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What would the first batch of crab eaters think about Apple watch's recycling price of 10 yuan?

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From smart bracelets to smart watches, the upgrading of technology has changed the lifestyle of consumers.

An ordinary electronic watch in the intelligent upgrade, gorgeous into a high-tech products, the price soared. In many memories of the post-80s and 90s, we are deeply impressed by the high price of the first generation Apple watch.

The first generation of Apple watch has been on the market for five years since it was launched in China in 2015. Apple? Watch is available in three versions, aluminum, stainless steel and 18K gold, and is available in 38mm and 42mm sizes for different user needs.

At that time, the entry-level model of Apple watch sold for 2599 yuan, and the most expensive version sold for 126800 yuan.


From the price point of view, the first generation of Apple Watch (I wait for the onlookers) shocked, more than 120000 yuan

why the first generation apple can Apple Watch sell so expensive. There are many reasons, including brand premiums, smart watches were high-tech products at the time, people pay attention to cool techs, and willing to pay for it. At that time, the first generation of Apple Apple Watch could be implemented in terms of functionality, customizing the dial interface, such as adding features such as weather display, calendar events, and so on

The first generation of Apple Apple Watch built-in microphones that support answering phones while integrating Siri features, lifting the wrist to say

Users can use Apple watch to receive and send wechat, view the information of the circle of friends, leave a like to Facebook friends, view instagram photos, call a taxi with Uber, book hotel tickets, enjoy music, etc. Apple watch also supports applepay, which allows users to pay directly through their watches.

These features were cool in 2015. Consumers who can afford to buy Apple Watch are mostly considered

Apple watch can help you complete the shopping experience, open your garage remotely, and replace the bracelet. It's intelligent and useful. Apple watch has launched many series since its launch. The products have different materials, sizes and prices.

So, how much are their recycling prices? The author takes the first generation of apple applewatch as an example. The online recycling website evaluates the products. After filling in the details, the evaluation quotation of the first generation apple applewatch is 10 yuan.


The first generation of apple apple watch is well preserved, and the final recovery price is only 10 yuan, and the website indicates that it is expected to drop another 2 yuan next month. If users want to sell the apple watch, they should follow the prompts to remove the power on password of the original device before recycling the machine, including various account locks, disk locks, and various cloud accounts. Especially, Apple product icloud should remember to exit. If not, the quality inspection progress and price will be affected. The recovery price is only 10 yuan, how to reduce it?

It's estimated that users who bought the first generation of Apple's apple watch saw this. Maybe more people would rather leave their watches at home than recycle them at a low price. But there is a saying that the first generation of apple apple watch is really not worth the money. If you keep it well, maybe the recycling price can exceed 10 yuan.

Next, let's talk about why the apple watch, which has been on the market in China for five years, has such a low recycling price.

First of all, we have to know that consumer electronics replacement time is fast, the price of faster than durable goods. Samsung phones, for example, have been dubbed by industry


Secondly, consumer electronics technology is updated rapidly, and some functions are only developed for entertainment or special environment. These functions have no technical content, and once out of date, they will have no practical use value.

For example, the first generation of Apple watch has gone through five years of scouring. By 2020, apple watch is brewing a sixth generation product. Although it has not been released, consumers are still interested in it. In terms of function, it is said that it will add the function of monitoring the blood oxygen level of human body, and will upgrade the ECG ECG function.

These functions are a brand-new upgrade for the first generation Apple watch. For the first generation Apple watch, the sixth generation Apple watch can not match the first generation Apple watch in terms of its function application.

Thirdly, the representative consumer electronic products such as smart watches are upgraded quickly. For recyclers, if the products have been used for a long time and are not well preserved, the estimated price given by the recycling enterprises will not be high, because such obsolete consumer electronic products have no value, just like the beep machine and the mobile phone It can be sold as scrap iron. If it is recycled in the recycle bin, it is more about extracting rare metals from smart watches and smart phones.

Finally, for consumer electronics such as smartwatches, a limited edition may have sales value. For example, if apple's smartwatch and first-tone future teamed up to launch a custom version of the smartwatch, even for future first-tone fans

Applewatch is indeed a wearable product that promotes the development of the industry, at least promotes the rapid development of the wearable industry. With the joint efforts of apple, Samsung, Huawei and other brands, the watch industry has ushered in new reform and innovation. With the entry of applewatch into the Chinese market as the node, we can see the upgrading changes of smart watches. The changes brought by applewatch should be recognized.

Perhaps without apple, we can not feel the strength of Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung smart watches in 2020. Under the pressure of apple, all enterprises develop new products faster, so that consumers can enjoy better products with lower prices.

And this, must be inseparable from the early people who eat crabs.

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