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Go to Hainan to buy duty-free iPhone? The boy filled the hole for you

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July 1 is the first day of the implementation of the new tax-free shopping policy for tourists from Hainan, because of the tax-free policy in Hainan, the top iPhone 11Pro Max512GB version of the Apple phone price is 10210 yuan, compared with the official price of China Bank of China equivalent to a 20% discount! So I'll tell you today


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Recently, the new policy of duty-free shopping for Hainan Island passengers has been officially implemented. The new policy has determined that the annual tax-free shopping quota of each person on the outlying islands will be increased from 30000 yuan to 100000 yuan. At the same time, the list of duty-free goods has added mobile phones and other electronic consumer goods, and each person can buy four duty-free mobile phones each time.


At present iPhone the main production is still assembled in the domestic, but the iPhone is still imported consumer goods, need to be packaged in the local customs automatic tax import. As an imported mobile phone, iPhone need to account for a series of duties, import value-added tax and other taxes at home, and Hainan duty-free version can pay 13% less tax.

According to the information provided by netizens, the price of Hainan duty-free iPhone 11 Pro max256gb is only 8625 yuan, while the price of Apple's official website is 10899 yuan, and the price of HongKong Bank is about 9845 yuan. That means: the price of Hainan duty-free iPhone 11 Pro Max is 1200 yuan lower than that of Hong Kong version!

The most popular iPhone 11 128GB is sold for 5105 yuan in Hainan, but the same phone costs 5999 yuan on Apple's official website.


See this price, do you want to go to Hainan to buy? Next is the focus of this article, Hainan duty-free version of iPhone purchase strategy!

▲ Q on Hainan tax-free iPhone purchase

1. Who can buy it?

As long as you are over 16 years old, have valid identity documents (including resident ID card for domestic passengers, travel documents for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and passport for foreign passengers), and have purchased air tickets, train tickets and ship tickets for outlying islands, domestic and foreign passengers, including residents of Hainan Province, who leave Hainan Island but do not leave the country, can purchase them before leaving the island.

2. Where to buy?

At present, only franchised duty-free shops can purchase duty-free goods, including: Haikou Meilan Airport duty-free shop, Haikou Riyue Plaza duty-free shop, Qionghai Boao duty-free shop, Sanya Haitangwan duty-free shop.

Of course, if you don't have time to go offline to buy, you can also choose the online sales window of these franchises to pay, when leaving Hainan in the airport, railway station, port terminal and other designated areas to pick up the goods, and carry the Islands with you.

3. How to determine the amount and frequency of purchase?

The new policy will increase the amount of duty-free shopping per person per year from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan. If the duty-free limit is exceeded, import duties on imported goods are levied on the excess part.


Passengers who go shopping by plane, train or ship are recorded as one duty-free shopping.

4. How about the warranty policy?

iPhone purchased in Hainan enjoy the same warranty policy as China Bank.

5. Can the purchased duty-free goods be sold again?

The tax-free goods purchased from outlying islands are not allowed to enter the domestic market for resale, which means that students who want to become scalpers can give up their minds.

Hainan duty-free version iPhone and what is the difference between China and China, Hainan duty-free version compared to our country iPhone, in fact, there is no difference, Hainan duty-free version iPhone also support the domestic apple to provide after-sales service.


The Hainan duty-free iPhone itself is a pure bloodline machine of the Bank of China. It is only exempt from a series of import taxes such as tariff, so it will be much cheaper than BOC.

In addition, the hardware configuration and network format of Hainan duty-free iPhone are consistent with that of BOC iPhone. There will be no difference in network format of Hong Kong Version, European version and American version in the past few years, which will cause the problem that some operators can not use their networks.

Similarly, if you buy Apple Care, for your Hainan duty-free version iPhone, it can also be applied domestically.

Hainan duty free iPhone and other versions of iPhone purchase guide according to the latest Huaqiangbei iPhone price list obtained from April 3, the price of the 64g US iPhone 11, whether activated or brand new, is 4500-4700 yuan, while the Japanese version is 4300-4760 yuan.



(source from Internet)

Now take the latest 128GB iPhone 11 as an example. In terms of price, Hainan duty-free iPhone 11 even needs small beautiful version iPhone 11 in price.

The price of 128 GB iPhone 11 in Hainan duty-free version of the Bank of China in the United States and Japan is RMB 5999510552004900256gb iPhone 11 Pro Max price / RMB 9999862581007900-8300512gb iPhone 11 Pro Max price / RMB 126991021090008900-9300 after reading the price, do you think Japanese version is cheap and you can choose Japanese version? no

At present, the network system of the Bank of China, the U.S. version and the Japanese version are the same, and they all support dual card slots. Apple also knows that the price of iPhones varies from place to place, so they have launched different warranty policies. Therefore, the warranty policies of the three versions of iPhone, namely, the Bank of China, the US version and the Japanese version, are still not unified.


