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Progress of official seal incident of dangdang.com: Police judge that Li Guoqing has no illegal act

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Today, Sanyan finance and economics learned that the public security bureau had closed the case of Li Guoqing, founder of dangdang.com, robbing the official seal, and the investigation result showed that Li Guoqing had no illegal act. On April 26, Li Guoqing led four big men to the headquarters in Dangdang, Beijing, and staged a "chapter grabbing drama".

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According to Dangdang employees, on April 26, when Li Guoqing arrived at the company, he went straight to the employee who kept the official seal and took all the administrative and financial official seals of Dangdang in the name of shareholders. Some of the four men who went with Li Guoqing were in charge of video recording and some were allegedly lawyers.

When the administration later called the police and locked all the doors in an attempt to prevent Li Guoqing and his party from going out, but failed to prevent it from leaving. Yu Yu, Li Guoqing's wife, did not go to work before Li Guoqing and was not in the company.

In addition to taking away the official seal of Dangdang, Li Guoqing posted a "letter to all employees of Dangdang" in the company, listing various "improper behaviors" of Yu Yu and saying:

Li Guoqing has held an interim shareholders' meeting on April 24 in accordance with the law, and made a resolution: the company establishes a board of directors, with Li Guoqing, Yu Yu, Chen Li, etc. as directors, and Li Guoqing is elected as the chairman and general manager. Yu Yu will no longer be the current executive director, legal person and general manager since April 24, and will be elected as a director.

As the current chairman, legal person and general manager, Li Guoqing has the right to take over the company in an all-round way according to law and take charge of the company's operation and management.

In addition, employees who have been dismissed can return to their posts and will receive dividends from shareholders.

After obtaining the official seal, Li Guoqing also issued two announcements with the official seal of dangdang.com: one to confirm his own directorLong andThe other is to adjust the personnel of dangdang.com, appoint Yu Yu to be in charge of Dangdang public welfare fund, and exclude Yu Yu from the program.

Later, dangdang.com announced that all the official seals had been reported as lost and reissued, and the official seals stolen by Li Guoqing had all been invalidated and had been reported to the police. However, according to Sanyan financial investigation and analysis, the official seal may not have been successfully reported. (for details, please refer to the exclusive: is the official seal of Dangdang or the document sealed by Li Guoqing valid

On April 30, Yu Yu sent an email to all employees. The email said that Li Guoqing sued for divorce last year, more to get Dangdang shares, the court's trial is still in progress. For his own benefit, he ignored the legal process and arbitrarily disturbed Dangdang. From cup falling to chapter grabbing, he will continue to perform farce, except for eating melons, which we don't need to pay attention to.

Yu Yu said, "dangdang.com has not held a shareholders' meeting or amended the articles of association. Li Guoqing is not Dangdang's management. The company has already ended labor relations with him. He has made trouble as a shareholder. We have reported the case."

According to Sanyan finance and economics, if Dangdang failed to report the loss of the official seal, and now the public security organ determines that Li Guoqing has no illegal act, the seal document issued by Li Guoqing may still be valid at present.

If Yu Yu wants to overturn the effect of the official seal in the hands of Li Guoqing, he may have to go through legal procedures, apply for behavior preservation in the lawsuit, ask the court to issue an injunction, and temporarily prohibit the implementation of the resolution and appointment announcement issued by Li Guoqing. Dangdang company and Yu Yu Yu need to cancel the resolution of the shareholders' meeting in accordance with the law before they can fundamentally overturn the sealed document issued by Li Guoqing, but the lawsuit of canceling the resolution of the shareholders' meeting may take a long time.

On May 19, Sanyan finance and economics received a report that Yu Yu planned to convene lawyers, experts and the media to hold a symposium to lead the economic disputes caused by Li Guoqing's act of seizing the chapter to criminal cases.

According to the report, the theme of the symposium is to classify the cases of chapter robbing and business license, compare Li Guoqing with the employees of Bitian mainland who have been taken compulsory measures, discuss how to interpret and implement the criminal law at present, and guide the economic dispute cases to the criminal direction;

Secondly, it discusses the ownership of marital property, and how to interpret the current industrial and commercial registration of the equity ratio in divorce proceedings.


