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Tencent Black Shark 3S evaluation: upgrade 120Hz refresh rate to improve the whole game experience

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Tencent technology news will enter the second half of 2020, and the annual flagship models of various mobile phone manufacturers will be released. Game phones in many core configurations and other flagship phones and did not open the gap. So the question is: what's the point of buying a game phone? Is it really necessary to buy a mobile phone to play games?

To illustrate, the game phone at the beginning of its birth, not for all users. Compared with the average flagship phone, buying a game phone is not used


Just saw Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S, I knew that this mobile phone had nothing to do with the proportion of high screen. The phone is symmetrical up and down, with a forehead at the top and a chin at the bottom. As a game mobile phone, black shark does not pursue absolute high screen proportion, but ensures that the game screen and touch area are not blocked when holding horizontally, which is also very attentive.


Whether ordinary users or gamers, the screen is the most frequently used part of the mobile phone. A good screen can upgrade the mobile phone to a higher level.

Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S adopts a 6.67 inch Samsung AMOLED screen, the refresh rate is upgraded from 90hz to 120Hz, and supports 270Hz touch sampling rate. In daily operation and game playing, you can obviously feel the smooth and follow-up operation experience brought by high refresh rate and high touch sampling rate.


From the actual view of the screen, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S is excellent in terms of visual angle, maximum brightness and uniformity. On the whole, this is a very good screen.

5g requires more antennas and bigger batteries, but the flagship is still trying to make the fuselage thinner. Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S not only looks a little thick, but also feels solid weight in hand.

Thanks to the absolutely symmetrical design, whether the left and right hands are held vertically or horizontally at the same time, the comfort and unity of the hand feel can be ensured, and the weight of the mobile phone can be ignored to a certain extent.


The X-shaped design is also the most recognizable design element of black shark mobile phone. The back cover and packing box of the mobile phone adopt the same design style. Under the refraction of glass, the light lines of the back cover converge at the black shark logo, showing a strong sense of speed and strength.

Three cameras and flashlights are placed in the triangle above the back, which looks like an expression of surprise. A magnetic triangle ensures better grip at the bottom of the phone when charging.


LED light is the standard setting of game phones. Black Shark mobile phones still add lighting effects to the logo, supporting the lighting effects of calls, calls, music playing and other scenes. In order to avoid the embarrassment that only others can see the lighting effect, Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S has also added a screen lighting effect, and the notification effect when playing music or calling is also very cool.


Flagship configuration, flagship cooling performance

The most suspense part of the game phone is the configuration, according to the Convention, running points is essential.

Celldragon 865 UFS3.1LPDDR5, the combination of these three has formed Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 S strong configuration of the basic disk, running points also proved everything. During the rabbit test, Tencent's black shark game phone 3 S ran out of 625112 points, directly occupying the top of the list, this proud feeling is very cool. And in Lu master test, Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 S also ran out of 576519 points, still occupy the top.


After running points, it is the most important part of the game experience. First of all, you should dial the game key on the side of the fuselage to enter the game space. The system will empty the background and play the function of the mobile phone in the game as much as possible.

Open in game assistant


High refresh rate screen is the standard configuration of high-end mobile phones this year. Black shark, as a game phone, will naturally bring more new experiences on this basis.

Black shark, in conjunction with game manufacturers, first unlocked more than a dozen high frame rate games supporting 120Hz and 90hz on Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S. Compared with other mobile phones with high refresh rate screen, Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S can have a more smooth and smooth game experience,.


In peace elite, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S has taken the lead in adding support for 90 frames of pictures. In terms of picture quality and frame number settings, you can choose to turn on the 90 frame mode under the smooth picture quality, and you can also turn on the HDR HD image quality and the limit frame rate mode.



You can even experience the highest quality ultra high definition mode on Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S. The picture can have more realistic texture and increase the reflection effect of water surface. This is inseparable from the top hardware support and Tencent and black shark in software optimization cooperation.


In the process of the game, the screen is set to HDR HD and the limit frame number mode. From the monitoring chart of perfdog, it can be seen that the picture is always maintained at about 60Hz, and the frame rate fluctuation of the mobile phone is almost invisible. The mobile phone can always maintain a very stable game performance.


The 270Hz touch sampling rate screen of Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S reduces the touch response delay to 17ms, and the most obvious perception is to follow and smooth. As long as you react fast enough, the phone can receive your operation in the first time without any delay. In peace elite, you can shoot in less time and eat chicken more easily..


From the top right corner of the mobile phone, you can draw out the menu of game assistant to call up the control center, notification and answering functions. Bring more convenient control experience for the game.


Extreme game performance, need top heat dissipation system to support Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3 S adopt

At the same time, the design of the main board of the central axis is the first. When the game is held horizontally, the maximum distance between the holding area and the heat source core area of the main board is far away. Even if the mobile phone performs at full speed, the player will not be affected by the heat problem of the mobile phone.

In terms of charging, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S supports 65W fast charging. In the actual test, when the power is completely exhausted, 21% of the power can be charged in 5 minutes, 59% of the power can be charged in 15 minutes, and it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge. This speed is excellent for a mobile phone with 4720 MAH battery, which can avoid players' long waiting time.


Tiktok Tencent mobile phone 3S's performance is also good. In the 12 hour endurance test, 720P video player, micro-blog, jitter, King glory and peace elite each hour, standby time 7 hours, mobile phone still has 30% electricity. The standby power consumption may be higher because the full performance mode is turned on. But the overall performance is still good.


AI intelligent three camera, meet the needs of players

Although is the game mobile phone, Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 S in the photography aspect performance is still outstanding. Tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 S using 6400 W pixel high-definition camera 1300 pixels super wide angle 5 million pixels portrait camera AI three-shot scheme, is fully able to meet the daily shooting needs of players.


A very special option can be seen in the camera interface, that is, Tencent Black Shark Game phone 3 S supports the output of 256 million pixels of photos. After the actual shooting experience, it takes 2-3 seconds to output a photo, with a single pixel of 18432




Ultra wide angle lens supports 120 degree anti distortion algorithm, and can shoot large space sense. With HDR algorithm, it still has a good performance in backlight environment.


In the night shooting, it can obviously improve the image quality after Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S turns on the night scene mode. It is excellent in the environment with high noise, and the algorithm is very complex. At the same time, the brightness and purity of the picture can be ensured, and the highlight part of the light board can be suppressed, and an excellent night scene photo can be taken.




As a game mobile phone, Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S still brings excellent photo taking experience for players.


Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S as a game phone, has not been limited by its own positioning performance. Instead of worrying about the proportion, design, weight and other elements of the screen for ordinary users, they have made great efforts in hardware configuration and system optimization. The first running point is the strength proof of Tencent Black Shark game phone 3S as a game phone.


At the same time, the 120Hz high refresh rate screen, 270Hz ultra-high touch sampling rate, 5g support, 65W fast charging and adaptation to high frame rate games are proving with actions that Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3S always takes improving the game experience of players as its goal. This powerful game phone may be the best answer heavy gamers can find in 5g era.

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