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Apple Mac chip from Intel to arm, Microsoft will panic?

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At first, the strong rise of the WinTel alliance not only became the absolute hegemony of the PC market, but also pushed the PC to thousands of households. On the one hand, Microsoft and Intel count money to soft, on the other hand, also greatly promoted the popularity of computers, forming a win-win situation. Half-open Microsoft and closed Intel won in the PC era. Yet, as geomantic turns, apple's phones and open-license ARM have killed the WinTel alliance by surprise in the mobile market.


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But in the mobile era of dry wind and water apple, there is a knot has not been untied.

We know that apple is a closed ecology. By firmly controlling the hardware and software in its own hands, Apple has realized the "software and hardware integration" that PC and Android have always wanted but can't.

Arm, the dark horse that grew up in the mobile age, now relies on the pure "IP authorization" service to realize the counter attack among many chip giants. The figure below is Wiki's summary of arm sales. According to this trend, IHS, a market research organization, predicts that the sales of arm chips will exceed 160 billion by 2020.


After stabilizing the terminal market, arm began to march into the cloud. At present, Fujitsu, ampere, Marvell, Amazon and others are releasing arm architecture processors. AWS, azure, Huawei cloud and other cloud service providers have embraced arm, providing public cloud services and accelerating the ecological maturity of arm.

Since the chip has not broken through the apple, sniffing the opportunity, resolutely decided to break up with the old guy Intel decades of cooperation, turned around and pulled up ARM little hand.

How tough it is, so many people are starting to worry about whether microsoft's PC market position will be rebuffed by apple: microsoft is panicking!

Don't panic is impossible, after all, Microsoft has been using ARM for many years, compatibility problems still exist

Apple's switch to ARM chips would be false if it did n' t undermine the confidence of some of microsoft's internal staff, and few would buy it for Windows on ARM.


This time, Apple presented at the WWDC conference that its self-developed chips had lower power consumption Notebooks, higher performance


This is different from windows 10 on an arm PC. As you can see on Microsoft's surface Pro x, there are still many problems with windows 10 on arm, including inability to run 64 bit legacy Windows applications and incompatibility with standard Windows Drivers.


Again, I have to mention the black history of Microsoft Surface RT in 2011. The original Surface hardware bug a lot, screen resolution is particularly low, almost useless equipment.

The Surface Pro X seven years later is also based on the same technical route as Surface RT Windows on ARM, still not welcomed by the majority. And microsoft isn't so interested in optimizing Windows on ARM's experience.


Netizens said that if the MAC uses arm, millions of IOS and iPad OS applications can run directly, while windows uses arm, tens of millions of applications and hardware drivers need to be recompiled, and some need to be rewritten.


This time, MacOS on arm is an attack, trying to capture Wintel's market share. I believe that in the future, someone will say apple yes!

What's Microsoft panicking about? Intel is the most flustered

Let's first look at the market share of Q1 global PC in 2020.


Microsoft won't panic because the whole Windows controls the format.

After all, Microsoft is not the upstream of Apple or the downstream of Apple, and the impact of Apple's sudden turnaround on Microsoft must be far less direct and far-reaching than that on Intel. The ARM's Apple A processor has a good heat control and low power consumption over the Intel i series of processors.


Apple doesn't do services, it does consumer goods. Even if the CPU is changed, it can be said that there is almost no impact on the market.

The iPhone is in the user's pocket, airpods are in the ear, the apple watch is on the wrist, the iPad is on the sofa, and the MAC is on the desk. Most of Apple's products are in a small space of 80 square meters.

After all, MAC is a niche product. Most of the Mac users are designers, editors, musicians, and then Apple developers and some students.


Netizens said that in this 80 square meters, is the world of Microsoft products, in all walks of life have a very high penetration.

Many users are on both sides, and Mac buyers buy Windows or Windows systems. Windows system is still irreplaceable in many fields, such as a large number of IE systems within the system.

Just as netizens say ,'Why do many people buy Mac but Windows systems ?'


Recently, Microsoft said it would no longer provide windows 10 for Apple arm. Before using Apple Mac users, if they want to use windows 10 system, they need to use it on Mac OS through boot camp.

This time, it is almost impossible for Apple fans who are looking forward to Apple's arm version of MAC to install windows. As for many office automation markets in China, ie is indispensable. As a result, many double repair parties may not consider buying Apple computers, and MAC may lose considerable shares.

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