April 26, 2020

Li Guoqing led four big men to Dangdang company and "robbed" the official seals of Dangdang administration and finance;

Dangdang.com issued a statement, saying that Li Guoqing, together with five people, broke into dangdang.com's office area, robbed dozens of official seals and financial seals, and the company had called the police;

Li Guoqing said in the media group that the first step is to take over the official seal and financial seal of Dangdang company, and then he will enter Dangdang;

On the evening of the 26th, dangdang.com responded to Li Guoqing's official stamp snatching again, saying that for the "shareholders' meeting" held by Li Guoqing, dangdang.com said Yu Yu Yu and other management shareholders of dangdang.com, no one knew the convening of the "shareholders' meeting", and the resolution was also invalid.

Li Guoqing issued a notice with the official seal of Dangdang, announcing that he was the chairman and general manager of dangdang.com, and the resolution of the shareholders' meeting was approved by more than half;

April 27, 2020

Dangdang employees exposed the video of Li Guoqing "grabbing the official seal". The video shows Li Guoqing wearing a cap, a black mask, a backpack, and four entourages nearby. In addition, there was no conflict at the scene, Li Guoqing calmly put the official seal into the bag;

On the same day, Li Guoqing announced the identity of "four big men": new director, Secretary Dong and camera, assistant, administration, driver, etc. of the morning and evening reading company;

April 28, 2020

Li Guoqing announced the "Dangdang personnel adjustment announcement" with the official seal of Dangdang company, and appointed Yu Yu to be in charge of the public welfare fund of Dangdang network. Previously, he was in charge of the press conference of dangdangdang and "hoped that the further Li Guoqing was away from Dangdang, the better." he was changed to vice president of finance, no longer in charge of department stores and market department.

On the same day, Li Guoqing again wrote that dangdang.com urgently needed to recruit several post-85 and post-90 vice presidents. In terms of knowledge payment, social e-commerce, new Internet operation and department store business. In addition, Li Guoqing also said that he proposed to shareholders to issue 20% more options to encourage existing and new shares, and expressed hope that Yu Yu, the major shareholder, would agree.

Dangdang.com responded to Li Guoqing's "personnel announcement" that the official seal used by Li Guoqing had been reported as lost, and the sealed document issued by him was invalid;

On the evening of the 28th, Li Guoqing was atmicro-blogHe said that the disputes between the current shareholders are temporary, "we, the major shareholders of the couple, have not done a good job, and we apologize for the trouble caused by you.",

April 30, 2020

Yu Yu sent an email to all employees saying that in order to get Dangdang's equity, Li Guoqing ignored the legal process and disrupted Dangdang wantonly; he would continue to perform farce and everyone would ignore it except eating melons. In addition, Yu Yu also stressed that dangdang.com did not hold a shareholders' meeting, did not modify the articles of association, and Li Guoqing was not Dangdang's management; he used his shareholder status to cause trouble, and the company had reported the case;

On the same night, Li Guoqing, on behalf of Dangdang, sent a "letter of explanation" to the partners, stating that on April 24, Li Guoqing was elected as the chairman and President of Dangdang by the vote of shareholders and took over Dangdang comprehensively. The letter expressed thanks and apologies to the partners, emphasizing that the economic disputes between the major shareholders of the husband and wife have nothing to do with the employees and customers, and will never affect the normal operation of Dangdang.

May 6, 2020

Li Guoqing said in an interview that when the divorce case with Yu Yu did not hold court for a long time, Yu Yu refused to hold court in March;

May 14, 2020

Li Guoqing denied rumours that he had made peace with Yu Yu. According to media reports, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu made peace, and both sides decided to launch the domestic listing of dangdang.com. In response, Li Guoqing said, "there is no such thing";

May 19, 2020

It is said that Yu Yu plans to hold a symposium to lead the economic disputes caused by Li Guoqing's act of seizing the chapter to criminal cases.

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