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Vivo X50 Pro evaluation: Micro PTZ structure upgrades mobile photography stability system

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Tencent technology news, the first half of the competition in the mobile phone industry in 2020 is coming to an end, and vivo finally brings us a new X50 series of mobile phones after iqoo 3.

As early as the end of February this year, vivo released the concept machine apex 2020, which embedded the micro platform structure into the mobile phone to obtain more stable shooting effect. I didn't expect that in the past three months alone, this black technology has been applied to X50 series and realized mass production.

The X series will start in 2018 if the previous X series is vivo's face value.

High beauty and light weight

For the new vivo X series machine, the color value of each model is the place that users don't need to worry about. This time, the color value of the x 50 Pro can also be played. There are three colors of vivo X50 pro, namely, liquid oxygen, gravity and black mirror.

What I got this time is the color matching of liquid oxygen. The 3D curved glass back cover adopts the new Ag frosting process. Sky blue and gold are interwoven in different light angles, which will bring a calm and hazy visual feeling.


In the age of 5g, mobile phones need more space to place antenna, battery, heat dissipation and other components. Many mobile phone manufacturers choose to compromise on the thickness and weight of the body. However, after the vivo X50 Pro is installed into the micro platform and the periscope lens, it still remains light and thin. The thinnest part of the whole machine is only 7.49mm, and the weight is only 181.5g. It is light and comfortable to hold. During this period of experience, I didn't bring the case to X50 pro, just to live up to the delicacy.



Compared with the previous generation x30 pro, the vivo X50 Pro is lighter, but the screen size is expanded to 6.56 inches. Thanks to the new cop packaging technology, the bottom frame of vivo X50 Pro is only 2.8mm, and the other three frames are almost the same width. 92.6% of the screen share brings a very shocking visual experience.



The four camera module supported by the micro dome is super stable

Vivo X50 Pro is equipped with four rear cameras, which are 48 megapixel main cameras, including ultra stable anti shake micro head, 8 megapixel periscope lens, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and 13 megapixel portrait lens. Based on the cooperation of these four cameras, vivo X50 Pro realizes the coverage of 16mm to 135mm full focus section, supports 5 times optical zoom and 60 times hybrid zoom.


In daily shooting, the main shooting of vivo X50 Pro is enough to deal with most of the shooting scenes. After AI recognizes the scenes and objects, the color will be adjusted. The color of the sample is still vivo's consistent bright style, with high color saturation, which can be emitted directly without filter adjustment.





Different from the 2 million virtual lenses used in other mobile phones, vivo's portrait lens is never ambiguous. The 50mm lens with 13 million pixels can capture the closest human image effect. Combined with the human image algorithm, the virtualization effect is very natural..



Ultra wide angle shots can shoot 108



In the zoom test, the shooting effects of 0.6 times (super wide angle), 1 time, 2 times, 5 times, 10 times and 60 times are tested respectively. From the performance of the sample, even in the ordinary case, very small or even difficult to detect the scenery, can be recorded clearly in the 60 times sample.

In daily life, whether you check the train number at the railway station or you can't see the blackboard clearly in class, the telephoto lens can help you see the world better.



The zooming effect of X50 Pro is very good, but when zooming, you can obviously feel the jumping feeling when the camera is switched. This kind of detail can be optimized by software. I hope vivo can still pay attention to it.

In terms of night view, vivo X50 Pro supports the night view mode of full focus section. Thanks to the stable structure and night scene algorithm of the micro dome, the picture is very clean as a whole, and the highlight suppression is just right. Even if the shutter time becomes longer in the dark environment, vivo X50 Pro can still take clear and bright night pictures, with a very high film rate.


In video stability, compared with vivo X50 pro and Meizu 17, two mobile phones record at the same time, without cutting pictures. The internal micro head structure can help vivo X50 Pro record stable video pictures, and the movement process is very smooth. However, the video recorded by Meizu 17, which lacks optical anti shake, shows a very obvious jitter.


Vivo X50 Pro video sample


Sample video of Meizu 17

When taking photos with vivo X50 pro, I didn't clearly feel how the micro head works. However, from the perspective of photo taking experience, for the scenes with large zoom, hand-held night scene shooting, and video recording, which test the anti shake ability, vivo X50 Pro can bring a more stable picture effect than ordinary optical anti shake, and the film rate is significantly improved. Presumably, this is the biggest benefit of micro cloud platform.

5g mobile phones that can be used sexually

Vivo x30 Pro is equipped with snapdragon 765G processor and adopts the top 7Nm EUV technology. Compared with 8nm technology, the power consumption is reduced by 35%, GPU performance is greatly improved by 40% and AI computing power is increased by 100%. The running memory of vivo X50 Pro is 8GB, and two storage capacities of 128GB and 256gb are provided for users to choose. Overall, the configuration of vivo X50 Pro can meet most of the user's needs.


As a 5g processor with excellent performance, snapdragon 765G supports SA and NSA networking modes, N1 / N3 / n41 / n77 / N78 / N79 and 6 5g bands in total, which can meet the needs of the three major operators.

The performance of vivo X50 pro in the game is very good. Under the highest picture quality, the average frame rate of "King glory" game is 61.2 FPS, which is very stable. The following test curve chart can also see that in these ten minutes of the game, the frame rate fluctuation is very small.


In the peace elite game, the average frame rate is 34.9fps. Even with a high refresh rate screen, the performance of vivo X50 Pro can still get enough excellent game experience.


Vivo X50 Pro has built-in 4315mah battery, which can be used moderately under 5g network and can support for one day.

In terms of charging, vivo X50 Pro is equipped with a charger with a maximum output power of 33W. After actual test, 15% of the power is charged in 10 minutes, 47% in 30 minutes and fully charged in about 80 minutes. Forget to charge in the evening. The 33W fast charging can charge your mobile phone enough for commuting in the morning.


Moreover, the vivo X50Pro carries full function NFC and vivo Pay, integrated bus card, access card, eID、 payment and other functions, can cover the vast majority of life scenes. I used to go out



As a 5g mobile phone, vivo X50 Pro supports dual-mode 5g, covering 6 5g frequency bands, with relatively balanced performance and endurance performance, as well as light and thin body and fashionable design, which can meet the needs of most users.

And vivo X50Pro, as the first smartphone with a built-in micro-cloud, took photos


X series has always been the product series with the widest audience in vivo products. While focusing on the comprehensive product experience, it can also bring super photo taking experience to users. X series is never a cost-effective product. Vivo X50 Pro does not use the top-level processor, but it does not affect it to become a balanced and qualified 5g mobile phone. If you care about the comprehensive experience, material, body design and hand feel of the mobile phone, vivo X50 Pro is a good choice indeed.

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