shooting, the HuaweiP40Pro's ultra-long-distance binocular telephoto is more colorful video shooting. Video shooting can achieve a high-power optical zoom beyond the human eye, with OIS optical anti-shake, to meet the quality of video shooting needs.

Experience 5g flagship without short board

HuaweiP40Pro kernel must be familiar to everyone, Kirin 990 5G as an integrated 5G G SoC, represents the highest level of Huawei configuration performance. 5G, Kirin 990 5G integrated baron 5 000 baseband, supporting NSA SA dual-module network, intelligent uplink shunt design provides a better experience in 5G weak signal scenarios, and its band support richness and 5G energy efficiency performance can be demonstrated through HuaweiP40Pro measured performance.


Comparison of 4G and 5g network speeds in the same location

HuaweiP40Pro measured 5 G the velocity approximates 960, which is the 120 MB/s. we usually use The 5 G band covers n79、n78、n77、n41、n28、n3、n1 and so on, and can connect 5 G networks worldwide. Thanks to Barron 5000 baseband strong 5 G performance, the actual test HuaweiP40Pro bring a happy 5 G experience.


Actual 5g download speed

HuaweiP40Pro connection performance is also reflected in the support for Wi-Fi 6, which supports 160 MHz bandwidth, the empty-port theoretical peak rate 2.4 can achieve faster Wi-Fi connection rate, and the matching HuaweiWi-Fi 6 router can achieve better wireless network experience.

In the game test, peace elite can run at 90 frames. The amazing thing is that the frame rate display is stable throughout the process, and there is basically no frame dropping or frame rate fluctuation.



Perfdog real time frame rate display

For a flagship, its operating experience also lies in the system of matching experience. Flip up and down, grab screen capture and other operations are reproduced on the HuaweiP40Pro; fingers from both sides of the screen slide inward after pausing to call out the side application bar. Drag long can be divided screen operation, are EMUI10.1 consistent system-level promotion.

Furthermore ,Huawei

finally, the HuaweiP40Pro carries 4200 mAh of large batteries, and is equipped with dual 40 W of wired/wireless fast charging, and the measured input of wired charging is 70% in HuaweiP40Pro 30 minutes. For 40 W Huawei wireless charging technology follow-up will also be tested, please look forward to.

Write at the end

How high will Huawei's P-Series take mobile photography? I think we have the answer in mind.

In the general flagship is still struggling with the night view

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