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IPad OS 14's first experience: Welcome desktop gadgets and improve apple pencil's functions

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We immediately upgraded one of our 2020 iPad Pro to the latest iPadOS 14. after the WWDC 2020 ended

iPadOS 14 is the second big version after the birth of iPadOS. We've also found, after a brief experience, how the difference between iOS and iPadOS should be, and apple has thought more this year.

Small component ipados are also available, but slightly different

Like iOS 14, apple also brings iPadOS 14 desktop widget functionality.

slightly different from the iOS 14, however, the iPadOS 14 group pieces can not be arbitrarily fixed in any position on the desktop, but can only be displayed on the left side of the home screen.


▲ dragging small parts cannot be fixed between app icons

Of course, the "negative screen" on the left has been fixed to the left of the first screen since the iPadOS of the previous version, so it's not really a problem to put plug-ins anywhere like iOS 14.


▲ panels can only be fixed on the left side of the negative screen

On the iPad OS 14, there are three options for the size of the widget, and the information displayed will vary with the widget. For example, for weather, the smallest size shows the current weather, while the medium size shows the weather for the next few hours, while the large size shows the weather for the next few days in addition to the above mentioned.


▲ Support 2

In addition, the widget on iPad OS 14 also has a smart stacking function, which means that you can stack multiple widgets in the same position. In addition to sliding and switching, the system will display them according to time. For example, before going out in the morning, it will show you the weather; during the day, it will show you the calendar schedule; at night, it will show you the fitness record.


After a short experience, groupware is really convenient, because you can directly view information or operate the app without opening the app. What's more, the interface vision that hasn't been greatly changed in IOS for many years has finally brought some freshness.

Siri's smarter, but lower profile

At last the Siri, won't take over your entire screen, it becomes a ball that stays at the bottom right of the screen when exhaled, silently waiting for your orders without disturbing your current work.


▲ pay attention to the lower right corner of the screen

Now, of course, the Siri is getting smarter. It answers more complex questions, and if you go beyond TA ability, TA will search for answers online.


Apple pencil is the real killer

Has been hindering me to buy Apple Pencil, in fact, is not expensive, but write ugly, the picture is also poor. And on the iPadOS 14, the problem is solved.

Now when you use Apple Pencil for input on the iPadOS, handwritten fonts can be automatically converted into text, and there is no problem with mixing Chinese and English.


In this way, mom doesn't have to worry about my notes, even I can't understand them.

It can be used not only in note taking applications, but also in web search boxes and other places where you can input text.


Crooked melon split jujube like graphics can also become more regular, round, rectangular, star, heart-shaped all line.


In addition, apple pencil now has some features that are convenient for note taking parties.

For example, write the wrong words can be painted. Isn't that much like when you wrote the wrong words when you were a kid?


Circle once, you can also select the text directly. You can circle not only a word, but also a whole sentence.


You need to add or delete spaces. Just stroke down with a pen.


Also, iPadOS 14 can identify your handwritten content, such as a handwritten phone number, and you can dial directly; a handwritten address can navigate directly.


Based on powerful graphic recognition, handwritten fonts can also be selected like text, copied to other applications and converted into text.


And these updates

In addition to the important functions mentioned above, the iPad OS also updates the following user perception features.

The redesigned sidebar makes a lot of cross-level operations easier, for example, if I need to add a few photos to my personal collection, it's just a drag.


Without any plug-ins, Safari can now translate the content of the website directly. Although it supports 7 languages within Chinese, it is a pity that only users in the U.S. and Canada can use it at present.


Apple Music supports the display of the transfer cover, control area and lyrics when the screen is horizontal.


▲ iPad OS 14 on the left and iPad OS 13 on the right

Voice memo adds the function of "optimizing recording", which can automatically reduce the background noise and echo in recording.


The map has also been updated. In addition to driving, walking and public transportation, it can now provide cycling routes. According to apple, if you choose the cycling route, Apple will recommend you the route up and down the steps as little as possible. At present, the first supported cities are New York, Los Angeles, bay area, Shanghai and Beijing.

In Guangzhou we manually set the location to Beijing, but still can not see the option of cycling route, so we can not first experience this feature.


In addition to the cycling route, this map also adds a charging route for electric vehicles along the road, which helps you find charging piles on the road, and even screens different charging piles for you according to different specifications of car charging.

The 2020 iPad Pro adds a LiDar camera, so how can iPadOS 4 lose AR related features? When updated to iPadOS 14, users can get more play and experience AR better play. When you reach a designated landmark, for example, you can see iPad developer's pre-buried AR landscape.


Summary: Thinking between large screen and small screen

Compared with IOS 14, this update of iPad OS 14 is not big. Previously, the functions updated on IOS 13 are basically visible on iPad OS. But this year it seems that things are different.

On the iPadOS 14, for example, group pieces can not be fixed between the main interface app icons, can help you in the search for app to reduce the number of page turning App Library on the above is not directly found.

According to our understanding after the meeting, the reason why Apple does this is that first of all, the iPad has a large enough place to store small parts on the first screen, and does not need to occupy the space of the app icon. A larger home page itself can reduce page flipping times, so there is no need for app library.

This is actually Apple's thinking about the difference between IOS and iPad OS, between small screen and large screen.


Of course, the function upgrade of Apple pencil is naturally not available in IOS, and in my opinion, this is the biggest killer of iPad OS 14.

Once again, through its best combination of software and hardware, apple pencil is no longer a designer's exclusive tool, but also reduces the input mode of Apple pencil to almost zero, making it a complete input device, thus further opening the gap with the stylus competition.

The compatible models of iPad OS 14 can refer to the table below. It can be said that they are still very considerate for the old models.


However, we need to remind you that the current iPad OS 14 developer preview is still in a rather unstable state. During our test, there are still various bugs, so we have to think twice before we try to brush the machine.

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