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Mobile technology innovation releases digital entertainment potential

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29 July,

Mobile technology innovation promotes the development of game industry

As a tool for entertainment, social interaction and release of pressure, playing games plays an important role in today's society. By shaping a unified goal and experience, the game brings together people with common interests and hobbies. At the same time, the game itself has become more immersive, more functional and more social. It is the evolving mobile connectivity technology that accelerates this transformation. The development and innovation of mobile technology has been injecting strong momentum into the game industry. According to the data of the game Working Committee of China Association of audio and digital technology, in the first quarter of 2020, the actual sales revenue of China's game industry will reach 73.203 billion yuan, realizing explosive growth. The market share of mobile games will further expand, accounting for 75.64% of the total revenue. Newzoo, a market research company, predicts that the total number of global players will exceed 3 billion by 2023, among which mobile games will become the largest game Market segmentation.

How can such a large user base enjoy an unparalleled mobile game experience? Qualcomm president Amon said at the preview:


Qualcomm snapdragon 8 series top mobile platform leads industry development

Snapdragon 865: opening a new chapter of mobile game experience

The mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 5g is specially built for 5g flagship mobile phones. It can not only provide super fast 5g connection performance and strong application processing performance for players, but also integrate the latest generation of snapdragon elite Gameng supports extremely realistic graphics performance and new features of end game level, enabling players to obtain strong hard core performance and excellent mobile entertainment competitive experience on snapdragon 865 smart phones.

In terms of performance, the snapdragon 865 integrates Qualcomm's top technology innovations in various fields. Taking CPU and GPU as an example, the performance of kryo 585 CPU is up to 25% higher than that of the previous generation platform. The powerful CPU provides powerful guarantee for animation, interaction, smooth operation and other aspects of mobile game scenes, so that players can enjoy the pleasure of the game. The Adreno GPU is the core of the game ecology and game experience of Qualcomm. Since its first launch in 2005, so far, Adreno GPU has delivered more than 2.5 billion pieces. The Adreno 650 GPU integrated in the snapdragon 865 mobile platform can improve the graphics rendering performance by 25% compared with the previous generation platform, and has the top-level persistent and stable game performance of Android platform, which can provide excellent graphics performance and more lasting and stable game experience for the flagship terminal.


Elite Gaming: top mobile innovation ignites victory

Based on the powerful hardware of snapdragon 865, through cooperation with industry chain partners including the industry's top game studios, Qualcomm makes full use of the features of the new generation of snapdragon elite gaming to bring breakthrough experience to mobile players in three major areas.

Super smooth game experience

Frame rate is one of the most important factors affecting the game experience. Frame rate will directly affect the player's game play and control experience. With the support of Cellon Elite Gaming new features, the Cellon 865 mobile platform can perfectly support 90 fps and 120 fps of high frame rate games, even if 90 fps of operation still achieve 35% energy efficiency improvement. Let players enjoy a more fluid picture, more

Excellent image quality

In addition to frame rate, snapdragon elite gaming supports a series of picture details and special effects scene optimization, which brings super smooth and extremely realistic visual effects, making players feel as if they are in the game scene. The snapdragon 865 mobile platform supports true 10 bit HDR from the bottom of the hardware. It can make full use of the color rendering performance of the flagship mobile phone's top screen, and present players with more than one billion kinds of gorgeous colors 64 times higher than the traditional 8-bit screen. In the preview of "Tianya Mingyue Dao" mobile game pilot film, the snapdragon 865 can support the game screen to present the film level gorgeous color and light and shadow effects.

Snapdragon elite gaming can also support surreal image quality enhancement technology, give full play to a variety of advanced features of the Adreno DPU display processor, and make use of hardware optimization modules such as local tone mapping and image quality enhancement to adjust the brightness, color, contrast, saturation and sharpness of game screen in real time, so that players can experience more extreme visual enjoyment. This feature can automatically enhance the image quality of existing HDR games and enhance more details in the game screen.

For a large number of complex visual effects in excellent game works, the unique Adreno HDR fast mixing technology of Adreno 650 GPU can significantly improve the rendering performance of special effects scenes such as smoke, signal area, cloud and fog, so as to realize the key moments of the game without jamming and dropping frames. At present, the technology has been applied in "peace elite" and other games to help players enjoy the wonderful game competition. In addition, recently updated "peace elite" new island 2.0 version, for players to present a new visual experience. In the game, the water surface physical effects bring clear texture, rugged wave light and other scenes, which significantly increase the rendering complexity and the demand for hardware performance. Using the powerful game performance of the snapdragon 865 mobile platform and the characteristics of the snapdragon elite gaming game, players can enjoy the ultra high definition game experience in the new island 2.0 version.

End game features

In addition, as one of the features of snapdragon elite gaming, snapdragon 865 supports GPU driver update like PC graphics card on mobile terminal for the first time. Users can download the latest driver directly from the app store, and experience the performance optimization and release of new features of the head game brought by the driver update. At the same time, it also gives players more control over the GPU driver and settings. This feature has been implemented in Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 pro and redmi K30 pro, and there will be more mobile phone support on snapdragon platform in the future.


New generation of snapdragon elite gaming game enhancement features

5g brings more opportunities for the game industry

At present, the whole mobile industry chain is working hand in hand to promote the construction of 5 G, and actively combine 5 G with games and other industries to explore the potential and innovation brought by 5 G for the game industry. At the preview meeting, Chen Zhichao, general manager of China Electric 100 Holdings Limited, said:

With the further popularization and expansion of 5g, its high-speed and low delay characteristics will bring more opportunities for the game industry. For example, in cloud game scenarios, by using 5g high transmission rate and the powerful application processing performance of snapdragon mobile terminal, players can easily realize the real-time loading of large-scale online games with ultra-high image quality on the mobile terminal, and enhance the mobile game experience to a new level. In addition to smart phones, Qualcomm snapdragon also has a variety of 5g solutions for more product types, extending the excellent entertainment experience to a variety of mobile terminals including XR, PC, etc., bringing rich forms of immersive game experience for players, and further expanding the boundary of mobile digital entertainment. Leading edge technologies such as 5g and AI supported by the snapdragon platform are widely enabling 5g smart phones, 5g PCs, XR and cloud games and other types of terminals and entertainment services. Snapdragon mobile platform and snapdragon elite gaming features bring powerful game performance and immersive game experience, allowing players to enjoy the joy of fighting and victory anytime and anywhere.


The game experience can be enriched by high pass snapdragon

Qualcomm will join hands with Qualcomm will join hands with three major operators and nine terminal brands

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