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Pinduoduo and apple Tesla's hatred and love

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Users are excited by a chance to collect wool from the sky, and the platform is satisfied with the achievement of marketing objectives, but Tesla is not happy. At least 100000 people made an appointment to compete for five lucky places. In the early morning of July 26, pinduoduo's special sale of Tesla was overwhelmed by the people's enthusiasm for consumption, and the chance of winning was comparable to that of Tsinghua University and Peking University in Henan Province.


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The 250000 price limit of model 290000 was given by the official price of Tesla on the same day. The 40000 yuan cash subsidy given by the platform is just like playing new shares to users, and grabbing is to make money.

Shortly after the opening of the event appointment, Tesla issued a statement saying that the group buying activity had nothing to do with Tesla. It was advisable to buy a car or commission sales services to the shops that did not sell goods in the group buying activity. Finally, it added, "Tesla will not be responsible for any dispute or damage to the rights and interests of consumers arising from the above group buying activities" Taste. Zhu Xiaotong, President of Tesla's Greater China region, also forwarded the official microblog, "advertise it. Don't be fooled." Pinduoduo then responded that the car is a brand new Tesla, and the subsidy is also true.

The big name regular customers in the ten billion subsidy and ten thousand people group are like a one-way besieged city of pinduoduo. Pinduoduo wants to go in, but the big brands are still hesitant to join pinduoduo.


The sale of Tesla is a one-off marketing event, andiPhoneIt has become one of the signboards of multi billion subsidy. However, the embarrassment is that although pinduoduo has increased Apple's sales volume objectively, Apple has never acknowledged that the apple products sold on pinduoduo have been officially authorized.

Pinduoduo's attempt to achieve strong binding with apple began in the second half of 2018. In August of that year, pinduoduo launched its online brand Pavilion, including hundreds of brands such as apple, Armani, Bose and so on. This change was also interpreted as Apple's entry into pinduoduo.

On the eve of double 11, 2018, pinduoduo released a group of war reports, focusing on two aspects: first, as of the week before November 2, 2018, the daily average sales of agricultural products on the platform had exceeded 2.5 million units; the second was that the sales volume of new iPhones in the whole network of the platform had exceeded 120000 units, of which, the shipment volume of iPhone XS exceeded 60000, that of XS Max exceeded 50000, and that of XR exceeded 10000.

Agricultural products represent the past efforts of pinduoduo, and apple represents the new direction of pinduoduo's strategy.

A few months later, pinduoduo disclosed that from November 11 to April 2019, more than 1.1 million new iPhones were sold on the platform, and the accumulated subsidies for the platform exceeded 500 million yuan. At this time, pinduoduo's subsidy to Apple can be regarded as the predecessor of the 10 billion subsidy. On the eve of 618 of that year, pinduoduo launched 10 billion subsidy, and Apple products became the key marketing target of 10 billion subsidy.

The iPhone has made a lot of contributions to the reputation of many tens of billions of subsidies. In September 2019, Apple's new iPhone 11 will be released. Pinduoduo will sell the iPhone 11 series at a drop of 500-900 yuan, which is the lowest selling price of the whole network. As a result, in April this year, after Apple released a new iPhone SE model with a minimum price of 3299 yuan, some netizens contacted pinduoduo and asked for a 10 billion yuan subsidy for the new model.

Although Apple products have become the facade and signboard of pinduoduo's 10 billion subsidy, pinduoduo has also become one of Apple's important sales channels, but Apple's official residence in pinduoduo has never been settled in pinduoduo. In 2018, apple dealers also entered pinduoduo brand Museum.

In April 2019, there was a rumor that Apple stopped its dealers from supplying products for pinduoduo. Pinduoduo responded that the platform conducted the most stringent qualification audit for Apple product dealers, and all the new iPhones sold were genuine and could provide regular invoices.

Now when you search for "apple" on pinduoduo app, the search results will show Apple products with 10 billion subsidies, and the brand name "apple" will be displayed in the store location. However, when contacting customer service, you will find that the store is not the official flagship store of apple, but a dealer.

Apple's official attitude towards pinduoduo has been lukewarm, but pinduoduo's attitude is to create conditions to sell Apple even if there is no condition, and throw a lot of money to subsidize Apple products.

Pinduoduo, which is on the way up, needs apple. In 2018, pinduoduo is still in the storm of copycat public opinion. Consumers are still worried about the proliferation of counterfeit pinduoduo products. They are not even willing to take the first step of opening pinduoduo app and downloading pinduoduo app.

Apple is a hard currency in the consumer world, a trend symbol and a class symbol. The platform's large subsidies of hundreds or even thousands of yuan, extensive marketing, and authentic fragrance experiments of old customers have attracted a group of people who have never or rarely shopped in pinduoduo before. The ten billion yuan subsidy as an endorsement of the platform and the slogan of "one fake for ten" can more or less eliminate this part of the use Household concerns.

