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Disassembly report: Mi Xiaomi 6700mah 50W fast charging two in one charger ad55

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Xiaomi recently launched a 50 W charger mobile power two-in-one product, which is equipped with 1 A1C two interfaces. Under charger mode, USB-C single port output maximum power is 45 W, can meet the charging demand of most lightweight laptops, USB-A single port output maximum power is 27 W, support Xiaomi ChargerTurbo fast charging, very friendly to Xiaomi mobile phone.


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In addition to the charger function, this product is also in a portable and small shell, which is equipped with 6700 MAH large capacity battery. At the same time, as a mobile power supply, it also has the capacity of 18 w fast charging, which can be unplugged when going out, so it is very flexible and convenient to use. Not long ago, the charging head network just made a detailed evaluation on this product. Now let's continue to share the disassembly of this product and see how it's structure and materials are used.

1、 Appearance of Xiaomi two in one charger

top of packing box with hook, front printed with millet MI logo and charger appearance drawing.

Below printed product name ,6700 mAh capacity and other information.

The back of the packing box is marked with relevant product parameters and manufacturer information. When the power supply is connected, the maximum output of usb-c is 45W, the maximum output of usb-a is 27W, and the maximum output of the power bank is 18W.

The package includes two in one charger and instruction manual.

product coat dustproof bag.

And the output end is also pasted with a dust-proof sticker.

Xiaomi this two-in-one charger with PC flame retardant material white shell, input and output shell frosted treatment, side bright surface design and smooth arc between the surface transition.

Model: ad55

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.4A

Charger output:

USB-C:5V3A、9V3A、12V3A、15V2.7A、20V2.25A(45W Max)

USB-A( single port use):5 V3A、9V3A、12V2.25A、20V1.35A (27W Max)

Usb-a (dual port simultaneous output): 5v1a

Power bank output:

USB-C:5V2.4A、9V2A、12V1.5A (18W Max)

USB-A:5V2.4A、9V2A、12V1.5A(18W Max)

Dual port simultaneous output: 5v2.4a (12W max)

Type of core: lithium ion battery

Rated capacity: 3500mah (5v2.4a)

Lithium energy: 23.4wh / 24.12wh (min / typ)

Manufacturer: Jiangsu ZIMI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Manufacturer: Dongguan dibico Energy Technology Co., Ltd

The product has passed CCC certification.

The machine body is equipped with a power switch key, and the input end adopts foldable national standard pin, which is convenient to carry.

The output terminal is equipped with 1a1c interface, white rubber core, and relevant parameter information is marked beside the interface; four LED power indicator lights are white.

Use vernier caliper to measure the charger length 77.57mm.

73.63 mm. wide

The thickness is 36.46mm.

The intuitive feeling of holding on the hand is small and light.

andApple A series of charger size comparison, and one of the Apple 61 W charger similar.

The thickness is larger than the diameter of a dollar coin.

About 248 g. net weight

In charger mode, use chargerlab power-z kt002 to detect the output protocol of usb-a port, which shows that it supports apple 2.4a and DCP protocols, qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC and FCP fast charging protocols.

In addition, usb-c interface display also supports apple 2.4a, DCP, qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC, FCP and other protocols.

Moreover, its PDO message display USB-C port also supports USB PD3.0 fast charging standard, with 5 V3A、9V3A、12V3A、15V3A、20V2.25A five sets of fixed voltage gear.

In mobile power mode, kt002 is used to detect the output protocol of usb-a port, which shows that apple 2.4a and DCP protocols, qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC and FCP fast charging protocols are supported.

Moreover USB-C the port output protocol has not changed, also supports Apple 2.4A、DCP、QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP and so on protocol.

Only the voltage gear has changed. It supports three groups of fixed voltage gears: 5v2.4a, 9v2a and 12v1.5a.

Two-in-one charger dismantling

Disassemble the body shell and take out the PCB board. On the left side of the board is the charger part, and the components at the input end are glued and fixed; on the right side are two electric cores, covered with plastic shell for protection.

A metal radiator is provided on the back of the board, and a plastic board is isolated from the PCB board.

