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India has banned 59 popular Chinese apps, but Indian chicken eaters are relieved

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By Wang Anyi and Huang Tianran

Source: knocking on the blackboard (ID: qiaoheiban8)

Boycotting Chinese goods, Indians are really serious.

On the evening of June 29, the Indian government suddenly announced that it had banned 59 Chinese mobile phone apps for national security reasons.

The list includes popular apps like TikTok( overseas version), WeChat, QQ、UC browser, Meitu, Baidu Map, and even Xiaomi's two apps (Mi Community and Mi Video Call)


China's most active and competitive mobile phone App, in india has been wiped out.

So far, a number of Chinese apps, including tiktok, have been removed from the Indian app stores of Google and apple.


Minister of the Interior of India

According to the latest report of Indian media, all the blocked Chinese app development companies have been required to attend a hearing held by the Indian government expert group within 48 hours to clarify and submit explanations on the alleged unauthorized use of user data.


India today reports that tiktok has been removed from the Indian app store of Google and apple, which is in communication with the government

Tiktok India has previously responded that it complies with all Indian laws and provides all Indian users with the highest level of data privacy protection standards.

The newly refuted ban order was extended to the ground

India's it ministry has decided to block 59 applications because they are engaged in activities that are detrimental to India's national sovereignty, national defense, national security and public order, and that blocking them will help protect the interests of India's mobile and Internet users, the government said in a press release.


A list of 59 Chinese App banned by the Indian government

In fact, a week ago, there was a wild rumor on Indian social media that the Indian government would ban Chinese apps.

An alleged source

On 19 June, the Government of India's Press and Information Agency (PIB) dismissed the rumor on official Twitter, stating that the document was false and that NIC had not issued such instructions.


On the 19th, India's PIB official twitter refuted rumors and banned Chinese app

However, more information has surfaced as App Chinese ban officially landed


The decision of the Indian government will undoubtedly further boost the Anti China sentiment in India. Since May, Indian people have been launching a campaign against Chinese app.

On June 3, Google App Store broke the law


A hit in India to remove Chinese app App

A unique feature of the App is to help users find all Chinese App from their phones and choose to delete them.

After it went online on May 17, the number of downloads of Chinese apps in India exceeded 5 million, with 200000 reviews, with a score of 4.9 points. It also ranked first in the free downloads list of Google App Store in India.

I'm glad I can eat chicken at the same time

As soon as the official ban came out, Indian Internet users on Twitter clapped their hands and shouted at the government to do something


Only a very small number of Indians realize that this decision is extremely stupid.

Alan, Indian economist

Member of Parliament of India, Congress Party press spokesman Kush


Anchor of New Delhi Television (NDTV)

The tweet received 3600 likes, 900 forwards and comments.


Some netizens think Qiao Shi is joking, dare to question the government's deliberate decision.

And a lot of netizens questioned,

However, this view was immediately rejected, and some netizens posted a news saying: in November 2019, byte skipping had about 500 employees in India, and the number is still increasing in 2020.


Even more TikTok Indian bloggers say,


During the past two years, Indian users have invested second only in TikTok to Chinese users


And it's a process of mutual achievement, because TikTok has changed the fate of countless Indians, and some obscure pastry chefs, makeup bloggers, fight coaches have become TikTok.


BBC reports that a India town grocer has become a net fan with 4 million fans because of his tiktok dance.

TikTok is also one of the two great artifacts that Indian Internet users kill time, and the other most popular App is PUBG (Tencent game PUBG, commonly known as Tencent game)


Before the Indian netizens joked:


After the government's ban, sharp eyed Indian netizens soon found that there was no pubg in the list, and they immediately put on a happy expression package dancing around.


While applauding for the blocking of Chinese apps, and relieved for the pubg's escape from the ban, Indian netizens may not realize that they are falling into a split personality.

Xiaomi gets second light in boycott of Chinese goods

In the past month, Indians have been playing hard in the streets to boycott Chinese goods.

They trampled on Chinese TV;


Fell over China's mobile phone;


Even Chinese electric mosquito pats are smashed;


Indian keyboard men clamored:


On June 17, the All India Federation of traders (CAIT), representing India's 70 million physical retailers, launched a call to boycott 500 categories of goods imported from China, including clothing, toys, consumer electronics, watches, decorative lighting, etc.


This scene seems familiar.

In March 2019, this CAIT also launched a nationwide campaign to boycott Chinese goods. At that time, the boycott was more exciting, and it actually burned Chinese goods.


Organized the burning of Chinese goods last year


This year, we organized the burning of Chinese goods

In that boycott ,70% of Indian Internet users vowed never to buy Chinese phones again.

Then, by the end of 2019, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, realme and Yijia, the market share of the five Chinese mobile phone brands in India will reach 72%, 12% more than that in 2018.

This year's wave of boycotts also includes questionnaires.


How many Indians will boycott Chinese brands like Xiaomi and VIivo, Yiga

In mid June, a survey of 32000 Indians participated in the social media local circles in India. As many as 97% of Indians said they would boycott Chinese goods and services and support Indian or other products instead.

