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We discovered the secret of the next generation of Apple Watch

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This year, Apple seems to want users to get content in the most direct and simple way, so it has added app widgets in IOS and Mac OS systems, but the apple watch with small screen has no desktop, so naturally it can't display app components in the form of cards.

How can users get information more efficiently?


watchOS 7 the solution is

Since the WWDC, I've painted my Apple Watch Series 4 into a WatchOS 7 developer preview. Although S4 was a two-year-old product, it ran a preview version of the new system, smooth the year.

The dial goes deeper into the complex operation of app

Generally speaking, I will put several commonly used app entries on the dial, which is easy to call at any time.

For example, bear, I will put its switch in the most prominent place of the dial, so that I can click and record inspiration at any time.


▲ I put the shortcut to voice memos in a small window

In watchos 7, apple added the function options of the dial window. In addition to the system's native functions and the app's quick access, it can now add the secondary access in the app to the dial.

We can add features in the Nike Run Club app to each small window of the dial, so we don't need to click app and then click the item operation, thus reducing the operation steps of each use and saving time.


▲ picture from:Apple

Apple also showed the complicated operation of Dawn Patrol and glow baby apps on the dial in the press release. The principle is basically the same. It mainly displays the multi-level functions through the dial in a more intuitive way according to the user's preferences.


Large text dial can add complex function entrance

In addition, the chronograph specialty and the large text dial also add the entrance of complex functions, the former can measure the current speed and distance from the target of the user based on the set route; the latter is to cut the original large text dial into 1 / 2, and display the large text time and complex operation window at the same time.


However, the app that supports this function only has the native functions of apple and several partners, so the experience of the complicated operation of the dial is still very limited.

Maybe with the response of more developers later, when the official system comes, there will be more apps that can support fast and complex operations.

Although there aren't many third-party app to support complex dial operations, the system's native camera remote controls, sleep and shortcut commands (shortcuts) can all be moved to small dial windows.


Click on the camera remote control to quickly enable the iPhone camera and remotely control the phone to take photos.


I put the shortcut entrance of the voice memo in one of the small windows of the dial, so that I can quickly enable recording in scenes like interviews.

When the watch is recorded, the files are synchronized to the iPhone and Mac,, provided that the device is interconnected.


Some users may just use photos as the dial, but now they can also add filters to photos in the watch. I have roughly counted about 60-70 color styles to choose from. Basically, what kind of style they want can be satisfied.


When we make a delicate dial, we can also share the dial with our friends by SMS, but only if the other party is IOS 14 and watchos 7 system, otherwise there will be reminders that we can't open the dial file, or that we can't apply to the current watchos version.


▲ SMS content of IOS 13 and IOS 14 when receiving dial sharing

Besides sharing dials, we can now download custom dials online and App Store. If there is a "conscience up」 to share the dial file, then the user can download and use it with a little finger.


Of course, there are new business opportunities and social ways behind the shared dial. For example, future app require special dials to unlock features, users share their work with each other, and children customize an easy-to-use dial for their parents

You can speak and listen, Siri

In the update of IOS 14, apple enhanced Siri's voice translation ability, and this time Siri of watchos 7 also added language translation function. Now as long as you lift your wrist, you can directly translate a foreign language without taking out your mobile phone and opening Siri or translation tools.


However, compared with IOS 14's real-time translation of long sentences through the "translation" app, Siri translation in the watch is still a sentence by sentence operation. For each translation, you need to return to the following table crown.

Fortunately, the watch is very sensitive to speech recognition and translation speed. In addition, considering that most of the use scenarios are daily emergency or word translation, the Siri in the watch is basically competent for most foreign language translation needs.


When Apple released watchos 7, it was introduced that watch got better dictation ability based on neural network engine. Here I compared watchos 6 with the new system several times, and found that the dictation performance of the two systems was not the same.

But I don't know if it's metaphysical. I feel that the recognition speed of watchos 7 is faster, but the difference is almost invisible.

Replace "fitness record" and "fitness" is coming

Apple changed the name of "fitness record" to "fitness". Although the official didn't explain the reason for the change, I guess the use of double words is to highlight the changes in the app on the one hand, and on the other hand, it wants to be more integrated with other native apps.


Compared with "fitness record", the "fitness" interface more intuitively displays various data in the form of modules, reducing the original five labels to two, and displaying important information on the home page.

In the fitness tracking program, the new "dance" option will be based on heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes to record calorie consumption data while users are jumping.


Of course, not all dance movements can be recorded by the watch. Currently, only Latin dance, hip-hop dance, aerobic dance and Bollywood Dance are supported.

Because I can't dance, my watch doesn't record the data of my dancing.

Besides dancing, the watchOS 7 also included data tracking for three major items: core training, functional strength training, and overall relaxation.


During the period of writing this experience, after doing 30 sit ups, I got the data of consuming 6000 calories.

