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ASUS main board leads Rog day fans Carnival highlights

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July 4, Shaanxi Xi'an old steel factory design creative industry park ushered in ROG DAY fan carnival activities. At this time, in this city full of legend and glory, the ROG combines the trend of e-sports with the traditional culture to bring fans and players a different national tide e-sports carnival feast. The ROG DAY fan carnival not only showcased asustek's latest series Z490、B550 motherboards, but also built a number of e-sports hosts and cool RO theme MOD, prepared for fans and e-sports players. We have also joined ROG share of loyal fans, RO the first show Coser Ji Zhen, non-legacy shadow play, lantern riddles, pet powder interaction and other links


Only for transcending and experiencing the spirit and culture of Rog

Rog is an E-sports brand that keeps up with the trend and keeps young and enthusiastic all the time. The spirit and culture of Rog have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the players. In Xi'an, an ancient city with profound cultural heritage, many loyal Rog players express their recognition of Rog brand with enthusiastic participation. From the age distribution of fans, Rog culture has not only stayed in the category of hardware products, but also a spiritual and cultural heritage. This time, Mr. Yu Yuanlin, general manager of ASUS computer open platform in China, shared with the guests and fans the culture and spirit of Rog day fan carnival, and emphasized the collision between Rog and youth and brand attitude, which aroused strong resonance among fans on site.


ROG the arrival of loyal fans is a strong resonance. Only because like the eyes of the loser, collect a large number ROG e-sports equipment, ROG around e-sports, have to sigh his faith in ROG culture and loyalty, see his ROG equipment, but also say: really trench! A mantra


ASUS main board leads the game, creation is unlimited

The Rog day fan Carnival provides a series of game solutions on the spot. Four game experience machines are specially prepared, which are based on asus's latest z490 and b460 E-sports motherboards as the core, combined with ASUS graphics card supporting ray tracing technology and other faith-based Rog hardware. The Rog fans present can experience the current popular game masterpieces such as "survival of the Jedi", "my world", "hammer of thunder", "return to German headquarters", "call of duty 16" and "bright memory", which not only satisfies the players' desire to experience the 3A masterpiece with high configuration, but also makes you deeply feel the influence of RTX on optical pursuit technology and high FPS on the game experience.


Among them, the tuf gaming gt301 Musketeer e-game host takes the tuf gaming b460m-plus (Wi-Fi) heavy gunner motherboard as the core, and is equipped with high-performance hardware such as Intel i5-10400f processor, RTX 2070 mini video card, tuf gaming LC icebreaker 240 RGB heat sink and Rog Strix ray hawk power supply. It is fully playable and works with Arua Sync Shengguang synchronization technology creates an integrated cool video game atmosphere and provides immersive game experience.


The other three hosts are built with ASUS z490 motherboard as the core, with strong performance. Among them, the Rog War 11 itx E-sports host adopts z490 small steel gun, Rog Strix z490-i gaming motherboard, Intel i9-10900k processor, Rog Strix RTX 2080s high-performance graphics card, Rog power supply and heat sink, which are small and strong, and can play games without speed limit! The Rog sunshin E-sports host is built with the core of professional E-sports artifact Rog Strix z490-e gaming. The motherboard supports AI intelligent overclocking, AI intelligent cooling and AI intelligent network. It optimizes the system efficiently, releases potential performance and provides excellent game experience. In addition, the tuf gaming gt501 sniper e-game host, which uses the hard wired tuf gaming z490-plus (Wi-Fi) motherboard, is supported by DTS game sound customization technology. It provides three preset sound effects modes, including soundscape, aerial mode and tactical mode, and gives realistic multi-channel surround stereo effect, making players feel as if they are in the game battlefield and improving the winning rate of the game.

Brand new Rog z490, b550 motherboard


除了彪悍电竞游戏主机外,活动现场还特别带了6款最新的ROG系列主板,包括至尊旗舰ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREME(以下简称ROG M12E主板)、人气爆款ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO(WI-FI)[以下简称ROG M12H(WI-FI)主板]、颜之正义ROG STRIX Z490-A GAMING吹雪(以下简称华硕Z490吹雪主板)、ITX小钢炮ROG STRIX Z490-I GAMING四款Z490系列主板,及潮流竞装ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING(WI-FI)、B550世界内存超频纪录缔造者ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING两款B550系列主板,首次线下重磅亮相吸引了大量粉丝关注.

