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IPhone 11 will fall below 4000 yuan: wait for 5g iPhone 12 or start immediately

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I know that recommending the upcoming iPhone 11 at this juncture is bound to be said by many people as a black heart to help Apple clear its inventory.

But I also have to say with my helmet that the iPhone 11, which is about to fall below 4000 yuan, is a bit excited.

In retrospect, the iPhone 11's price reduction is not very strong. In response to that sentence, there is no product that can not be sold, only the price that cannot be sold.


Yesterday JingDong 64 GB version iPhone 11 discount 1100 yuan, hit the history of the lowest 4399 yuan, this price is worth it?

Should we wait for the 5g iPhone 12 or start with the 11? I hope this analysis can give you some enlightenment.

Whether it's worth it or not depends on how you compare it

Whether the iPhone 11 in its early 4000 yuan is worth or not depends on how you compare it.

If it's just a simple daily application, iPhone 11 is enough to use, and the iPhone is comfortable enough to use. All kinds of details are in place. With the good experience of IOS, there will be no problems in the use level.

Many people say that the performance of the mobile phone is saturated. In fact, from a practical point of view, some of the pro versions of the iPhone or Android flagship are too powerful to be used.


From the price point of view, the mainstream iPhone in the early 4000 yuan is actually more user-friendly than the iPhone flagship which used to cost tens of thousands or 7000 at least, which is really enough.

Although the Android flagship of the same price is equipped with 5g, and maybe the configuration is higher, when it comes to the comprehensive product strength and user experience, the iPhone 11 at this price can also be sold.

I don't think the main iPhone with a price of 4000 yuan is not bad.

5g only affects the heart knot

Maybe a lot of netizens care about 5g, but I have to say that there is no need to care.

First of all, although 5g has arrived now, the coverage, package charges, and lack of applications are all problems.

At present, more people's attitude towards 5g is just a knot in their mind: I can not use it, but you can't do without it.

Buying a mobile phone in the second half of 2020 doesn't support 5g, which makes people laugh. But even if I give you 5g, it's not bad~


If there is no revolutionary subversion on the application level, it doesn't matter whether 4G or 5g. After all, we spend most of our time indoors and use WiFi.

And even if you want to use the mobile network outdoors, the current price of 5g can't be said to be very expensive, but really can't stand the high bandwidth. Who can bear the speed of 1GB in just a few seconds~

It is no exaggeration to say that the psychological effect of 5g is greater than the reality. At present, the most typical application of 5g is to measure the speed and then send a circle of friends. How to use the rest of the time.

Hidden properties of iPhone

Why do some people change their iPhones every year and feel so rich.

In fact, many people use Apple's official renewal service, and they can pay in 24 installments free of charge.

Although this tosses, but really does not spend much money.

Over the years, Apple's iPhone has always been a super hedge. Apple is the representative of hard currency in the mobile phone market. The official and many third-party channels can easily recover it at a high price.


If according to Apple's official website recycling price, the current generation of the lowest matching iPhone XS can also be a 2500 yuan, other third-party platforms can give 2700 prices.

If you don't mind the trouble and sell it directly, it's estimated that 3000 yuan is not a big problem. You know, the price of Jingdong's new iPhone XS is only 4199 yuan.

It's not bad to buy iPhone 11 for one year, and then change it to 12 next year.

How to evaluate iPhone 11?

Nowadays, buying the iPhone 11 is like marrying a wife. Although it is not as showy as the Android flagship at the same price, it is still a good hand at living at home and abroad.

When you get up every day, when you pick up your mobile phone for the first time, she will give you the information you need; after work every day, she will take the initiative to plan your way home. Nothing else. She not only treats you well, but also understands you well.

There is also a saying

If you buy a mobile phone, try to compare the configuration and test the network speed, when I didn't say anything. If you want to buy a mobile phone that is practical and practical, and you don't want to study the configuration of the model, it's right to buy an iPhone.

Whether to buy a word or not

If you are a down-to-earth owner, you can buy an iPhone 11 and use it for 2-3 years. It's just that 5g application is mature and it's not too late to change it.

If you are a troublemaker, you can buy it this year and change it next year. In fact, the cost is not too high. Maybe that's the charm of the iPhone. No matter who you are, no matter what you want, it can make you feel more or less like that.

The mobile phone market is full and the lack of 5g features really embarrasses the position of the iPhone 11.

But the negative effects of these factors are actually reflected in the price of iPhone 11 approaching 4000 yuan.

You know, iPhone X has been on the market for a long time. I bought the iPhone 8 plus for 5999 yuan. Today's iPhone 11 has fallen to an affordable price.

Or that sentence, there are no unsold products, only unsold prices.

You think the iPhone 11 sucks, and so do others, so it's cheaper and more cost-effective.

You think the iPhone 12 is good, so do others. For the first generation of iPhone that supports 5g, the potential upgrade demand of fruit powder will be overstocked. The price may be very strong.

Figure affordable wait to see double 11, broken 4000 can start. If you pay special attention to 5g and wait for 12, the price difference between the two will probably reach 2000 yuan or even higher.

If most of them are WiFi applications, the iPhone 11 is not worthless. The key is to look at the price.


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