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Behind the e-signature: Tencent, ants, byte jumping contest

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By Liu Kuang

Source: Liu Kuang (ID: liukuang110)

After ant technology invested in e-signature and Tencent support law, the electronic signature market ushered in a new capital giant.

Recently, byte skipping has launched an online contract signing platform called "electronic pull". The intention to enter the field of electronic signature is very obvious. According to the official introduction, the online contract signing platform "e-traction" can sign electronic documents in electronic form through password technology, providing online signing services for leasing contracts, cooperation agreements, procurement contracts, labor contracts and other businesses.

Obviously, the battle of Internet giants has been burning from retail, social networking, video and other fields to the electronic signature industry market, and the rush of capital also indirectly shows the potential of the electronic signature market.

Speed up of electronic signature Market

It can be said that the comprehensive popularization of the Internet, digital economy, paperless revolution and other environmental factors continue to promote the popularization of E-contract service.

On the one hand, electronic signature is the product of the times and technology, and everyone

On the other hand, in recent years, the favorable policies of electronic signature have been continuously carried out, and the state strongly supports to let the electronic signature market cover all walks of life.

It is reported that since 2019, the General Administration of customs, the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of human resources and social security and other government departments have issued documents saying that they should strengthen the application of electronic signature technology, making e-signature a fish in the water in the government affairs market The general office of the Ministry of human resources and social security issued a related announcement on July 1, saying that under the condition of consensus between employers and workers, written labor contracts can be concluded in electronic form.

If we say that the support from the policy level makes the whole e-signature market lively. Then, the capital invests a huge amount of money in the head manufacturers, which is an important reason to accelerate the development of the electronic signature market directly, and the electronic signature market will usher in a period of strong demand explosion.

According to the online public data, in 2016, there were 19 financing events in the electronic signature market, and then the top enterprises such as e-signature and Shangshang all ushered in c-round financing. In August 2018, shangshangshang completed the c-round financing of RMB 358 million; in October 2019, E-Sign completed the c-round financing of RMB 650 million, so far, the total financing of e-sign-bao reached 855 million.

Under the superposition of multiple favorable conditions, the electronic signature market is booming.

According to the report, the E-contract market is in the stage of rapid development, while the electronic certification certificate also maintains a rapid growth. The current market scale is growing at an explosive speed. The overall market will reach 1.57 billion in 2018 and 3.61 billion in 2019, with a growth rate of 129.9%. It is estimated that the scale of the E-contract market will exceed 10 billion in 2021.

In the digital era, with the comprehensive popularization of the Internet market, people's dependence on the network, the favorable time, place and people, electronic signature has become a business normal. The huge market dividend also attracts Tencent, ant, byte jump and other giants to join the competition. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the market Matthew effect is becoming more and more intense.

E-signing, France dada and the winners

Among all the entrants, e-Lottery and FA Da Da are the most dazzling.

The electronic signature SaaS service platform launched by Hangzhou Tiangu Information Technology in 2002 e signed treasure, mainly to provide customers with electronic signature, data storage and other basic services and electronic contracts, legal services and other application-level services, and set up

Today, e-check-out has grown into a big tree from a small sapling, and the ants also extend olive branches.

In the recommended catalogue of digital enabling service products and activities for small and medium-sized enterprises (phase II), e-signature e-signing SaaS service has been selected into the recommended list of network and data security, and is the only enterprise selected in the field of electronic signature. Moreover, according to the report "special analysis of China's E-contract market 2019" by the well-known third-party research institution ANSYS, e-sign-bao ranks first with 33.85% market share in China's Internet E-contract market.

In the electronic signature market with many experts, E-Sign has its own advantages when it is favored and invested by ant technology and has achieved the best results in the industry.

As the pioneer of electronic signature industry, e-signature has good service and high efficiency. E-signature has a mature SaaS service function system, which can complete the service closed-loop from contract drafting to contract initiation, notice sending, contract signing, contract filing management, certificate storage and certificate issuing without docking, downloading and installation, creating a good signing experience for b-end users.

In addition, e-signature products are comprehensive and qualified, which is relatively safe and reliable, so it has captured many partners. After years of hard work, E-Sign has already formed four product systems with the core of electronic signature, data storage certificate, electronic contract and legal service. Based on the protection of high security and strong technical competitiveness, E-Sign has fully guaranteed the legal effect of contracts.

It is reported that as of June 2019, the cumulative number of individual users of E-Sign has exceeded 210 million, more than 289 service enterprises, and the total number of signatures and seals has exceeded 7.5 billion times. E-signature partners cover real estate, finance, e-government, health care, tourism, education, e-commerce and other industries. And Alipay, Ali cloud, nail, SONY, Huaxia Bank, Hikvision, Geely, Budweiser, have established a deep cooperation relationship.

In a word, e-signature has won a place in the electronic signature industry with its good product service and reliable qualification. However, at present, in China's Internet E-contract market, data privacy and E-contract security are still being criticized, and e-signer, Fada and other leading manufacturers are chasing after each other.

Old problems and new challenges

The market potential of E-Sign is very large, and there are many problems. E-Sign is the first, but there are also some hidden worries.

Signing a contract is related to the real operation of the enterprise, customer information and other core confidential information. Whether it is a paper contract or an electronic contract, confidentiality measures and security measures are very important. Similarly, with the dividend of the digital revolution, issues such as electronic contract security and data privacy have become the standards for enterprises to consider e-signature enterprises.

According to the open network data, the scale of China's digital economy has reached 31.3 trillion yuan in 2018, accounting for 34.8% of GDP. In the process of industrial transformation and upgrading promoted by digital technology, the importance of information security has become increasingly prominent. In addition, AI media consulting's "special research report on electronic signature industry in 2018-2019" shows that when enterprise users choose an electronic signature platform, the compliance and security of the system rank as the primary consideration with 46.8%.

For the sake of security, some enterprises are deterred from electronic signature, which is also the reason for the lack of market penetration. According to some data, the penetration rate of electronic signature in the whole Chinese market is not high. In 2018, the penetration rate of electronic signature market in China is less than 1%.

Of course, market chaos is also a hindrance to market development

For e-sign-on, in addition to further enrich the product camp and refine SaaS technology, so as to dispel customers' worries about intelligent contract security and data privacy, it is also very important to keep away from head enterprises such as Fada and shangshangshang.

After all, there is a possibility of reshuffle in the market. According to the survey data of Yiguan, the first echelon composed of e-signpost, Fada and shangshangshang accounted for 33.85%, 20.50% and 15.20% of the market share respectively, while the market share of other camps such as contract lock, Jingge Xinbiao and yiqitong was 30.45%. Now byte skipping is coming in again. Behind this electronic signature, Tencent, ant technology, byte skipping and other giants are competing.

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