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IPhone 12 no longer comes with charger: in depth analysis of apple

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After reading a foreign media news, an analyst at the Bank of England, Barkley, said that the iPhone 12 does not come with any type of charging head, only the data cable from usb-c to lightning is left.

How is that possible? Buying a mobile phone without a charging head makes people laugh off their big teeth?

He was later seen in the domestic media as Guo released the latest forecast in Apple's analysis, saying iPhone 12 or canceling the random gift charger.

Well, I'd better brush my microblog if I watch a news.


Pan Jiutang, a former analyst and now a partner in Xiaomi's industrial investment division, also said the new iPhone would no longer be attached to the charger, saying:

I thought I'd hate apples

We just think that the 5W charger has a small power, but it's not a no!

According to master Guo,The material cost of iPhone 12 is increasing. In order to maintain the price of iPhone 12 as the same as that of iPhone 11, so as to copy the successful experience of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 will cancel the attached headset and charger. He even predicts that the iPhone se will eliminate the extra charger in the second half of 2020.

Guo also said that Apple's new 20W charger will be mass produced in the third quarter, similar in shape to the 18W charger.

And 5W and 18W chargers will be completely finished by the end of 2020.

iPhone 12 really don't even have a charging head? So - called

Many netizens speculated that this may be the reason to promote 20W quick charging accessories, just as the 3.5mm headphone interface was cancelled in order to promote the airpods headset.

You know, the profit of airpods was as high as 50%, and the sales of Apple's headphones are expected to reach 15 billion in 2020, with the focus on US dollars.

In the end, even if it doesn't match the charger, it's up to consumers to pay for it or to price it. It's like some cell phones will reveal a lot

But there is no doubt that Apple has only one purpose: to make money.

First of all, there are two trends in the price of iPhone 12 this year

1. If the price remains unchanged, the cost reduction of charger part is used to make up for the cost increase brought by 5g or other parts;

2. With the decrease of price, the cost of charger will be reduced to lower the total price and improve the competitiveness of products.

Netizen: Apple charger can also play such a big role?! Is it possible that


For apple, which wants to reverse the situation, it should not do 2, and the probability of doing 1 is greater. Even there will be a 3. Strengthen the control of third-party accessories, MFI certification to make money.

Of course, it's a big boon for third-party charging companies, because charging protocols are universal and have no compatibility issues.

Of course, it is a great advantage for the third-party charging manufacturers, because the charging protocols are universal and there is no compatibility problem.


Let's take a look at the sales volume of Jingdong's 5v1a, nearly 30 million revenue, and of course Taobao and other distributors.

Of course, there are a lot of offline stores, channel providers and so on. If the sales volume of the model is more than 50 million, a charging head will save 100 million.

You don't believe it? Then look at the market share.


The picture is quoted from the governor of anhudu Prefecture

The gray line represents apple, which has been declining since 17 years.


Apple is good at the high-end price. In the past, everyone had no opinion about you. After all, you are the only one in the high-end market. Since Huawei killed us, Apple's market has begun to shake and become more and more unstable.

If the price of apple rises again, the market share will really fall to the bottom. The cost of 5g will rise, and the price can not rise any more. What should we do? Cutting accessories has become a helpless move.

So why does Apple dare to do the most jumping things?

Non-detachable batteries from iPhone 4, iPhone 6

Of course, there is another cruel fact that may happen:


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