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Silent paragraph Aqua axis hyperx origin RGB game mechanical keyboard

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The key axis of mechanical keyboard is usually designed with color to distinguish different handle and style. Traditionally, the green axis is suitable for typing, the tea axis is suitable for both typing and games, while the red axis is suitable for long-term games. Not long ago, hyperx, a famous game peripheral brand, introduced a new axis that makes players' blood boil. The color of this new axis is relatively special, belonging to the lighter Robin egg color, which is known as Tiffany blue. Hyperx named the new axis Aqua axis, which was called water axis by players. And the highly praised hyperx alloy origin RGB game mechanical keyboard has also launched the version of aqua axis.


The evolution of the wave bond axis of the Yangtze River tends to be perfect

It is undeniable that the mechanical keyboard has a history of nearly 40 years since it came into being. During this period, there are a lot of key axes coming out. However, only black axis, green axis, tea axis and red axis are really recognized by players. This time, hyperx's Aqua axis and tea shaft feel quite similar. The trigger elasticity is 45g, the trigger stroke is 1.8mm, and the total stroke is 3.8mm. The key life can reach an amazing 80 million times. The biggest difference between the aqua axis and the red axis is that the red axis belongs to the linear axis, while the aqua axis belongs to the silent paragraph axis.

The biggest experience of the linear axis for players is the smooth sense of percussion. It can be done in one go without any hesitation. However, there are also some minor deficiencies. In the fierce game operation, sometimes the key axis is not pressed in place, and the proper operation is not triggered. The player has no way to know whether his or her knocking is in place. Therefore, if a confirmation link can be added in the process of knocking, players can control their own percussion strength and rhythm at any time, and feedback whether the key axis trigger is successful in the first time. This is the original design intention of aqua axis.


But another question follows, if there is an additional confirmation link in the key axis trigger process, will it affect the sense of smoothness? This question doesn't have to be feared. To give a simple example, when a sports car sped along the road and then met a manhole cover, most people did not slow down, but pressed directly over the manhole cover, and the vehicle would only

In this way, aqua bond axis has become the ultimate product of many years' evolution of bond axis, and it is a perfect bond axis at present. Of course, the combination of aqua key axis and the player's favorite hyperx alloy origin RGB game mechanical keyboard is both popular and perfect!


Play a wonderful compact, portable, cool full

HyperX origin RGB game machine keyboard with compact design, size is only 442.5 mmx132.5mmx36.39mm (length x width and height), in the body is significantly smaller than the same size keyboard, for the convenience of carrying out. The quality of the full aluminum alloy shell, not only durable, in weight is much higher than the same level keyboard, compared to the weight of the ordinary keyboard 300-500 g, the origin RGB game machine keyboard weight reached an amazing 1075 g, almost equal to 2-3 ordinary keyboard weight. Since the major benefit is in the fierce game operation, the keyboard will be firmly locked desktop, not easy to slide and cause misoperation.


In addition, the floating keycap design can be regarded as the finishing touch of this keyboard. It not only feels clean and neat, but also has the design of floating key cap, which is conducive to daily cleaning and has no dead corner. In order to improve the comfort of operation, the key cap adopts ergonomic design, and the key surface curve fits the fingertip, making each stroke more comfortable and comfortable. In addition, there are two intimate designs. It has to be said that the keyboard angle provides three sections of adjustment to meet the diversified needs of players according to different operation habits; the data cable is pluggable, which is convenient for daily carrying out, and the data cable made of braided wire is more resistant to pulling and is not easy to be damaged.


The last thing to say is its most cool RGB dynamic lighting effect. The exposed led design has better color performance, which can make its lighting effect significantly higher than other light keyboards, and can shine even in the daytime with sufficient light. Of course, the cool RGB dynamic lighting effect is not the same, these can be customized through the hyperx ngentity professional customization software, so that your keyboard has a unique cool lighting effect. Moreover, the original RGB game machine keyboard built-in chip can save three sets of custom configuration files, even if used on other devices, you can also call your own personalized lighting effects.


So, there is no doubt that the HyperX Alloy Origins origin RGB the game machine keyboard and Aqua key axis match is a nearly perfect combination, with the most comfortable paragraph feel, long time games or typing is not easy to fatigue, but also have a more cool dynamic light effect, so that you can be the most beautiful friend of the young, so many advantages, once the husband Fu Fu what!

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