On June 18, the one plus eight Pro went on sale in Amazon India and sold out in a few minutes.

On June 22, one plus eight was launched in Amazon India. This time, it was sold for eight minutes.


At 12:08 p.m. on June 22, netizens cut off a sold-out image

A red rice Note9Pro Max sold in amazon india on june 24th and ran out of stock in less than 50 seconds

Manu, Managing Director, Xiaomi India


Why can't Indians resist Chinese goods

Even if Indians are determined to boycott Chinese goods, there are no conditions for them to resist.

First, Indian manufacturing and commerce are highly dependent on Chinese imports.

In 2019, China's exports to India will reach 515.63 billion yuan.

India's pharmaceutical industry, for example, has a large scale and high output value, but it imports more than 17 billion yuan of API from China every year.

The competent department of Indian pharmaceutical industry has submitted a report to the government that India's 12 key antibiotic drugs are highly dependent on China's import, and the degree of dependence is even close to 100%.


During the anti epidemic period, the production capacity of the press pump for bottled disinfectant in India could not keep up with that of China

India's industrial semi-finished products, raw materials, chemicals, steel, paper, paperboard, LDPE (low-density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), machinery, tools and other products are also highly dependent on China.

In terms of people's livelihood, India directly imports countless durable consumer products from China, such as electronics, plastic products, lamps, solar cells

About 40000 Indian businessmen flock to Yiwu Commodity market every year.


What do 70 million Indian physical retailers sell without the small goods they sell back? Can Indians still have Diwali without the colored lights, fireworks and statues they sold back?

Even the hats and T-shirts that Indians wear when they boycott China are not made in China?

Secondly, India's indigenous innovation industry is highly dependent on China's capital.

Gateway house, an Indian think-tank, reported that Chinese capital provided funds for at least 92 Indian science and technology innovation enterprises; among India's top 30 science and innovation Unicorn enterprises (with a market value of more than US $1 billion), 18 of them were invested and established by Chinese capital.

These companies are well-known in India. Their services cover food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment, which permeate the daily life of Indians in all aspects.


Indian netizens found

Many Indian Kochon CEO have welcomed the government's ban on 59 Chinese App, but how many Indians know that the CEO's investment comes from China

According to a report released by the Brookings Institution in March, China's total planned investment in India has exceeded $26 billion.

China and India are highly integrated in socio-economic and technological ecology, which is no longer a bone-to-bone relationship, but, as the Indian media have said,

The second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world

Can Indians refuse to breathe air?

Indian media "First Post" commentator Yadav analysis said:

Ravi, Indian Membe


Indian federal MP Prasad tweeted on June 1 this year

At present, India has become the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer after China, but 90% of the parts still need to be imported from China.

A suburb of New Delhi, the town of Noida has become a manufacturing base for Chinese-brand smartphones such as OPPO、realme、 and Canada, which is also India


An employee at a vivo mobile phone factory in Noida, India, tests mobile phones on the production line. Photo: China Daily

Under the new crown epidemic, the labor force of the factory in Noida has been reduced by nearly half. Tens of thousands of Indian workers have been affected by the boycott.


Oppo's plant in India

The employment opportunities created by Chinese mobile phone manufacturers exist in the whole industry chain, including retailers, marketing, advertisers, etc., thus obtaining indirect employment opportunities and profit margins.

In Yadav's view, Indian anger is the result of nationalism and patriotism. Whether anger can work or not is another matter.


A mobile phone store in Mumbai, India

Indian information and policy expert Sengupta also believes that the only way to get rid of Chinese manufacturing is to make a breakthrough in India's own GDP,

Chinese brands strive to transform into Indian brands

In order to take care of India's strong national self-esteem, Chinese brand mobile phones are striving to become Indian brand mobile phones.

In 2019, Xiaomi has more than 80 self operated millet houses and more than 2000 authorized stores in India.


Xiaomi stores

Now in Delhi, Mumbai, Batna and other places Xiaomi stores, have been hung up


Lattan from 2015

Manu, Managing Director, Xiaomi India


Mr. Jain said that 99% of the millet mobile phones and smart TVs sold in India are produced in India, and 65% of the parts and components are also from India. Xiaomi India Company is completely led by India, with more than 30000 employees in India, and 100% of user data remains in India.


Not long ago, MI notebook, the newly launched Mi notebook in India, was officially announced as the first launch, exclusive use and creation for India.

Xiaomi's independent mobile phone brand Poco, tweeted to Indian netizens on June 3


Madhav, CEO realme India ,16 June

All realme smartphones are made in India, with 7500 direct jobs created by the factory, which will increase to 10000 by the end of 2020, and realme will recruit 5000 promoters to expand its offline business in India, Xie said.


In 2018, oil pipe up visited realme's mobile phone manufacturing factory

vivo no exception, press releases never forget to emphasize


After all, vivo has just added 35 billion rupees (about 3.27 billion yuan) to the new factory to be built, and the total investment in developing Indian manufacturing has reached 75 billion rupees.


Vivo Indian factory production line workers

Real gold and silver have been thrown in, do you still need to mind a position?

Xiaomi is Indian, realme is Indian, vivo is also Indian

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