Whether in the second half of 2018, inviting brands to settle in, opening brand pavilions, or spending a huge sum of money to make subsidies of 10 billion yuan, pinduoduo has made efforts to tear off the label of Shanzhai.

With large subsidies, iPhone, Dyson hair dryer and other popular products have maintained the lowest price in all channels for a long time. These benchmarking brands are the middle and high-end representatives of their respective vertical categories. For pinduoduo, which was in the downstream chain of e-commerce's forced qualification and disdain at that time, the realization of binding with big brands was the leapfrog of coffee position, style and quality.

At the same time, it can help pinduoduo to complete the structural adjustment of its user group. Pinduoduo, which is full of 9 pieces of 9 parcels of postal products, was once regarded as the exclusive app of the sinking market users, so that some users were ashamed to let others know that they were pinduoduo users. However, Apple products have largely changed the user's inherent impression of pinduoduo and helped the platform attract a large number of first and second tier cities Users, to speed up the process of multi label tear, but also make the platform user structure gradually complete the adjustment.

According to pinduoduo's financial report in the first quarter of this year, its annual Gmv is 1157.2 billion yuan, and the annual active buyers are 628.1 million yuan. Based on this, the per capita annual consumption is 1842 yuan, compared with 1257 yuan last year. This is also a proof of the purchasing power of platform users. This effect will also form a demonstration effect and attract more large brands to settle in.


Pinduoduo wants to create a 10 billion subsidy benchmark not only apple, but also more than one that does not buy pinduoduo's account. Large subsidies for brand goods have always been the unilateral binding of pinduoduo.

At the beginning of 2019, pinduoduo began to make efforts in cross-border e-commerce and launched Duoduo's international cross-border projects. Subsequently, midrange and high-end brands such as sea blue mystery and Dyson were locked into benchmark brands to attract target customers.

In October, pinduoduo launched a commercial advertisement for the mystery of cosmetics brand sea blue in wechat circle of friends and other channels, "promise me to prepare a bottle of mystery of sea blue for myself. If you buy it here, you will pay 10% for the fake one, and the subsidy of pinduoduo will be 10 billion yuan. It's really fragrant."

A few days later, La Mer came out to make a statement and put it in a clear position. The statement listed 9 official authorized sales channels in Chinese mainland, and many of them were not in the process. "We suggest you buy from La Mer's official authorized sales channels."

Although Dyson official blog did not directly issue a statement that it did not authorize pinduoduo, it often appeared in the comment area where microblog users mentioned Dyson related products. "Pinduoduo platform is not the official channel authorized by Dyson. If you need to purchase, please identify the official authorized channel of Dyson."

The lack of official brand channel does not mean that the goods sold by the store are fake. Third and fourth tier dealers may also open stores to sell goods on pinduoduo. After amd made a statement, a user said, "things are real. Which company can make a fake 3700x has long been incorporated."

Zhao Zhancheng, a lawyer from Beijing Zhilin law firm, believes that it is not necessarily an infringement to buy a car to sell Tesla without authorization. It may have its own purchasing channels. As long as the products sold are authentic, it does not constitute trademark infringement.

This year, SAIC Group, a car company, has fought against counterfeits and made a lot of efforts. The fuse is that pinduoduo paid more than 100000 yuan per vehicle to 55 SAIC new Cadillac xt5 and Volkswagen Tiguan models during the May 5 Shopping Festival in Shanghai. Later, Feng Dan, director of marketing department of SAIC GM Cadillac, posted a comparison chart of manufacturer's guide price and multi second price reduction of various models in the circle of friends. Please pay attention to cracking down on counterfeit goods. "

Pinduoduo's response is that this is a cooperation led by the Shanghai municipal government. Pinduoduo is spending money to subsidize the sale of cars. It is impossible to sell fake cars. Afterwards, Cadillac issued a statement that the event was held by pinduoduo and Bailian Group, an authorized dealer of Cadillac. Consumers can buy and use it at ease.


It is easy to understand the apparent intention behind the statement issued by big brands. If these unauthorized shops sell counterfeit products, they will cause unnecessary after-sales crisis and brand damage to the brand. On the one hand, there are still deeper conflicts of interest behind the event.

Pinduoduo's 10 billion subsidy is not only for the platform, but also the welfare of users and some dealers. Switching to the perspective of brand, the situation is different.

Even though the subsidy of 10 billion yuan has made pinduoduo's labels of Shanzhai and fake goods that have been stuck firmly in the past, the outside world has gradually realized that pinduoduo is a comprehensive e-commerce platform, rather than a dedicated app for collecting wool in the sinking market. However, the label is only torn off. In terms of brand tonality, pinduoduo can not catch up with ALI and Jingdong for the time being.

Another reason is that large subsidies from the outside world to pinduoduo's "cheap" colored glasses and platforms will make big brands fall from the altar, because high prices are one of the factors that keep big brand products from being competitive.

