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Samsung Galaxy note20 series leads five new ecological products

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The Samsung Galaxy note20 series, with strong productivity, works closely with the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem,With flexible and convenient Internet experience, users' life will be enriched and efficient

5 August 2020, Samsung Electronics officially launched a new generation of smart products in South Korea, These include samsung Galaxy Note20, the [1]'s most powerful Galaxy Note smartphone so far, and samsung, the smartwatch that brings more intelligent health management experience to samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7、 a multi-functional tablet computer that further boosts productivity and creativity. Samsung Galaxy Watch3、 has high-quality sound effects and stylish looks, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live、, a wireless Bluetooth headset that is also more ergonomic, and a new, upgraded, foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold2. Samsung Five different categories of new products at the same time, Not only brings a new upgrade to the mobile smart terminal experience, And built a powerful Galaxy ecosystem, For consumers to work and life to bring more efficient and quality experience, In order to more freely cope with this rapidly changing era.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung Galaxy Watch3, Samsung Galaxy Note20Ultra and Samsung

Samsung's most powerful Galaxy Note line so fa

The new Samsung Galaxy note20 series smartphone is not only a productivity tool for office experience, but also a professional game experience for users in their spare time. The Samsung Galaxy note20 series has launched two products, both of which are designed to help users improve their work efficiency. Among them, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra is designed for users who pursue strong performance and excellent productivity experience, while Samsung Galaxy note20 is designed for more users who want to freely switch between work and life.


Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra and Samsung Galaxy note20

Help work and further improve office efficiency

Today, with the diversification of work, entertainment and social networking, users are also more likely to expect smart devices to bring a richer and more flexible experience. On this basis, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series significantly increased productivity, enhanced S Pen and upgraded Samsung notes will further enhance the user's experience. In addition to mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7's S Pen and Samsung notes are also upgraded synchronously, allowing users to change their way of working and handle more transactions anytime and anywhere.

S pen has always been popular with Samsung Galaxy Note Series users. On the Samsung Galaxy note20 series, the enhanced s pen further improves the accuracy of strokes [2] and the response speed when writing, making the writing experience closer to the real experience. With the enhanced version of s pen, users can not only have a real pen and paper writing experience, but also draw inspiration from s pen records at any time. Not only that, the five new gesture commands of space separation operation also bring more remote control interaction modes. For example, users can return to the main screen or screen capture by simply turning their wrists, so they can have more control experience without touching the mobile phone.

We often encounter situations where we need to work together on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops. In order to make it easier for users to share files across devices, the upgraded version of Samsung notes brings new automatic saving and synchronization functions to help users avoid file loss. Moreover, if the user's document is half edited on the mobile phone, the user can continue to complete the editing after switching to the tablet computer. On the basis of converting handwriting into electronic text, the upgraded version of Samsung notes can also intelligently adjust the angle of handwriting. If the computer is not around and needs to process documents temporarily, users can edit, annotate or highlight PDF directly through the upgraded Samsung notes. Especially for users who often attend meetings or take notes in class, the new voice tag function allows users to directly play back the recording of corresponding period by tapping the relevant words in the notes. Finally, in order to make heavy note users enjoy a more efficient experience, file management similar to the form of computer folder can also help users easily manage and find previously saved notes.

Enabling entertainment, making life more quality

Samsung Galaxy note20 series is also equipped with Samsung's best screen to date, with better performance and a first-class interactive experience. In addition, Samsung Galaxy note20 series also has professional image strength, which can not only take wonderful photos and produce movie grade professional video, but also provide users with cutting-edge multi task processing experience.

Samsung Galaxy note20 series is equipped with super large display screen and high-performance processor, AI plus game accelerator and other experience Optimization for game lovers, so that users can take out their mobile phones anytime and anywhere to enjoy the pleasure of playing games.

Samsung Galaxy note20 series can record 8K ultra-high resolution video with 21:9 picture scale and 24 frames. Through the powerful Pro video mode, users can further set the zoom speed, audio, exposure, brightness and other parameters, and even can set 120 FPS Full HD image quality to easily shoot professional movie level video. In addition, users can also control and adjust the receiving direction and sound source volume of the galaxy note20 series microphone, or switch between the body microphone and the peripheral microphone to ensure that the sound can be recorded more clearly in different environments. When used with Samsung Galaxy buses live, it can also achieve noise reduction effect during shooting, further ensuring the sound source quality in the video [3].