After all, I'm at work.

BikingSleep tracking

Low carbon transportation is a popular way of travel at present, and now the map navigation of Apple watch can also remind users of the road conditions, so that users can know in advance where there are stairs and where they need to get off and push when riding.

For this reason, I ran out of the company and rode a bicycle for a while.


Then I was surprised to find that in addition to the tracking of ordinary cycling, cycling tracking also supports the tracking of e-bikes.

On my favorite scoote


When I introduced the function of the dial, I mentioned the small window of the sleep function, which refers to the newly added sleep tracking function.

Simply put, "sleep" is a function based on setting sleep plan, obtaining user's sleep data through apple watch sensor, and finally getting daily sleep status report.


For example, when I set "sleep 8 hours a day", the system will automatically reduce external interference before I go to bed, help me reduce anxiety, and the watch will also automatically dim the screen, and based on the acceleration sensor, it will detect whether I am sleeping, so as to obtain more accurate data, then record my sleep time, and provide me sleep suggestions through reports.

Finally, the alarm clock of the watch will ring in a gentle and gradual way. If you don't want the alarm, you can continue to use the vibration tactile alarm.


▲ left: IOS 14, right: IOS 13

In fact, with the launch of sleep, IOS 14's "go to bed" disappeared from the clock's tab.

That is to say, taking over the "sleep" of lollipop is the advanced upgrade of "going to bed". What it can do is not only to remind users to sleep, but also to help them sleep, detect their posture and wake up gently.

It can be seen that as the use of sensors becomes more and more extensive, apple watch, which is closer to users than mobile phones, becomes more and more important in terms of sleep detection.

Apple watch reminds you to wash your hands frequently

During last year's WatchOS update, apple introduced a "noise" monitoring function that monitors the user's ambient noise through a microphone on a watch to protect the user's hearing.


Now, based on the principle of watch motion sensor and microphone pickup, Apple has added "automatic hand washing detection" to let users form a good habit of frequent and correct hand washing in the current epidemic environment.

In the preview version, the automatic detection function can only be used when the switch is turned on in "setting handling". The watch will automatically enable when it detects the sound of water flow, and then count down 20 seconds.

But perhaps because the preview version is unstable, I washed my hands in three different faucets a total of 10 times, has not successfully activated the countdown, but my hands were washed very fragrant and clean.


Does this seem to achieve the goal of "washing hands frequently"?

However, it may also be that the sound of the water flow I tested is not loud enough, so the system cannot recognize it. Netizens who also upgraded to watchos 7 said that "the notice of bathing with a watch bounced out more than a dozen times" and "the countdown can be called out when washing vegetables".


Another new function related to listening is listening monitoring and reminding. This function is an advanced version of last year's "noise" monitoring, but this time it is not external noise, but the playing volume of airpods.


When using airpods to play music, the health app will record the volume data of the headset, and organize it into a report, so that users can view the volume decibel data in a week.

If the total duration of airpods is longer than the "safe duration" recommended by who, the app will push reminders through mobile phones and watches, and automatically reduce the maximum volume of headphones.

It seems that my earphone volume is healthy recently. I haven't activated the warning for the moment.

Look at the next generation of Apple Watch watchOS 7

In general, the update direction of watchos 7 is mainly to expand the shortcut operation and health monitoring. Although the update range is much smaller than IOS and Mac OS, it also highlights the importance of Apple watch for some functions.


It is worth mentioning that with the deeper experience, we also noticed that Apple canceled the Force Touch press interaction in the new system, in which the interaction of the past Force Touch can be obtained by gently touching the screen.

For example, in the past, it was necessary to press the dial hard to enter the replacement menu, but now it is only necessary to press and hold it for a long time to enter the menu.

Combined with thisExternal media exposureThe company is advocating that developers "replace Force Touch」 messages with other interactions, which is reminiscent of the next generation Apple Watch which may replace Force Touch. with other interactions And that is, the screen parts of the next generation of Apple Watch may change and the watch may become thinner.

In addition, I was slightly surprised that this year, no matter IOS or watchos, the bugs of the two versions of the system are much less than before. At least I used the two versions of the new system for almost three days, and I didn't encounter several bugs that seriously affected my use.


But in spite of this, I still don't recommend ordinary users to taste it.

On the one hand, watchos 7 is always the developer preview version. Although there are few bugs in the system, there are still many things to be improved from the official version. There will be hidden bugs that have not been found.

In addition, unlike the iPhone, iPad and MAC, apple watch can download firmware by itself and can only redraw the system through the official special device, so for ordinary users, upgrading watchos is an irreversible operation.

Last year, I had to return my watch to the factory for a week because the developer version of watchos 6 couldn't connect to my mobile phone.

And of course, less Bug developer previews are a good thing for developers, who doesn't love a development platform that has a smooth experience.

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