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How much do you know about the series and types of video cards

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In terms of saving machines, the most expensive and tangled thing for players should be the graphics card. First of all, it will take a long time to select the series, and then choose the brand after the series is selected. Moreover, the price of the video card is generally not cheap. Today, let's give you a brief introduction of the types and series of the video cards, so that the small white users have a simple concept.

01 n card series

This paper first introduces the n-card series. N-card is also the graphics card with the most user base at present. Its series is also easy to understand. The common consumer grade graphics card models are basically arranged according to the size.

20 Super Series graphics card:

20 super series is also the mainstream graphics card at present, and its performance can absolutely meet the needs of most middle and high-end players. However, it is reported recently that some models of NVIDIA RTX 20 super series have been gradually discontinued and are in the delisting stage. RTX 2070 super, RTX 2080 super and RTX 2080 Ti have all been discontinued.

As for the mainstream RTX 2060 super, it will be in the market for some time. After all, it is not clear whether the price and performance of the new series can be recognized by users after the next generation comes out.


iGame GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Vulcan X OC

At present, RTX 2070 super and RTX 2080 super are in the stage of inventory digestion. Some smaller video card manufacturers are basically out of stock, and large factories can still supply them for a period of time.

Therefore, it is impossible for the party to take the money of 20 series, wait and see 30 series cards, and then decide whether to buy 20 series cards. It is estimated that even if you want to buy them at that time, either the card is gone or the card price will increase.

Series 20 graphics card:

At present, most of the 20 series video cards in the players' mouth refer to the 20 super series. However, there are some differences between the 20 series graphics cards and the 20 super series cards. Under the same model, the performance of all 20 series graphics cards is weaker than that of the super series, and they are in the production suspension status.

As the shortest life generation of graphics cards, there is not enough gap between the specifications of 20 series and 10 series graphics cards. It may be Lao Huang's calculation error, or she may be forced by Su ma.

16 series video card:

Series 16 graphics card is a transition phase video card launched by NV in 2019, which is loved by the majority of entry-level players. For most online games or stand-alone games with little configuration, series 16 graphics card is enough.

However, the 16 series video card is the existence of the 20 series castrated light pursuit unit and deep learning unit. Most players may not feel the light pursuit, after all, it is not perfect at this stage. But NV's new black technology dlss2.0 16 Series graphics card can't be used. Dlss2.0 can increase the frame number by about 70% without loss of image quality.


Geforce GTX 1660 super craft

So the 16 Series graphics card is cheap enough, but in the long run, the new technology can't be used. Compared with the 10 series graphics card, it's just a simple performance improvement.

Series 10 graphics card:

According to steam's hardware survey, at present, 10 series graphics cards are still the mainstream, among which GTX 1060 is the most popular. Although the proportion of each month is declining, it still accounts for 11.73% of the total.

Why is the 10 series graphics card so durable? First of all, in terms of cost performance, 10 series is the most advanced generation of NVIDIA, with a price difference of 1000, which can almost play the flagship of the previous generation, and has a great advantage in energy consumption ratio. This also led to the 20 series in the new launch of the situation when the players do not buy the situation, compared to the progress of the 10 series, the 20 series is a bit unsatisfactory.


iGame GTX 1070Ti Vulcan AD

9 series:

9 Series graphics card is really rare at present, but in the steam hardware survey, GTX 970 can still rank in the top 10. If you just play online games like lol and DOTA, it's absolutely enough, but after all, it's a graphics card six years ago, and I still can't play 3A games.

Further forward, we will not say, the age is too old. In addition, NVIDIA also has professional cards, but it is far away from our ordinary players, just a brief introduction.

Quadro series:

Quadro series is NVIDIA's professional card series. At present, the latest is also RTX series, but it is divided into RTX 4000, RTX 5000, RTX 6000 and RTX 8000. Although the prefix is the same, if we only look at the numbers, we know that it is not simple. Even the RTX 2080 Ti of Rog, which is our daily game level flagship card, is only about 1W. Quadro's professional card RTX 8000 can sell for nearly 6W.

In the parameters, the most prominent should be the video memory, RTX 8000 up to 48g video memory! Of course, if only the difference in hard parameters, professional cards are not sold so expensive.


RTX 8000

In terms of stability, there is a big difference between professional cards and game cards. Hbm2 video memory with ECC error correction capability will be used as the video memory particles of professional cards, and HBM particles are more than twice as expensive as gddr in price.

In addition, in terms of software optimization and compatibility, we all know that optimization is also very expensive, and various professional software optimization is more expensive.

Tesla series:

In addition to the professional video card Quadro, NVIDIA also has a more professional Tesla series of computing cards for deep learning, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. This is basically for enterprise level purchase, and ordinary users rarely contact it. In addition, Tesla, as a professional data computing card, does not even display the output interface.


Tesla V100

02 a card series

Next, let's talk about a card. For a card, we should be confused about the model. How can we make a mess of words? Why is rx5700 the end of rx590? In fact, there is a big difference between them. In view of the confusion of the naming of a card, we can't simply follow the series. Let's talk about it from the model.


Sapphire RX 5700 XT super platinum OC

RX 5500 XT

RX 5500 XT

Radeon VII:

This card is believed that most players will see it in the ladder diagram of the video card, and even has the same performance as RTX 2080, but why is it rarely mentioned? And standing alone on the top of the tower?

In fact, from a certain point of view, radon VII is a change of professional card, with 16g large video memory, hbm2 video memory, 4096bit bit width. In addition, its core architecture Vega itself is a professional card, and rDNA is AMD's game card architecture.


Radeon VII

This card is excellent in material and workmanship, and it costs a lot. However, it stopped production four months after its launch, which led to many players having heard of it and never seen it. Its role is more like an illustration of AMD's existence in the high-end field.

RX Vega 56/RX Vega 64:

Vega 56 and Vega 64 belong to the category of professional cards and are currently discontinued. Vega 64 has 4096 stream processors, 1000 more than rtx2080 super, and 2048bit video memory width. However, as a game card, Vega 64 has not much advantage in all aspects.


Dylan RX 590 x ares plus

RX 500 Series:

RX 500 series is the AMD named and more standardized generation of graphics cards, and Rx 580 / 590 such a very cost-effective card is still on the market.

R300 series:

These graphics cards are familiar with AMD, but also easy to distinguish. In addition, AMD's R300 Series graphics card, the name is really a mess, but if the detailed parameters of these graphics cards are listed, it is not difficult to understand.

RX 5000 core code of the series is Navi XX,RX Vega the core code of the series is Vega XX,RX400/500 the core code of the series is all the core code of the series, the R300 series will be found, the core code has Gemini、Grenada XT、Fiji XT、Antigua XT、Trinidad XT、Curacao Pro and so on, so it is not surprising that the names are confused


Amd radon Pro Wx professional card family

FirePro series:

Of course, amd also has professional cards, but for ordinary players, professional cards and game cards are basically two areas that do not communicate, so the popularity and share of players are naturally more scarce.

As for the simple series and types of video cards, I will briefly introduce them here today, which is certainly not comprehensive enough. However, the common video cards on the market are covered. If you want to see something about the video card, you can leave a message or add a group to tell us.

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