For example, the official guidance price of Cadillac xt5 is 349700 yuan, and the price cut by pinduoduo second is 19333500 yuan, which is reduced by nearly 16000 yuan. Cadillac's brand positioning is the United States luxury car, but the price reduction of 5.5% per second directly makes Cadillac from a luxury car to a people-friendly car.

Brand tonality is one aspect, but more importantly, the 10 billion subsidy has affected the brand led price system. In the past, most of the promotion activities of platform joint brands were made by brands. In the mode of multi billion subsidy, it seems that wool did not come from the brand, but the final price system of the brand will be affected.

The announcement of Tencent's game coincided with pinduoduo's "BOC Nintendo group of ten thousand people". The price of BOC's extended version switch activity is 1699 yuan. If the ticket is seized, the price will reach 1599 yuan, while the price of official channel is 2099 yuan.

In the view of brands, this kind of price subsidy touches their own interests and may disturb consumers' cognition of brand price. Consumers will take it for granted that the price subsidized by pinduoduo is the normal price. This will undoubtedly affect the channel system and price system of many brand level dealers. In addition, pinduoduo's 10 billion subsidy also subsidizes the Japanese version and the Hong Kong version of the switch, which obviously conflicts with Tencent, the agent of the switch of the selling country.

Shortly after pinduoduo started the Tesla ten thousand group activity, Tesla adjusted its reservation policy. The deposit of 20000 yuan (refundable) was changed to 1000 yuan. At the same time, additional requirements were added. The deposit of 1000 yuan is non refundable and non transferable, and consumers need to pick up the car within 180 days.

Tesla tested the water electricity business for the first time this year and settled in tmall's flagship store. However, the products sold online in its flagship store were nothing more than accessories. To purchase a car, online booking and offline test drive are required. The mode of pinduoduo online second car is also a small blow to Tesla's inherent model.


Among the e-commerce giants, pinduoduo started the latest, and the resources of brand merchants are not enough, and they are facing the pressure of "one out of two" policy from competitors, so the entry conditions for brand merchants are relatively favorable. Chen Qiu, vice president of pinduoduo, said at the beginning of the year that pinduoduo will continue to implement the "zero Commission" and "zero platform service annual fee" policies this year, which is expected to save more than 80 billion yuan of operating capital costs for businesses throughout the year. But these preferential policies are still unable to wash away the worries of big brands.

In the relationship between the platform and the brand, the platform is often dominant, but when the object is changed to a big brand, with the rise and fall of the status of both sides, the relationship between the two has also undergone subtle changes.

In fact, the e-commerce platform, which advocates getting rid of intermediate links and reducing prices, is naturally a pair of contradictions with the big brands pursuing brand premium. Pinduoduo now and big brand people hate and love, Ali and Jingdong have experienced.

In 2015, Gucci, YSL and other luxury brands of Kaiyun group jointly accused Ali of conspiring with manufacturers to produce counterfeit goods and provide services for their sales and transportation. In May of the following year, Ali, who had finally joined the international anti fake alliance IACC, was forced to withdraw after being unanimously opposed by luxury brands such as Michael kors and Longchamp. Due to the problem of fake goods, many luxury brands have not settled in tmall for a long time.

In those years, the switch of luxury brands to e-commerce was regarded as a "dowry" by the industry. In 2016, according to the economic reference news, many people in the industry believed that the "luxury" of luxury goods was not only reflected in the product's history, design and technology, but also in the experience and enjoyment in the shopping process. No matter how prosperous the e-commerce is, the shopping experience of physical stores includes Many of them can't be made up for by online shopping, which will greatly weaken the brand's "sense of luxury". The attractive price on the e-commerce platform will help to stimulate the purchasing desire of middle-class consumers, and may also cause the brand to lose a number of customers with high consumption ability and more need to enjoy "luxury".

With the increase of tmall's discourse power and the recession of luxury industry, the attitude of luxury brands began to change.

In April 2018, YSL opened in tmall. In July last year, Michael kors announced to open two stores in tmall, official flagship store of Michael kors and flagship store of watch. Coach, a luxury light brand that had withdrawn from tmall twice, also returned to tmall in September last year. Previously, the coach that settled in tmall in 2011 closed its store after less than two months of operation. In September 2016, coach closed its flagship store of tmall for a year again and chose to build a platform on wechat.

From the history of the struggle between tmall and big brands, when the platform can bring sales growth to big brands, and the user groups of the platform are broad enough to match the target groups of big brands, big brands are willing to come out of the besieged city. This is exactly what pinduoduo has to accomplish.

Huang Zheng

At the end of 2018, Huang Zheng, founder of pinduoduo, was once asked by analysts about the contribution of big brands to pinduoduo's sales, "my view is that you should take your time." "I can't think of the reason why such brands don't enter pinduoduo to sell their products. No one wants to sell their products through only one channel," Huang said

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