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Wang Xingren Alipay has long accused Alipay of being too expensive.

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Yesterday, about

This is not the first time Wang Xing has accused Alipay of having high commission fees.

As early as May 2017, when Wang Xing accepted the interview with "finance and economics" magazine, he was also asked the related questions. When the user used the public comment, the first column of payment method was bank card payment, the second column was WeChat payment, and Alipay was folded.

At that time, Wang Xing's answer was: which payment tool is at the top, mainly depends on which payment tool the user used last time.

With the development of China's Internet, Alibaba and Tencent have formed two camps. It is not pleasant to see other enterprises standing in their own ranks. Wang Xing also hoped to get the support of Tencent and Ali at the same time, but failed to achieve. After that, Wang Xing gradually went to the opposite of Ali.

On the Meituan payment interface, the original order is

Recently, when using the US group, users found that the payment page was no longer supported by Alipay, and there was no Alipay in the folded area below.

In other words, the US group directly backed off the Alipay payment channel.


Source: Cloud Net

According to Tech planet, this is not the first time Meituan has cancelled Alipay payment channels, two times in 2016 and 2018, and some users have reported that Meituan has been unable to use Alipay payment for the time being, but the status of WeChat Pay has been standing still.

Meituan paid the official Weibo first to respond, saying


But not long after, hungry Guanbo dumped two pictures to prove that he can use WeChat Pay. Then Meituan paid at 9 pm to respond to this matter again, by the way sent out the soul of the question:


Source: Screenshots

As of press release, Alipay had not yet responded to the matter.

Meituan and Ali

Compared with WeChat's payment in the US group's unmoved status, Alipay continues to be marginalized as the relationship between the US group and Ali goes further and further until it is completely offline.

Nine years ago, Ali was almost the most important supporter of the U.S. regiment, helping the group through the most difficult times.

At that time, meituan, which had only two rounds of financing, was also in danger in the war. In the most difficult moment, Ali opened his arms to meituan. According to Tianyan, in early July 2011, meituan received $50 million of financing from Sequoia Capital China, northern lights venture capital, Walden International and Alibaba, accounting for 25% of meituan's equity. This financing gave meituan a chance to breathe and survive in the thousand regiment war.

At that time, Ali was very optimistic about meituan, and in the round C financing of meituan, Ali reappeared and invested $300 million with Sequoia Capital China and general Atlantic pan Atlantic investment.


Source: lieyun.com

In 2015, meituan stood out from the group buying website that survived the thousand regiment war and merged with the public comment website backed by Tencent. Since then, the relationship between meituan and Ali began to have subtle changes.

Wang Xingzeng disclosed that after the merger of meituan reviews, he hoped that meituan reviews could obtain the support of Ali and Tencent at the same time. However, by 2016, Tencent is the only investor in meituan's e-round financing.

In a financial interview, Wang Xing told about the beginning and end of the matter,

By 2017, Tencent will continue to pursue meituan. Ali chose to invest together with ant financial services, becoming the largest shareholder of NEMO. Since then, famo has been wholly owned by Ali and ant financial services and sold to standard meituan.

Since the acquisition of Baidu takeaway, the market share reached 55.3% in the fourth quarter of 2017. But before long, meituan began to overtake on the curve. According to uestmobile data, as of December 31, 2019, the number of users of meituan daily living has reached 69.8586 million, which is about to break through the 70 million mark, while the number of hungry daily living users in the same period is 10.9703 million.

According to reports, Ali now holds only 1.48% of the US group, but for the US group's cancellation of Alipay's payment channel, the 1.48% stake is no longer enough to maintain surface peace.

Alipay attacked the local life?

There is a view that Alipay is a small counterattack against the group of Alibaba.

At the 2020 Alipay Partners Conference on March 10, Ant Financial Services Group CEO Hu Xiaoming announced the creation of an open platform for Alipay's digital life, focusing on the digitization of the service industry and setting a goal

At the same time, Alipay slogan from

March 16, Ali local life online held

Some industry experts say Ali's local life this time brings the entire ecological members and Meituan

Recently, Alipay launched a large number of advertisements, the content is

However, Wang Xing has a point of view, for China's Internet enterprises, there is no end, the battle never stops. The difference is that, from one battlefield to another, from one opponent to another. Local life service is the main battlefield of meituan and the battlefield familiar to meituan. Wang Xing is not afraid to fight with ALI army here.

According to the annual inventory of China's local life service market in 2018, the online transaction scale of China's local life service market reached 1562.07 billion yuan in 2018, with a year-on-year increase of 56.3%.

Offline Alipay, the US mission to create a closed loop?

The US group that Alipay paid is cancelled, and now there are two categories of us group payment and WeChat payment, and apple mobile phone users have Apple Pay.

It is reported that Meituan is doing its best to create Meituan monthly payment. Meituan monthly payment is a new function in May this year, basically implemented

Meituan monthly payment has also turned on since its launch

At the same time, Meituan pays monthly and

The appearance of meituan monthly payment is not accidental. In 2015, Wang Xing once expressed his ambition to set foot in finance.

According to China economic network, at present, meituan has obtained many financial licenses, such as commercial factoring (Shenzhen Sankuai), third party payment (Beijing qianbaobao), micro loan (Chongqing meituan Sankuai), and insurance broker (Chongqing Jincheng mutual promise). In addition, meituan also participated in the launching of Jilin Yilian bank in 2017, holding 28.5% of shares through Jilin Sankuai, ranking the second largest shareholder.

Now, in the monthly payment of meituan, Chongqing Sankuai small loan and Yilian bank are on the loan capital side.

The launch of meituan monthly payment may become the main force for Wang Xing to enter the payment market.


Source: lieyun.com

However, from the report of the quarterly report of China's third party payment comprehensive payment market in the first quarter of 2020, the overall transaction scale of China's non financial payment institutions in the first quarter of 2020 amounted to 64 trillion yuan, of which the Alipay, Tencent financial share ranked the first two in 48.44% and 33.59% market share respectively. The combined market share of the two is over 84%. The US group wants to get a slice of Alipay and Tencent, which is a real challenge.

However, the advantage of Meituan to pay for the track is also obvious, Netcom's e-commerce database

In addition to the number of monthly jobs, meituan, with 6.1 million merchants and 450 million users, focuses on the multi scene service of local life. The appearance of meituan monthly payment can form a closed-loop ecology on the local life track.

For meituan, meituan monthly payment may have just started, but for Wang Xing, it is a big step towards financial business.

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