Ten break Tianjing strength crush ASUS z490 series motherboard


The flagship King ROG M12E motherboard uses 16 power supply modules (90 A) and double 8 Pin ProCool II power supply interface, plus the built-in heat pipe full cover heat dissipation armor, easy to control the high core processor. Through the attached lightning 3 expansion card can enjoy 40 Gbps of high-speed transmission of dual lightning 3 interface, but also board 4 M.2 interfaces, up to 22 USB interfaces, WiFi6 wireless network card, million megabytes and 2.5 dual network cards, avant-garde interconnection function, bring war future performance. And a two-inch LiveDash OLED system status screen that displays important information about the system and personalized graphics and text animation in real time makes it a meeting

ASUS b550 series motherboard


Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING (WI-FI) motherboard for professional e-sports players, with a series of e-sports efficiency technology, can significantly enhance the game experience. Use 12 Power supply module and all-round heat dissipation design, can bring strong performance. The dual M.2 interface covers the heat sink, as well as WiFi6 wireless network card and 2.5 G wired network card, for players to bring a stable and smooth game experience. Added the trendy Cyberpunk elements, with ROG e-sports totem, the face burst watch!


In addition, the newly launched Rog Strix b550-i gaming motherboard, once released, has set a new record of b550 memory overclocking in the world, which is a well deserved performance small steel gun. It adopts 8-layer PCB design and built-in super durable silent fan cooling ice armor, which greatly improves the cooling effect and ensures the stable and efficient operation of the system, so as to bring the performance that is not inferior to the large board. It is equipped with USB type-C audio interface, which can automatically identify the type of audio signal. The attached USB type-C to 3.5mm audio adapter can be more compatible with different earphones and earphones. Moreover, the above two models support the latest AI microphone noise reduction technology, which can intelligently reduce the environmental noise, and make the communication clearer when playing games or live broadcasting.

Creation is wonderful because of you


Among the vast number of DIY players, the users who may pay attention to games and entertainment are relatively large, but behind the colorful content industry, what is indispensable is the vast number of content creators, as well as the productivity tools that can help content creators to exert their creativity. The site also brings a solution for content creators

Ro Ji's appearance peak

This time, the benefits to ROG fans that are not the same as any ROG DAY in the past are RO debut for the real. Tony Yu Yuanlin, general manager of Asustek Computer China, announced the virtual image on Weibo on April 29


The overall style of RO Ji combines the two-dimensional style with the e-sports style. The emergence of RO Ji fully reflects the importance that Rog attaches to the culture of two-dimensional animation games. This time, RO Ji Coser's performance met all the expectations of the game house for the second dimension. What is most memorable is that today is the birthday of real Coser of RO Ji. Rog has prepared a very meaningful birthday gift for her, which also makes the fans feel the warmth culture of Rog again.


At the same time, two types of RO Ji theme customized mod host were also brought to the activity site. Among them, the black and red color of the RO Ji theme mod is based on the Rog Strix z490-f gaming, plus the Rog Strix 2070s graphics card, which can provide strong game performance. The mod host is equipped with RGB lamp effect on the edge of metal fins, which can realize the lamp effect linkage with the motherboard, and also add the image of RO Ji Se7en, which can double the combat power!

The mod with the theme of blowing snow on the side is the overall silver and white color. It adopts ASUS z490 snow blowing motherboard and Rog Strix 2080s white graphics card. The RGB light effect on the edge of the fin of the chassis is linked with the main board. Se7en Xuewu Zhanji looks like the power core of the whole host machine. It has strong visual impact and faith support, providing strong performance.


Asustek Z490 snow-blowing motherboard covered in silver white armour, the appearance of the face explosion table contains amazing performance, currently ranked the top JingDong Z490 chipset motherboard sales, is the trend of e-sports players and quadratic element lovers of the heart of the choice. Use 12 Power supply module design and all-round heat dissipation design, can provide excellent game performance. Support AI intelligent overclocking, AI intelligent heat dissipation and AI intelligent network three ASUS unique cool techs. On board dual M.2, and equipped with efficient heat dissipation; there are 2.5 G (V2 version) network card and M.2 wireless expansion port external wireless network card, can provide high-speed and low-latency network environment, for players to bring a happy game experience.

Disclosed in advance, there will be a new ASUS b550 snow blowing motherboard this month. Please look forward to it!

Fashion interactive Rog fan Award

In addition to the trend competition, Wei Jinquan, the representative inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage project shadow play (Huaxian shadow play), performed shadow play with his team at the scene of the Rog fan carnival, so that everyone's understanding of shadow play is not only confined to books, but also to feel the influence of the inheritance of Chinese culture. This also coincides with the inheritance of Rog culture. It adheres to the original intention, constantly innovates, and is responsible for and guides the players.



In addition, the three anchors of station B, xiaokere, douyu Sixiang and douyu saoyi, lead us to play games and interact with each other. In addition, Tony plays games with the anchor, explains the hard core technology knowledge, and matches each anchor's own characteristics, which also attracts many Rog fans to participate. What excites fans most is the award that has been sent. Rog fans are serious. You don't need to work hard to pass the game. As long as you experience the game you want to play and know the Rog products you want to grow grass according to your own preferences, the big screen lottery will send the big prize to you. It's strange if you are not excited!


By the warm participation of everyone, in this city with profound cultural heritage, ROG DAY fan carnival successfully ended. A series of Asus motherboards, custom MOD hosts, e-sports, and content creators solutions are on display

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