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Tesla, whose market value has crushed Toyota, has contracted the intracranial climax of American shares and a shares of leeks

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After the outbreak in 2020, the global automobile market has been in a state of uncertainty.

After the closure of Tesla's California plant in March, its production capacity data has been regarded as an important indicator by investors. As musk gradually finalized the resumption agreement with local governments, the production of model 3, model y and other important models returned to normal. Even so, with one employee diagnosed, the production license for the New York battery plant seems to be in a long negotiation and dispute with the union.

By contrast, the Shanghai Economic Commission at the expense of Yu Li to help domestic Model 3 upstream and downstream 8 suppliers to resume production. It's called heaven and hell. A series of shutdowns and re-workings came together, which seemed to make Musk


Figure | Musk was photographed by reporters when Tesla's Shanghai plant started in 2019

Miracles come all of a sudden.

Meidong time june 10,2020, is worth remembering by musk and toyota zhang men, because in the past few hours trading time, TSLA ($190 B) market value exceeded yesterday's world's first toyota ($181). The so - called here


Photo: Akio Toyoda (first from left) is driving the company's new car, supra, in the track test

This contrast, very much like "after the waves" interpretation of the world, the full calculation of Musk is only 49 years old this year, belong to the business family for the company

However, the average person's understanding of the stock price is the actual reflection of the company's performance, that is, the ability to make money. So what about Tesla sales in the past period as an electric car manufacturer?


According to EV Sales data, Tesla sold 14793 vehicles worldwide in April, compared with 60131 in March, down more than 75 from a month earlier.

According to the data of China Federation of passenger transport, 11095 domestic model 3 vehicles were sold in May, up 205% month on month, accounting for 15.8% of the total sales of new energy in May.

At the same time, Musk is not content with such achievements, so that he said at the 2020 Q1 conference call that the Shanghai plant will continue to increase production capacity to 200,000 vehicles per year.

One research firm thinks the cost of a domestic standard battery life Model 3 is up to 190,000 yuan, and if tesla launches a domestic version of the lithium iron phosphate battery declared in the new car of the ministry of industry and information Model 3, this number will continue to probe, thus touching on the already weak nerves of the autonomous new energy brand.


Are such excellent sales and profitability proportional to TSLA performance? Not necessarily. The recent rapid growth of U. S. technology stocks is completely contrary to the pace of value investment.

The reason is that in order to increase market liquidity, the Federal Reserve has adopted interest rate policies far below the inflation rate, and even printed $2.2 trillion directly to buy treasury bonds.

Then, on June 5th

When enterprises stop work and the unemployment rate rises, who is drawing future profits and making desperate offers? According to a May 2 survey, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits in the United States reached 22.83 million.


Fig. | Huachuang Securities: how will asset prices evolve under the dovey position of the Federal Reserve? "

What do you do when you lose your job and get money? Buy stocks. Another statistic pointed out that after the US States gradually released relief funds in March, the number of retail investors who bought shares such as delta and American Airlines, whose performance was severely damaged by the epidemic, rose sharply, which peaked on June 3. (looking back on the calm look when Mr. Ba shouted that the airline stocks would recover and never sell, it's really cunning.)

Tesla, a popular asset target, has become a retail investor in U.S. stocks


Musk, however, has little interest in share prices. Besides launching manned rockets, the new generation of ModelY also seems to be preparing for mass production in Shanghai.

Not long ago, it was reported that Fremont plant was a mass production model y, and it did not hesitate to shut down and transform a model 3 production line as a cost.


Figure Tesla Fremont factory

According to the aerial photos of UAV, the main building of part of the second phase of Tesla Shanghai plant has been completed, and the whole project is about to enter the stage of full capping, which is the main production line of model y. If there is no unexpected expectation, the second phase plant will be able to achieve volume in the first quarter of next year.

Influenced by us tsla, Tesla's concept of a shares is booming today. Auto air conditioning supplier otelia, whose non net profit deducted by Q1 is reduced by 674%, rose by more than 9%, and changal, whose Q1 loss is 14 million, rose by 9.9%.

It is said that domestic investors are easy to be confused by the financial statements of a listed company. However, under the baptism of the epidemic, we may be scrambling for shares of companies that have been accrued for the next six months or even one year.

Of course, this is not uncommon in financial markets. Therefore, Tesla cars sell well, but the stock price may still be a shadow in a big water environment, so readers should be cautious.


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