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Nokia C3 evaluation: zhanruixin, native Android Qingliu

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Nokia is no longer young. Of course, it's hard for those old brothers of the same era to compete with those fierce young people in China: Sharp has tried to re-enter the Chinese market for many times, but has no Japanese pedigree; Motorola has lost its appeal when it is under Lenovo's command, instead, it concentrates on overseas; BlackBerry has no improvement after it was acquired by TCL It will stop selling on August 31 this year. If there is no follow-up, it may come to an end completely.


China Telecom Tianyi cloud S2 virtual machine limit 1, the minimum is only 88 yuan / year

Alibaba cloud welfare service ECS as low as 102 yuan / year

In this way, Nokia, which is now in the hands of HMD, is still on the way: function machines, low-end smart machines, and even top-level video flagship like Nokia 9 pureview are being launched in an orderly manner, without any decline.

Remember the Nokia C3 10 years ago?

A lot of things happened in 2010: Android went from dark horse to mainstream; Microsoft launched WP7; Nokia took back Symbian. At the same time, Nokia also launched a low-end touch screen mobile phone C3 this year.

At that time, as a low-end entry-level mobile phone, Nokia C3 focused on the design of "touch and type key and touch", which brought more operation methods for users who used to operate the Nokia tablet with one hand, and the touch screen could improve the efficiency of one hand operation more. Starting with practical interaction to improve the user experience, this is C3's original intention ten years ago.

Ten years of reincarnation, today in 2020, the reborn Nokia C3 is born. It is still an entry-level positioning, but it has become an Android intelligent machine with the initial price of 669 yuan. It is equipped with purple light zhanrui sc9832e 4G mobile platform, classic polycarbonate shell and native Android 10 system, supporting fingerprint identification and payment.

In particular, after ten years of reincarnation, Nokia C3 is still paying attention to interaction. It has a unique "heart to heart" button on the left side of the fuselage, which can realize functions such as payment with one button, which can be regarded as a different practical play experience in the entry-level machine.

Before we start today's evaluation, let's take a look at the specific parameter specifications of Nokia C3.

Appearance: detachable battery! Youth is back

IPS screen 5.99 inches with HD. resolution

Nokia C3 adopts the traditional family front design of Nokia. Compared with the previous model C2 (there is no version of the National Bank of China), there is not much difference between them. They are basically the same forehead and chin.

Nokia logo on the chin

Side view

Custom "heart button", the specific usage will be described in detail later

The phone features a classic polycarbonate case.

Post capacitive fingerprint recognition

Micro USB charging socket

The phone retains a 3.5mm headphone jack

Surprisingly, Nokia C3 adheres to its long-standing detachable battery design.

Dual sim card slot

Support 128GB microSD extension

Performance: the first experience of Ziguang zhanrui sc9832e

As a low-end entry machine, Nokia C3 paper parameters are certainly not high, specifically Ziguang sharp SC9832E with 3 GB memory 32 GB storage.

The processor is the same as the previous C2 and is a Ziguang sharp SC9832E, processor released in 2018. Using 28 nm HPC process manufacturing, the interior is equipped with four A53CPU cores, the main frequency is 1.4 Ghz, integrated network system supports five-mode LTE Cat.4, support VoLTE、ViLTE、VoWiFi function.

In 2018, it was the most integrated 4G LTE chip platform in the world at that time, and achieved a high level of balance in terms of performance, power consumption and integration. Two years later, it can be accepted on a 100 yuan computer.

Master Lu runs points

According to master Lu's scoring system, the overall performance of Nokia C3 is roughly similar to that of the snapdragon 652 model years ago and Xiaomi 5C, the only S1 model.

Ann rabbit runs

According to the evaluation system of Angora rabbit, the overall performance of Nokia C3 is similar to that of snapdragon 450. The score of Angou rabbit here is similar to that of Master Lu, and its overall performance is similar to that of Xiaomi 5C.

Geekbench5 runs

Geekbench is a cross platform CPU performance testing tool, which can accurately reflect the single core and multi-core performance of device CPU. Single core performance can reflect the advantages and disadvantages of CPU architecture design and the operation frequency. Multi core performance can reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores working at the same time.

In a comprehensive comparison, the CPU single core capability of Ziguang zhanrui sc9832e is similar to that of Unitech Helio P22 and Helio p23, and the multi-core capability is close to Helio P22, which is slightly different from that of Helio p23.

Gfxbench runs

The GPU part of ziguangzhanrui sc9832e is mali-t820 MP1, a typical entry-level GPU, which is similar to the performance of Xiaolong 435 in that year. Such gfxbench running points are in line with expectations.