If your iPhone isn't China Bank, you do n' t support the three-pack domestic vouchers, and of course these overseas versions of the iPhone return and exchange policy are different from China Bank's rules and regulations.

As a result, official insurance > shop insurance, third-party shops, sea Amoy warranty all depends on the seller's conscience. And there may be ETC here to lift the bar,

The main answer here I answer fast enough, there will be no ETC to me, so not the state iPhone Apple Care can use it? The answer is no.


The latest v1.11 version of apple's Apple Care notes does n' t support global protection policies for plug-in products (cellular boards iPad and iPhone), so even the hong kong version of the Apple Care is not common on the mainland, even if you're lucky enough to take the maintenance order, but the maintenance policy is not a direct replacement for the hong kong and hong kong version, but a replacement for the national version.


Before Hainan duty-free version comes out, the only advantage of the Hong Kong version and the Japanese version of the iPhone may be that the price is much cheaper than that of the BOC. Although there is no network standard problem with the iPhone in recent years, it is said that the iPhone 12 to be released in September will add 5g network. Will there be any problem that the network format of different versions of iPhone does not support? In addition, a mobile phone warranty problem is enough to affect the mood of most buyers. The pure Hainan duty-free iPhone can enjoy the complete warranty of BOC and the network support of the three major operators.


Of course, Hainan duty-free iPhone can't be said to be perfect. As I said just now, the sales Party of duty-free iPhone is the duty-free shop in Hainan Province, not the official sales channel of Apple's official website and tmall. Therefore, if you want to return and exchange your iPhone after activation, there will be very strict regulations.


So if you want to activate iPhone back and exchange, you can only send it back / salted fish and other channels to solve it. However, the issue of return and exchange is also a problem encountered by all third-party sales websites (Jingdong). So, as a consumer, do you want to be cheap or at ease?

Is it worth buying an iPhone in Hainan

So is it worth buying an iPhone in Hainan? As I have just said, the tax exemption regulations of Hainan Province also impose certain restrictions on individuals: in addition to the purchase amount, each person can only purchase 4 mobile phones at most each time.

There may also be smart partners here who will ask, can I go to Hainan to buy and then go to some second-hand platforms to sell them? Here, the new tax-free regulations also clearly stipulate that the tax-free commodities purchased from outlying islands belong to the final products for personal use by consumers and shall not be re sold in the domestic market.


Here we also do a teacher Luo Xiang: if there is a cute violation of the regulations,Those who resell, purchase on behalf of others or smuggle duty-free commodities will be included in personal credit records according to law and regulations, and no tax-free commodities on outlying islands shall be purchased within three years. Those who constitute smuggling acts or violate customs supervision regulations shall be dealt with by the customs in accordance with relevant provisions. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.

So, if you sell Hainan duty-free iPhone in salted fish, it will affect your personal credit record! If it is serious, it will constitute smuggling crime, which is a crime. So I think this is a cute little girl with the new wealth code. For the sake of your buttocks, you'd better put away your bold ideas.

If the policy will be implemented seriously, then four three will think that Hainan duty-free version of the iPhone sea Amoy risk will be very high, so want to find the third party platform sea Amoy can wash and sleep.

However, if you are going to Hainan for travel and shopping, it is also good to buy one for your own use. But at present, the price of iPhone 11 128GB on a certain number of third-party platforms is 5100 yuan, which is less than 100 Yuan different from Hainan duty-free version. In 618 and other e-commerce activities, the discount of iPhone on the third-party platform is even greater than that of Hainan duty-free version!


If you are a new party, the price of Hainan duty-free iPhone 12 may be very favorable. After all, according to Apple's past habits, the new iPhone released in September will not be promoted for the first time until November 11. Therefore, if you are a user obsessed with the first launch, then Hainan duty-free iPhone 12 will be a good choice for you.

Conclusion: This Hainan duty-free version


Finally, the appearance of Hainan duty-free iPhone may impact the choice of many users who choose Hong Kong version and American version. At the same time, it can also crack down on smuggling activities to a certain extent, which is a good attempt. At the same time, Hainan duty-free iPhone also has the advantages of Bank of China's warranty and network system. Finally, as a consumer, will you go all the way to Hainan to buy electronic products? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area. Finally, I wish you a happy hand chopping.

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