The new Samsung DEX [4] can connect the Samsung Galaxy note20 series to the smart TV in a wireless way, and can also perform different task processing between the two screens of the Samsung Galaxy note20 series mobile phone and the smart TV. For example, users can share video on the TV and continue to interact with friends on the mobile phone.

Inherit the powerful performance of Galaxy series

Samsung Galaxy Note Series has always been the representative of high-end flagship. The new Samsung Galaxy note20 series also continues this tradition and brings a more powerful experience to users.

This time, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series uses the most outstanding high performance processor in the current Samsung Galaxy Note series, with advanced cutting-edge innovation technology and first-class mobile experience, but also inherits the high-end, classic iconic design. Samsung's Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20Ultra have adopted the new fog gold colo

Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra is the first product in the galaxy note series to carry the second generation of dynamic AMOLED screen supporting 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate [5]. At the same time, the dynamic adaptive refresh rate technology can also automatically adjust the screen refresh rate according to what the user is watching to further extend the battery life [6]. With the support of smart battery technology and accelerated charging technology, users can fill up more than 50% of their power in 30 minutes [7], so they don't have to worry about the problem of insufficient power.

Under 5g network, users can also enjoy more outstanding network communication experience in the process of using. No matter download, search or watch live online, users can enjoy the super high-speed high-quality experience simply by clicking on the screen. Samsung Galaxy note20 series also supports Wi Fi 6 network [8], and optimizes various streaming media services to further guarantee the network stability of users. In addition, with the support of Samsung Knox mobile security platform, the security of Samsung Galaxy note20 series is very guaranteed both in software and hardware, so that users can use it at ease.

For the first time, Samsung has applied ultra-wideband technology to Galaxy devices. As a result of the technology, Samsung Galaxy Note20Ultra new

Samsung Galaxy ecosystem unlock new experience

The seamless cooperation between the end products and services of Samsung Electronics not only enhances the user's experience in work and entertainment, but also enhances the user's smooth experience in handling important affairs. The experience of matching the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series with other new products Galaxy by Samsung will be enhanced, including Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7、 Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and Samsung These cutting-edge devices enrich the experience of mobile phones, allowing users to work more intelligently, enjoy entertainment, live healthier lives, and communicate more freely.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7, Multifunctional Tablets with Powerful Productivity and Creativity

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7 is a combination of computer power, tablet light portable and mobile phone intelligent interconnection as one of the two multi-functional tablets.


Galaxy Tab S7 for Samsung

To give users a more efficient office experience, samsung's Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7, with its powerful processors, excellent peripheral keyboards (which are sold separately) and enhanced S Pen,, has generated as much computer-like productivity as the samsung Galaxy Note20 series. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the entertainment experience, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7 adopted 120 Hz refresh rate of immersive screen. Plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, with a 12.4-inch super-large Super AMOLED screen is better suited to users who want to work, entertain or present ideas with larger screens.

Besides strong product performance and experience, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7 can easily interconnect across devices. When using Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7 as an extended screen for Samsung computer [10], users can also choose to copy or expand mode [11] according to their preferences or habits. Moreover, with Samsung notes, S Pen、 keyboard support cover and Bluetooth mouse and other functions or accessories, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7 productivity will be further improved, so that users enjoy a more perfect use experience.

Samsung Galaxy watch 3, high quality smart watch with more advanced features

Samsung Galaxy watch 3 is a new generation of fitness partner, it can help users manage daily affairs, achieve fitness goals, and control health status. The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 uses high-quality materials and a more fashionable and fashionable rotating watch ring, which not only has the luxury watch technology, but also is comfortable to wear all day long. As a result, Samsung Galaxy watch 3 is not only eye-catching in appearance, but also has its built-in health management center with Samsung's more perfect health monitoring function so far.

Through the blood oxygen saturation function, users can measure or track oxygen saturation in real time [12]. If a user falls down outdoors or at home, the fall monitoring function will automatically send SOS assistance information to the emergency contact [13]. The running analysis function can also help users improve their running posture, optimize the running effect and reduce sports injuries. For users who love aerobic exercise, Samsung Galaxy watch3 can also monitor the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max), so that users can deeply master the exercise state [14]. In addition, for users who like to exercise at home, Samsung health app also provides more than 120 kinds of exercise videos to help users gain a comprehensive and upgraded fitness experience.


