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Several doubtful points in the event of "teasing geese": how Tencent was "cheated"? What is the suspect drawing?

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The collision between Tencent and Lao Ganma, the two industry leaders, is dramatic.On June 29, a civil ruling made by Nanshan District People's Court of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province in April caused widespread concern: Tencent applied to seal up and freeze the property of Laoganma with a total of 16.24 million yuan due to a dispute over contract services. On June 30, Tencent made a public explanation: in March 2019, it signed a marketing cooperation agreement with Laoganma, but Laoganma refused to pay the advertising money in arrears, "repeated urging failed, and had to sue according to law.".


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In this regard, Lao Ganma said on the same day: Tencent has been cheated and Laoganma has no business cooperation with Tencent.

On the second day, Guiyang public security Shuanglong branch quickly arrested three suspects and reported the incident: the suspects Cao Mou (male, 36 years old), Liu Dali (female, 40 years old) and Zheng Mou Jun (female, 37 years old) forged the seal of Laoganma company, pretended to be the manager of the company's marketing department, and signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent, in order to obtain matching gifts from Tencent in promotion activities Send online game gift code, then through the Internet resell illegal economic benefits.

This makes the outside world puzzled: is the gift bag valuable?

At present, Cao and other three people have been detained for suspected crimes, and the case is under further processing.

Tencent's self mocking public relations of "teasing e yuan" has won the sympathy of many netizens, but the fog of the event has not been fully uncovered.

On July 2, surging journalists found that there were several doubts about the dispute between Tencent and Laoganma: why could Tencent, with its super legal team, escape from the "forged official seal of Lao Ganma"? After Tencent's QQ flying car announced its cooperation with Laoganma in 2019, does Laoganma know? QQ car launched the old Ganma gift bag, who provides the material?

The most crucial, the network game gift code that suspects covet, what economic value does it have to take risks?

How to cheat Tencent when the criminal suspect forges the seal of Lao Ganma company and cooperates with Tencent?

According to Tencent's initial statement, in March 2019, Tencent signed a joint marketing cooperation agreement with Laoganma company, in which Tencent put resources into the promotion of Laoganma hot pepper series. Tencent has fulfilled relevant obligations according to the contract, but Laoganma has not paid according to the contract. Tencent repeatedly urged no results, so it had to sue in accordance with the law. At present, the case is in the specific trial process of the court.

Some legal practitioners familiar with the company's contracts pointed out to the surging news reporters that such cooperation requires "payment in advance to provide services", and such cooperation usually involves more than one contract, and also requires signing of agreements on intellectual property rights.

A person who is engaged in advertising business in an Internet company told the surging news reporter that when cooperating with customers, it is necessary to verify the corporate account and verify the qualification documents, which are generally the original business license of the enterprise legal person. Moreover, "when communicating, we will visit the company on the spot. It is very difficult to have such things as Laoganma, and it is difficult to believe the practicality of this matter."

Zhao Zhanzhan, a well-known IT and intellectual property lawyer, also pointed out that before signing the promotion cooperation agreement, Tencent usually requires the other party to provide Laoganma company business license, even including bank account information and other materials, and first input Laoganma as a supplier in the contract system; in the process of signing the agreement, it should also communicate with the other party in the form of e-mail, which is usually the root According to the other party's mailbox, business card, business license and other documents to judge the identity of the other party.

Based on this, it is difficult for the outside world to believe that Tencent has been cheated by three cheaters for more than half a year.

"How did they do that?" Some legal practitioners sigh to the surging journalists.

As of press release, Tencent has not yet responded to questions from surging journalists on how to review the information of partners in this dispute.

How do three suspects support the promotion of the old godmother QQ flying cars for more than half a year?

From the past information, Tencent and "Laoganma" cooperation at first was relatively smooth.

In April 2019, Tencent announced the cooperation information with Laoganma. According to the reports of game industry media at that time, QQ flying car mobile tour s League spring match opened. QQ flying car announced that it would cooperate with Laoganma, a national hot sauce brand. Laoganma will become the latest industry annual partner of s League, which is the first cross-border cooperation between Laoganma and E-sports.

Laoganma, who hardly advertises, sponsors E-sports events? This caused some discussion at the time.

After that ," old godmother "began to appear in Tencent many content channels, Tencent games, QQ flying car Weibo repeatedly released # old godmother drift hot # topic. At present ,# old godmother drift hot # topic, read on Weibo up to 180 million, discuss up to 1.84 billion.

腾讯游戏官方微博为老干妈做宣传Tencent game official microblog to promote Laoganma

In addition to appearing in the publicity of QQ racing competition, QQ racing game also launched the skin suit of "old Ganma".

QQ flying car mobile game operation team in October 2019 issued "Laoganma gift box hot storm set login send! 》According to the article, from October 25 to October 31, 2019, drivers can log in to get the "hot storm suit" (7 days).


Hot storm suit QQ flying cars

QQ feiche's promotion of Laoganma almost runs from April to the end of the year. Generally speaking, the cross-border cooperation of these brands requires the partners to provide design materials, formulate and review the scheme, and the workload is not small. During this period, are the suspects reported by the police to provide complete support and participate in the cooperation?

And QQ flying car in last year so big fanfare for the old godmother advertising, the old godmother company did not know? If know, why didn't old godmother contact Tencent to "fight fake "? Surging news reporter calls old godmother company, related staff refused to interview.