The main heating chip on the back of PCB is coated with silica gel to help heat conduction.

Through the observation of the circuit on the front and back of PCB board, it is found that the layout of Xiaomi 6700mah 45W fast charging two in one charger is clear and the components are welded orderly. The charger adopts the typical structure of switching power supply with wide range output and protocol control output voltage; the mobile power supply adopts bidirectional voltage regulator chip for voltage up and down operation to realize charge and discharge management. Let's start from the input end to understand the components one by one.

Let's first look at the information of charger components:

Input terminal list, welded with delay fuse, two-stage common mode inductance, safety regulation capacitor and four high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitors.

The delay fuse specification is 3.15 A 250V, Two common mode inductors on both sides are used to filter EMI interference.

Close up of two-stage common mode inductance.

The capacitance of safety gauge x is 0.33 μ F.

Close up of input dbf310 rectifier bridge.

Four high-voltage filter electrolytic capacitors are all made by Aihua brand, three of which are 400V 15 μ F and one is 400V 22 μ F.

PCB panel side view, transformer placed in the middle, and glue fixed.

Close up of PWM main control chip, customized chip, screen printing zc01. According to the charging head network, the products using the chip include Xiaomi 65W USB PD fast charging charger, Zimi 65W USB PD Mini charger, Zimi 65W six position extension cable patch panel and other products.

Infineon high voltage switch MOS, ipd70r360p7s, withstand voltage 700V, conductivity 0.36 Ω.

Details of Infineon ipd70r360p7s, which is also used in Lenovo ThinkPlus 45W USB PD charger pa45.

Close up of transformer, with information printed on the top, pq24 core.

100 million light EL1018 optocoupler, spanning between primary and secondary, for primary secondary communication, feedback regulation of output voltage.

Close up of output anti-interference blue y capacitance.

The secondary synchronous rectifier controller screen printing IAZEK, is actually MPS core source semiconductor MP6908, support wide output voltage range, support a variety of operation modes.

Mp6908 detailed specification parameters.

充电头网了解到,采用MP6908的的产品还有小米9Pro原装45W快充充电器、thinkplus 45W USB PD充电器、thinkplus 65W口红USB PD充电器、紫米65W 2C1A桌面PD快充充电器、谷歌Pixelbook原装45W USB PD快充充电器等多款产品. Moreover MPS synchronous rectifier chip is also used by Xiaomi 9 Pro original 45 W fast charger, thinkplus 45W USB PD charger, thinkplus 65W lipstick USB PD charger, purple rice 65 W 2C1A desktop fast charger and other dozens of products.

The secondary synchronous rectifier MOS tube adopts the American Wandai aon6220, NMOS, with withstand voltage of 100V.

Detailed parameter data of Wandai aon6220.

At the output end of PSB board, two bus bases are welded vertically, among which usb-c bus base is also covered with plastic shell and steel sleeve for reinforcement, and the battery pack is equipped with thermistor to detect temperature.

output filter solid state capacitance specification V 470μF.25

The other is 25V 270 μ F.

Tianyu FP6606, support A C dual port output, when double port is inserted at the same time, the output is reduced to 5 V.. This is a high-performance USB PD3.0 protocol chip, there are currently TQFN-24 and TQFN-16 two packaging methods, in addition to supporting USB PD3.0 fast charging, Tianyu FP6606 can support mainstream charging protocols such as QC4、QC3.0、QC2.0、AFC、FCP、SCP and APPLE 2.4A, compatibility is very strong.

Details of Tianyu fp6606.

According to the charging head network, Tianyu's fast charging protocol chip has been previously powered by Xiaomi 50W super flash charging mobile power, Zimi 10000mah USB PD fast charging mobile power, Nubian red devil 10000mah mobile power, Xiaomi 45W USB PD mobile power 3 high configuration version, Zimi's first MFI Certified Wireless charging mobile power, idmix 1a1c 18W PD fast charging charger and other fast charging products are adopted, and its performance is widely recognized by customers.

Two Toshiba tpcc8104 MOS tubes, as the switch of usb-c interface, are connected in series to prevent backflow.