Samsung Galaxy watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy buses live

Samsung Galaxy buses live, a wireless Bluetooth headset with stylish appearance and amazing sound quality

The Latest Form of Samsung Real Wireless Earphone

Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 breaks through again, creating unlimited possibilities

After the release of three foldable devices, Samsung listened carefully to users' feedback on demand upgrading and new functions, and further optimized and upgraded Samsung Galaxy Z fold2, which not only has the convenience and strong performance like a smartphone, but also brings the screen size experience like a tablet computer. Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 enables users to enjoy more outstanding productivity and more perfect folding screen experience no matter in unfolding or folding state. Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 is equipped with two ultra narrow frame aperture screens, the outer screen is 6.2 inches, and the internal main screen is 7.6 inches [15]. Thanks to its fashionable design and exquisite craftsmanship, Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 brings two amazing colors of turquoise ink and misty gold. In order to satisfy the users who pursue outstanding taste, Samsung will cooperate with Thom Browne, a famous fashion brand in New York, to launch the limited edition of Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 Thom Browne. It is believed that with Galaxy Z fold2, Samsung will continue to shape more possibilities for the entire foldable product line.


Samsung Galaxy Z fold2

This time, Samsung Galaxy Note20 provides fog gold, ice thin charge, cold ash three colors; Samsung Galaxy Note20Ultra provides fog gold, obsidian black, white three colors; Samsung Galaxy Tab S7|Tab S7 offers two colors of fog gold and obsidian black. 5 August 2020, Samsung Galaxy new products officially launched the Samsung pioneer plan, Consumers can go to Samsung online Mall (www.samsungeshop.com. cn) to participate in the event, Customers who have successfully ordered new Samsung Galaxy products, Will enjoy August 15 priority shipping exclusive rights, At the same time, you can also get Samsung pioneer commemorative coins ,12 interest-free stages and other pleasant surprises, Download Samsung Mall APP participate in the event and more exclusive courtesy, Ancestors have Samsung Galaxy new products to bring innovative experience.

For more information about Samsung's latest Galaxy devices and specifications, please visit news.samsung.com/galaxy , www.samsungmobilepress.com Or www.samsung.com/galaxy 。

[1] As of the launch date of Samsung Galaxy note20 series products

[2] Compared with Samsung Galaxy note10

[3] Compatible with Bluetooth or usb-c accessories, purchased separately

[4] Samsung DEX wireless connection requires smart TV to support miracast function, and both devices must be on the same Wi Fi network. Samsung DEX provides an optimized experience for Samsung smart TVs launched after 2019.

[5]WQHD resolution is not compatible Hz 120 screen refresh rate

[6] In this case, the average service life is the expected performance. The actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features used, call frequency, voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Under different conditions, the results may be different.

[7] Based on the results of Samsung's internal laboratory tests, the standard charger is used for charging when the remaining power is 0% and all services, functions and screens are turned off. The actual charging rate may vary depending on other factors and equipment.

[8] Available only where Wi Fi 6 is supported. Whether Wi Fi 6 is supported may vary by country, operator, and user environment.

[9] Alignment sharing is only valid between Samsung devices that support UWB. The availability of UWB functionality may vary depending on the market and / or applicable law.

[10] Compatible with windows 10 based Samsung Galaxy Book flex, Samsung Galaxy Book flex alpha, Samsung Galaxy Book ion, Samsung Galaxy book s and Samsung notebook plus.

[11] this function requires Windows 10 computers and Windows 10 2004 or later. (Windows Update: September 2020 or later) Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 will support this feature by additional firmware updates later this year.

[12] The equipment and related software are not applicable to the diagnosis of diseases or other symptoms, nor to the treatment, remission, cure or prevention of diseases. SpO2 will not be available after the launch and will be launched in the third quarter of 2020. This function needs to be updated with software. This feature is currently not available in Algeria, Angola, Canada, France, Iran, Libya, Japan, South Africa or Thailand.

[13] The fall monitoring function can identify falls in dynamic motion rather than static state. Notify emergency contacts that a network connection is required. The interference of buildings on satellite signal may affect the accuracy of GPS.

[14] The running analysis function and VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake) function will not be used after the conference and will be launched in the third quarter. This function needs to be updated with software.

[15] The screen size is measured according to the diagonal line. Due to the screen fillet design and the camera part with hole under the screen, the actual screen area is small.

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