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IPhone 12: it's more like throwing away the charger

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No surprise, the iPhone 12 series will be meeting us in a couple of months. Different from the era of jobs, today's new iPhone has almost no confidentiality to say. All kinds of information is always picked up before it is released. Recently, it has been reported that the iPhone 12 series will not come with headphones and chargers. Many netizens have expressed that it is difficult to understand, and even ridiculed that they should not even bring the packing box next time.


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Sacrifices that have to be made for low prices

In recent years, with the iPhone price rising, it is the market performance continues to be low. In fact, since the iPhone X series was launched in 2017, there have been almost only regular performance upgrades and minor appearance changes. Obviously, the continued high price of iPhone and few innovation points have failed to support the user's willingness to change the phone. This is also directly reflected in Apple's market performance. At the end of 2018, the iPhone will be replaced Sales began to decline for four consecutive quarters, only to rebound after the release of the iPhone 11 series. According to IDC data, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the number of iPhone shipments increased rapidly, ranking the first in the world. The main reason is the popularity of the iPhone 11 series, because the price of the iPhone 11 series is much lower than that of the previous generation, and there are also upgrades in terms of images.

Now, apple wants to continue to copy the success of the previous generation on the iPhone 12. The key is to maintain a relatively stable price, but various information indicates that this generation of iPhone is not cheap. In particular, the iPhone 12 has a brand-new industrial design, coupled with the rising cost of 5g and screen and other important components. If the cost is not strictly controlled, the iPhone 12 will return to the embarrassing situation that the price is too expensive and the sales volume is declining. This is what Apple does not want to see. So in order to keep the iPhone 12 series relatively cheap, Apple has to start with accessories.

In fact, consumers need to understand the fact that when we pay for something, there is almost no so-called "gift ". Take cell phones as an example, you think chargers, headphones, even shell film are complimentary, in fact, manufacturers have already calculated the price, there is even considerable profit margin. On the iPhone 11Pro, EarPods 18 adapters for headphones USB-C data lines, which, if priced at Apple's website, require 223 145 243=611 yuan, only keep data line, also have nearly 500 yuan price adjustment space ,500 yuan price gap in mobile phone products is not small. If apple could really cut the price of iPhone 12 series by eliminating standard chargers and headphones, it might get more positive market feedback.

"Five blessings and one security" can't make a lot of money

In addition to maintaining a stable price, Apple's other motivation for canceling chargers and headphones is to make more money.

In terms of chargers, the ancestral "Wufu Yian" 5W charger has been criticized by users and can no longer meet the current demand for fast charging. If you want to get a fast charging experience, the official 18W charger costs 243 yuan. After canceling the attached charger, naturally, it is to let users buy a more profitable fast charging charger. It is said that there is a new 20W charger in production, which will be shipped in large quantities in the third quarter. At the same time, the existing 5W and 18W chargers will be discontinued by the end of 2020. The time is just such a coincidence. At that time, the new 20W charger will become an accessory like airpods. If you want to charge fast, you have to pay extra.

Source: macrumors

Obviously, Apple will not only reduce the price to expand sales, but also indirectly drive the sales of airpods and new chargers. To know that accessories have a considerable profit margin, we have to say that cook really makes money.

Not necessarily a bad thing for consumers

Source: macrumors

Behind the iPhone, there is a huge accessory industry chain. Even the mobile phone case on the stall must have the iPhone version. The charger and earphone also have a lot of good quality and low price options. The 18W fast charging charger can be sold for more than 200 yuan on Apple's official website, but it may only cost less than 100 yuan in accessories manufacturers, even with better quality. Apple does not have to worry about business being robbed. Don't forget that it can pass MFI In this system, the better third-party accessories are sold, the more licensing fees Apple will earn.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is not a bad thing to reduce the price while canceling the standard charger. Consumers can also buy cheaper and more affordable third-party accessories on the market to supplement the fast charging experience. Therefore, the price reduction is much more realistic than the ancestral slow charging head of "five blessings and one safety". From a macro point of view, cancelling the standard charger can really contribute to environmental protection. Many years ago, Lei Jun published a similar view on his micro blog, saying that in order to protect the environment, he considered canceling the charger on Millet products, but it was not settled later. Now this matter may only be promoted by apple.

Android manufacturers should not follow blindly

Apple dare to cancel chargers and headphones because it has the confidence to change user habits, but Android manufacturers will probably not rush to follow up. On the one hand, compared with the iPhone, Android phones have a small profit margin, and there will be no significant price reduction space for canceling the charging head. On the other hand, the iPhone However, almost all Android phones have their own fast charging protocols, and few of them are willing to adapt to so many complicated protocols.

Back to the theme, canceling the charger and headphones, it can be said that apple is really unkind. As a consumer, I also hope to buy an iPhone with a standard fast charging head However, apple is a successful enterprise, and it is natural for apple to make more money, especially in the field of consumer electronics. It will not be a healthy phenomenon to blindly compete for prices. Only when the profits are high, can we invest in R & D and make different things.

How to balance the benefits of users and making more money is something Apple needs to seriously consider.

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