Toshiba tpcc8104 details.

The other two Toshiba tpcc8104 MOS tubes are used for usb-a port switching.

On the step-down board are the synchronous rectifier step-down converter and MOS.

The synchronous rectifier buck converter adopts South core sc8101 with input voltage ranging from 5V to 32V. Adjust the output voltage to a fixed 5.1V or customized voltage by setting the voltage divider. It also provides high-precision output current limit. When the output reaches the set current limit, the frequency converter enters the constant current (CC) mode; the total output power can be programmed by a resistor for constant power control, and the built-in switch tube can provide 5v5a output.

South core sc8101 integrates 45m Ω high side NMOS and 30m Ω low side NMOS to achieve high efficiency. In addition, it provides a low end gate driver (LSD) to drive the external NMOS and work with the built-in NMOS. It adopts programmable line loss compensation, programmable frequency setting, minimum external components, and can realize the maximum function for different applications of users. The South core sc8101 is packaged in 3x30.55mmqfn, and ultra-thin and ultra-small can be placed in the equipment with narrow space.

The output switching MOS adopts Toshiba tpcc8104.

a 3 R3 buck inductor on the other side of the board.

Port switching chip, screen printing 2258z.

USB-A port output VBUS switch tube.

Let's look at the mobile power circuit:

Product information is marked on the protection fixed case, name: 3.6V lithium-ion battery pack; manufacturer: Jiangsu ZIMI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.; model: ad55; rated capacity: 6700mah / 24.12wh; charging limit voltage: 4.2V.

The front end of the protective shell is sealed with snap, the positive pole of the electric core is pasted with white insulating paper, and the nickel sheet is pasted with black foam.

Take out the core, the core is LG MJ1 power battery, model INR18650MJ1, maximum discharge current 10 A, nominal capacity 3500 mAh,3.6V.. Two parallel, and equipped with thermistor for temperature monitoring.

Screen printed 8dc T30 battery protection IC.

Screen 8233 battery protection tube, two in parallel.

Purple rice depth customized chip, screen printing ZMI P01S, drive external MOS tube for lifting operation, for mobile power charge and discharge management.

Two U.S. Wandai aon6380, NMOS tube, withstand voltage 30V, controlled by custom chip of Zimi, used for voltage up and down conversion.

Detailed specifications of Wandai aon6380.

2R2 boost inductance close-up.

Screen printing gb8r, qc3.0 class B protocol chip customized by Zimi, supports 20V output, which is used to support the rapid charging of Xiaomi 9 mobile phone.

Mc96f6232au, abov modern single chip microcomputer, 8-bit computer, used for mobile power control.

Two regulators, diodes ap2204, output 3.3V and 2.8V respectively, which are used to supply power for single chip microcomputer.

Details of diodes ap2204.

The LED indicator light is set on the strip line, and there is a long fixing plate for fixing the shading.

Break it all up, take a family photo.

Disassembly summary of charging head network

Xiaomi 2-in-1 charger is white and smooth, and the built-in 6700mah battery is still small and portable. Both USB interfaces support qc2.0, qc3.0, AFC and FCP fast charging protocols in charger or mobile power mode, with good overall compatibility; in charger mode, 45W and 27W outputs are supported, while in mobile power mode, 18W outputs are supported, both of which can meet the fast charging requirements of hand machine and other devices.

According to the disassembly of the charging head network, the AC-DC part of the product charger is composed of Zimi customized main control chip with Infineon MOS, and the secondary controller mp6908 with Wandai MOS. The output protocol is controlled by Tianyu fp6606 protocol chip. The usb-a port voltage reduction output adopts South core sc8101 chip.

In the mobile power supply part, Zimi custom chip and universal MOS are also used for voltage rise and fall to realize charge and discharge. In addition, the battery core is equipped with lithium battery protection circuit and thermistor for temperature monitoring, and covered with plastic shell for insulation protection. All components and major heating chips are glued, fixed and thermally conductive. The chips are from well-known manufacturers in the industry, and the overall materials used for the products are solid.

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