Fast technology mobile phone processor performance ranking

Although the mainstream models in the domestic market are mostly equipped with chips such as Qualcomm, Kirin and MediaTek, the performance ranking of fast technology mobile phone processor also includes the performance of the relatively unpopular processor such as the purple light zhanrui sc9832e. If you want to know the position of Ziguang zhanrui sc9832e in the whole mobile phone processor performance ranking, you can go to the performance of fast technology mobile phone processor Ranking List.

At present, it is not clear about the flash type and specific protocol adopted by Nokia C3. According to the androbech test results, the read-write speed of the flash memory of Nokia C3 is slower than that of the mainstream EMMC 5.1 flash memory in the current entry-level computers.

The original experience of Android

Nokia C3 is equipped with native Android 10 system. How native is it?

Nokia C3 completely retains the native Android desktop (but cancels the application drawer). You can choose single layer or two-layer display, native notification bar and native setting interface. In addition to customized icon theme, Nokia C3 system is almost native Android.

With a simple system, the 3G memory of Nokia C3 is not so tight. After startup, the remaining memory can reach 1.9 g. at the same time, after QQ and wechat are enabled, the remaining memory still has 1.5 G.

However, native doesn't mean that it is too simple. Basic software such as app store, mobile phone manager, calendar, weather, system browser and other basic software are developed by local suppliers and built-in ROM.

The biggest feature of Nokia C3 is that there is a physical button on the left side of the phone - heart button. It can help users to achieve one button direct mobile payment, physical detection and other functions, easy to use. In order to let the user use the memory feeling more, the key adopts the bright blue design.

You just need to double-click the "heart button" on the left to enter the wechat payment interface. Even if the screen is locked, it can be directly accessed by one key. Different from the conventional five steps of "wake up the screen - unlock the mobile phone - Open wechat - click the plus sign in the upper right corner - select collection and payment".

The double-click and long press functions of Nokia C3 "heart key" support user-defined. In "Settings - intelligent control - shortcut key", select any application in the phone and some specially designed functions to wake up quickly. For example, you can press and hold the "heart to heart" button of Nokia C3 to call up the built-in "quick inquiry" to realize online consultation and prescription.

Press the power button five times continuously to enter the emergency call interface and quickly dial 110, 119 or 120. In addition, with the post capacitive fingerprint provided by Nokia C3 and the fingerprint payment provided by WeChat and Alipay, the "heart button" can also be paid more quickly.

——About endurance

Nokia C3 provide 3040 mAh capacity batteries, with HD screens and low energy consumption purple light sharp SC9832E, life is not expected to be too bad, then we use online video testing to verify.

At 70% brightness and 30% volume, connect Wi Fi to play 720p online video, and we get the above power consumption record statistics. Thus, it can be estimated that the continuous video playback in this environment can last about 6 hours.

As we got a bare machine, we didn't get the official original charger, and the official charging specifications were not announced during the evaluation. Therefore, we used a charging head supporting 5v2a output, combined with power-z, to test the charging power of Nokia C3. The test results show that the charging power is close to 5W.

Charging power detection

——Take photos

Over the years, the development of imaging technology has not benefited entry-level students much. The Nokia C3 has an 8-megapixel camera with auto focus, f2.0 and an LED flash. The software also supports panoramic, delay and HD video recording. It's just that the image quality is not so good that Nokia C3 is not recommended as the main camera.

HDR support

Conclusion: low cost top up five letter faith

The Nokia C3 feels like "Steampunk": the latest native Android 10 system with the entry-level chip of 2018 is presented in a polycarbonate shell full of memories, while retaining the detachable battery design not seen in many years. Different time and space hardware and software collocation, familiar but unfamiliar.

This may also be related to the fact that the low-end entry-level models hardly enjoy the dividend of technological development over the long period of time. It may also be due to the fact that the positioning Nokia smart phone has been fighting for overseas markets for a long time, and suddenly it comes back, which is somewhat unexpected.

Nokia C3 is a more typical spare machine, purple light sharp SC9832E with 3 32G memory storage, in today's view is no longer suitable for use as the main machine. Fortunately Nokia C3 with a simple native Android system ,3 G of memory should not be stressed QQ、 WeChat, a common software.

A 3040 milliampere battery is a common configuration in many of the same-class models, and a HD screen keeps online video live for about six hours.

The biggest feature of Nokia C3 lies in the physical buttons on the left side of the phone, the heart button. It can help users to realize multiple functions such as direct mobile payment and physical detection with one button. Double click the "heart button" on the left to enter the wechat payment interface. Press the power button five times in a row to enter the emergency call interface. The heart key can also match the post capacitive fingerprint identification, allowing users to complete WeChat / Alipay fingerprint payment more quickly.

For the old Nokia fans who still have deep feelings for the five letter logo of Nokia, the starting threshold of Nokia C3 is not reliable, and it is worth recharging for faith at a low cost.

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