It is worth noting that on July 1, Tencent self-deprecating, called to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, welcome the vast number of netizens enthusiastically provide similar clues, Tencent prepared a thousand bottles of old godmother as a reward, which also contains limited edition of the solitary products oh.

Tencent's picture is exactly a picture of cooperation between QQ flying car and "Laoganma". As the old Ganma in the bottle, how are these "cooperative" chili sauce produced? How many bottles are there altogether?

How much do the three suspects want to resell the "online game gift package code" worth?

In order to "resell online game gift code"? This is the most puzzling part of the whole incident.

According to the police report, three suspects forged the seal of Laoganma company and pretended to be the manager of the marketing department of the company to sign a cooperation agreement with Tencent. Its purpose is to obtain Tencent company in the promotion activities of supporting the network game gift code, and then through the Internet reselling illegal economic benefits.

Tencent did not disclose whether the "online game gift package code" mentioned by the police is the Laoganma gift box previously launched by QQ feiche.

Online game props and other virtual goods trading has a long history, but not all props can be sold at high prices in the second-hand market.

淘宝上以QQ飞车、礼盒为关键词的搜索结果Search results on Taobao with QQ flying car and gift box as keywords

With QQ flying car and gift box as key words, Taobao can find many businesses selling QQ flying car Chang'e gift box. The asking price is about 17 yuan, and the number of people receiving goods varies from dozens of people.

According to the order of sales, the best-selling "magic wardrobe in QQ flying car tour bag tomorrow's poem / Angel demon king / beautiful scenery / gift box set" will be priced at 100 yuan and 38 people will receive the goods.

As for the QQ flying car old Ganma gift box, surging news reporters failed to search for relevant products on Taobao. From the feedback of players on the network, QQ flying car old Ganma gift box may not be a popular one.

This means that the economic value of the online game gift code cheated by the three suspects is not high. But for this reason, the three suspects worked hard to forge the official seal, signed a cooperation with Tencent, and advertised Laoganma "with all one's heart". The ratio of investment to return was somewhat bizarre.

What's more, forgery of official seal also faces the punishment of laws and regulations. Teng Yun, senior partner of Zhonglun Wende law firm, told surging journalists that according to the "police circular" issued by Guiyang Public Security Bureau, the three may be suspected of forging seals of companies, enterprises, institutions, people's organizations, and contract fraud.

So, what are the three suspects trying to do?

The following is the time line of the dispute between Tencent and Lao Gan Ma, combed by the surging news reporter:

24 April

The people's Court of Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province issued a civil ruling, approving the plaintiff Tencent's application for property preservation, sealing up and freezing the bank deposits worth 16.2406 million yuan in the names of the defendants Guiyang Nanming Laoganma flavor food sales Co., Ltd. and Guiyang Nanming Laoganma flavor food sales Co., Ltd., or other properties of equivalent value.

30 June

The civil ruling was widely reported by the media.

Tencent explained the dispute between the two sides, saying that the matter was that Lao Ganma put in tens of millions of yuan of advertising in Tencent, but ignored the long-term default of the contract, Tencent was forced to sue in accordance with the law and apply for asset preservation, and the court ruled to freeze the other party's enterprise account.

Tencent said in March 2019, Tencent and the old godmother company signed a "joint marketing cooperation agreement ", Tencent's resources for the old godmother oil pepper series promotion, Tencent has fulfilled the relevant obligations, but the old godmother did not pay according to the contract. Tencent repeatedly urged no results, so had to prosecute according to law. The case is currently in the course of a specific court hearing.

June 30th

According to the first financial report, the person in charge of Laoganma responded: Tencent was cheated!

In a statement later issued by Laoganma, Laoganma said: on June 10, the company received the relevant legal documents to be served by Guiyang Nanming District People's court entrusted by Nanshan District People's Court of Shenzhen. Tencent sued Laoganma and applied for property preservation on the ground of service contract dispute. After receiving the above-mentioned documents, the company attached great importance to it and immediately carried out an investigation. "After verification, our company has never signed a joint marketing cooperation agreement with Tencent or authorized others with Tencent on the brand of" Laoganma ", and we have never conducted any commercial cooperation with Tencent."

1 July

The official wechat official account of Guiyang public security Shuanglong Branch issued a police notice: Recently, the Bureau received a report from Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd. that some illegal personnel signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tencent company") in the name of Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd., which led to a lawsuit by Tencent.

After preliminary investigation, the suspects were Cao (male, 36), Liu (40), Zheng (37), who forged the seal of Laoganma company, pretended to be the manager of marketing department of the company, and signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent. The purpose was to obtain the online game gift package code given by Tencent company in the promotion activities, and then sold it illegally through the Internet Gain economic benefits.

At present, Cao and other three people on suspicion of criminal detention, the case is in further processing.

July 1st

Tencent said in its official microblog response to the "cheated" incident: "it's hard to say In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, the majority of netizens are welcome to provide similar clues and leave messages through comments or private messages. We paid our own pocket and prepared 1000 bottles of Laoganma as a reward, which also contained limited edition of orphans. "

Tencent has a picture of Laoganma hot sauce, and the bottle shows the cooperation pattern of QQ flying car and Laoganma.

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