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How to choose Samsung storage boss for SSD

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As a top storage equipment manufacturer, Samsung's SSD products have always been favored by consumers. As one of the few upstream enterprises with complete accessories, Samsung's SSD products are naturally the top level in the industry.


This time Samsung storage also came to China joy. Our reporter in front of pconline interviewed Mr. Zhang Fuqiang, the storage product manager of Samsung brand. He answered many questions about Samsung's SSD products.

Q1: which one of Samsung's storage products do you like best?

Special guest:It can be said that I like Samsung's storage products very much. We think every product is very good. But personally, from the perspective of consumers, what I would recommend to you today may be our 970evo plus product.


For all our consumers, we should pay attention to three aspects in choosing SSD: first, its performance; second, its reliability and durability; third, its humanization.

From the perspective of performance, 970evo plus has the highest reading and writing speed in the industry, which can reach 3500mb / s and 3300mb / s. This is the highest speed in the industry, and basically has reached the top speed of pci3.0x4 channel, which is basically close to the limit speed.

Second, from the point of stability and reliability of performance, 970evo plus has up to 1200tbw or a five-year limited warranty. It can be said that all our consumers need not worry about its stability and reliability when using this product.

Third, from the perspective of humanization, 970evo Plus our Samsung SSD has our Samsung magican management software. It is very convenient for you to use it. You can also learn the current performance of your SSD through this software in real time, including your security settings, etc., which can be applied. Therefore, I would like to recommend this product to all our consumers.

Q2: what is the product layout of Samsung storage from entry to high-end flagship?

Special guest:If you pay close attention to our Samsung products, you can find out by its name. Then we have three major orientations, namely, our high-end professional positioning, the second is mainstream, and the third is our cost-effective products.


So, the high-end professional is our pro series, including our 860pro and 970pro at present, and we may have new products coming into the market later. I won't say anything here. You can look forward to it as a high-end professional product.

Second, it may be our mainstream products, including the 970evo plus product I just recommended to you, including our Evo series products. These are all our mainstream products with both performance and price.

The third is our products with high cost performance. If the products with high performance price ratio are positioned as our qvo series, they are our products with high cost performance, which have both capacity and price, giving us the most affordable choice for our consumers.

Q3: what are the advantages of Samsung's QLC products over TLC products of third and fourth tier brands at the same price?

Special guest:In this way, TLC can not be said to be bad, but it has a greater possibility to shape a high-capacity product, which is a technical choice.


Samsung's QLC products, we can say that through our own internal construction and optimization, its performance is very good. Then, like the 870qvo that we just launched, its sequential read-write speed has reached 560mb / s and 530mb / s, which is almost the same as our 860 Evo series products. In terms of performance, it can be said that it is an equal product. So our 870 qvo and 860evo two products, then compared with some third and fourth line brands, it has incomparable performance advantages.

So the second part is our stability. 870qvo can provide our consumers with up to 2880 TBW of total write protection, equipped with a three-year warranty service. This is our 870qvo to all consumers a solemn commitment, in terms of performance reliability, 870qvo is not inferior to our 860evo. Therefore, we have great confidence that we are better than other brands of TLC products in terms of performance and reliability.

Q4: it has been nearly two years since the launch of 970evo plus. How to maintain the competitiveness of high-end market?

Special guest:We have launched 970evo plus for some time, but it still hasn't met any competitors. The most straightforward thing is that our read-write performance is still the top-level read-write speed in our industry.


In addition, as I said just now, we can not ignore that Samsung is the leader in the flash storage industry. All the components of Samsung SSD are developed and produced by Samsung itself, and even can be subdivided into the final packaging boxes produced by Samsung. So this is the advantage of our system integration. As we all know, SSD has several major components.

The first is our NAND chip. Samsung is in the NAND industry. We are No.1 in the industry. The second is DRAM. Samsung's leading edge in the industry is even more dominant than our advantage in NAND industry. The third is our main controller. Samsung's main controller is developed by ourselves, such as our 970evo The plus product uses our Phoenix master. I don't say that our master controller must be much better than others, because our Samsung's master controller is not sold to the public, but we have made a comparison privately. Then our main control is 6-core, so maybe other brands only have single core, so this is a problem.

In addition, I would also like to emphasize our system integration. When each NAND manufacturer provides its chip to the master manufacturer, he only provides general parameters, while some specific parameters will not be disclosed to the public, because this is a trade secret. Then there is a problem that the master manufacturers will lose some specific parameters of NAND to adjust A good chance. However, it does not exist for Samsung, because all our products, including all our components, are produced by ourselves, so we can adjust it as we want. Therefore, our 970evo plus, our product firmware, has the lowest failure rate and the best reliability. Therefore, the 970evo plus is still the best product in the industry in terms of performance and reliability. We are very confident, we say we are very confident.

Q5: for which users is the 8tb version of 870qvo?

8tb is really a very high capacity. At present, even HDDs rarely have 8tb capacity. In a way, this may represent a leading technology in the industry, which proves that our stacking has reached a higher level. To some extent, we can't say that 8tb can't be applied now, and no one can say anything good about the future. Now a single machine application may be an application with tens of gigabytes and hundreds of gigabytes. Then, for those with high-end applications for data storage, 870qvo provides you with a very diversified choice.


Because I am in this industry, my friends around me often include us. Some customers also ask us when you will introduce 8tb. Now we will tell all consumers, including our Samsung SSD users, that the Samsung 8tb product has been released and is the only 8tb product in the field of consumer grade solid state disk drive.

In addition, I would like to say that our Samsung 8 series SSD can be said to be the best-selling SSD in the world. The main control of each generation is the wisdom of Samsung. So in 870qvo, this product adopts our latest MKX master controller, which may be understood by many friends who pay attention to Samsung products.

We first had mex, MGX, mjx. So the product 8tb, larger capacity means higher requirements for master control performance. The main controller of our 8tb MKX is a product that has been continuously optimized after several generations of product iterations. It is also a reflection of Samsung's technical advantages in this industry.

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