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PS5/Xbox host with fire game TV, e-commerce manufacturers to follow up

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120Hz、144Hz、240Hz... high refresh rate has become a synonym for fluency.

Mobile phones, monitors and TVs have used high swipe screen, especially mobile phone manufacturers, who are not equipped with high swipe screens, are embarrassed to call them flagship mobile phones.

After the release of ps5 and Xbox series X, TV manufacturers began to launch game TV with high refresh rate.

So what can high brush TV bring us? Do we really need high-quality TVs?

What are the benefits of a high refresh rate?

High swipe screen was first widely used in the e-sports display screen.

Compared with the ordinary screen with 60Hz refresh rate, the 144hz high refresh rate video game screen can display more picture information per unit time because of its higher refresh rate. The specific performance is that the movement of objects in the screen is more coherent and there is less dragging.

So this is very important for all kinds of FPS competitive games which test the reaction speed extremely.

On mobile phones, high screen swiping brings a smoother experience.

What we see most on the mobile phone are all kinds of pictures and article information. When we swipe the screen high, we can slide through the pictures and text, and when we slide the UI of the system, we can feel more fluent with the naked eye.

This is why mobile phones with the same hardware configuration use high brush screens more smoothly than ordinary screens.

On television, the high refresh rate can make the video more smooth, reducing the number of Catton watching continuous motion pictures.


Why is it only now that TV is on the high screen?

Since the high refresh rate can bring us a better experience, why has the computer monitor been used with high swipe for a long time, and mobile phones have already begun to popularize high swipe screen, but the pace of high swiping screen on the oldest TV is really the slowest?

One of the most important reasons is that the frame rate of most video resources is not high.Movies are usually shot at 24 frames per second, or 24Hz. The frame rate of live TV programs is usually 30 or 60 frames.

Some people may have doubts about why PC games with frame rate lower than 60 can obviously feel stuck when playing, and why the frame rate of movies is only 24 frames, but it doesn't seem to be stuck.

This is because of the introduction of dynamic blur in film shooting, each frame records the light and shadow information in a period of time, and 3D game is the real-time rendering of 3D model shape / position.

The human eye can pass

The game recorded less motion information per frame, so we can only increase the game frame rate and motion information, so that we can

Although most movies and TV series only need 30 frames, we can still feel the jam and incoherence brought by low frame rate when watching football, racing car and other resources with high-speed sports pictures.

How to convert low frame rate video into high frame rate video? This requires the motion compensation algorithm of MEMC.

MEMC algorithm can calculate the motion track between two adjacent frames, and then insert the calculated frame between the two frames, so as to improve the frame rate and make the picture more fluent. And MEMC is real-time.

So, having a higher refresh rate isn't just a high-brush screen, but also algorithms and hardware support. Otherwise, empty has a high brush screen, can not bring experience enhancement.


Is it really necessary to buy high refresh rate TV?

So, is it necessary to buy high refresh rate TV at this stage? My personal opinion is, if you are not a big family, then there is no need.

First of all, there are very few high frame rate videos at this stage. What can be called "Billy Lynn's midfield story" and "twin killers" directed by Ang Lee. Most of the resources are still 24 to 60 frames.

If you want to experience high frame rate video, you can only rely on MEMC algorithms.

Moreover, the high frame rate video inserted by MEMC is certainly not comparable to the original high frame rate video, and it is a test of the technical strength of TV manufacturers. The optimization degree of each algorithm is different, which leads to the difference in the final results.

In addition, the high refresh rate TVs on the market now mostly use 4K resolution. If you're going to buy a screen for the ps5 and Xbox series X, let alone whether these two next-generation mainframes can run 4K 120Hz.

It is also a problem that the TV branch does not support external input 4K 120Hz,At present, many game TVs on the market say they support 4K 120Hz, but they use hdmi2.0 interface. The bandwidth of hdmi2.0 is small and can only support 4K 60Hz at most.

If you want to transmit 4K 120Hz, you must use hdmi2.1 interface. Of course, you can also choose to reduce the resolution to get a higher refresh rate, but this completely wastes the 4K panel of TV.


In short, at this stage, when you buy a 4K 120Hz TV, it's hard to experience the real strength of this TV, because all kinds of resources can't keep up with it.

Although now each family is also trying to promote the popularity of high refresh rate video, and has begun to 8K 120Hz efforts.

It's just that when high-speed video is really popular, it's estimated that several TV stations will be changed.

What's more, the prices of high-speed TVs are not cheap at this stage. It's better to buy an echo wall to make up for the sound quality of the TV.


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