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Who can dominate the wireless headset market between Samsung and apple

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At 22:00 on August 5, Beijing time, the new product launch of Samsung Galaxy officially began.

Samsung launched its autumn flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note20,Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and the second generation folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Z Fold2 at the launch.

So as an editor of the audio channel, let's talk about a brand new headset from Samsung's Galaxy launch Galaxy Buds new product

Galaxy Buds Live's not a Galaxy Buds upgrade,It's a brand new category. Its appearance has also been redesigned. It's totally different from the previous products. In addition, Galaxy budds live also has the function of active noise reduction.

This is like the relationship between Apple's airpods and its airpods pro.


Galaxy Buds Live new headset has three colors: black, white, gold, the shape of the headset looks like a broad bean from a distance, such a design can make the headset perfect fit cochlea, such a design is really rare.

From the picture, Samsung Galaxy buses live is very natural to wear, which is also a point that ordinary smart headphones can't match.

It is very ergonomic design, can meet the needs of different users, but also can reduce external interference, bring more immersive experience. It's official to say that galaxy budds live won't hurt for a day.

In terms of service life, the longest service life of the headset can be up to 6 hours. With the use of the charging box, the battery life can reach 21 hours. Moreover, the headset supports wireless charging, or the reverse wireless charging on Samsung mobile phone can be used to charge the headset. The headset can play continuously for one hour after charging for five minutes.

The main Galaxy buses live supports noise reduction as well as airpods pro,Galaxy budds live is the first true wireless headset to support open active noise reduction, reducing background noise without missing important information such as voice and notification.

Galaxy Budd live is no exception. It is equipped with the 12 mm speaker tuned by AKG, which is combined with ergonomic design to bring wide sound effect. The large driver and bass tube can let you enjoy the deep and full bass effect.


When many people see Galaxy buddies live or other models of Samsung true wireless headphones, they will find that the series products of Samsung true wireless headphones are tuned by AKG. The first reaction may be that Samsung acquired Harman international for the help of AKG. In fact, this is not the case. Why do we look at it together.

Why does Samsung cooperate with AKG?

This is a long, long time ago story, in fact, not long ago.

Samsung is a real world playeAnd it's cash (I have to lament that Samsung is so rich).

Harman international is also a big company, and its brands are well known to all, such as AKG, JBL, Harman carton, mark Levinson, etc.

In fact, Samsung's acquisition of Haman International to build headphones is not the main task of the acquisition, but a replica task.

The main purpose of Samsung's acquisition of Harman international is: Samsung is ready to start making efforts in the field of automobile interconnection; Haman international has the automotive solution of Internet of things, and Samsung wants to rely on Haman International's technology to catch up with Google's achievements in automobile.


Since there are very powerful audio manufacturers under the three series, in order to improve the sound quality of their real wireless earphones and bring more perfect headphone products to users, it is also normal for Samsung to cooperate with its outstanding audio manufacturers such as AKG.

Samsung and Apple in Real Wireless Earphones

In 2014, apple purchased beats electronics and beats music for $3 billion, and Apple also had a small calculation in mind.

In fact, in addition to the purpose of technological innovation, the main purpose of beats acquisition is to make its own itune radio better. Samsung and apple are the same, the purpose of the acquisition is not to build audio products, but to have another plan.

After the acquisition, apple acquired the achievements of beats in headphones. Three years after Apple completed its acquisition of beats, Apple launched the first generation of true wireless headset airpods.

After the release of airpods, the real wireless market began to become hot. Major mobile phone manufacturers are launching their own real wireless products, and the real wireless headset has become the most popular product in the headset market.

Actually, every family has real wireless headset products, but it should be Apple's AirPods series.

As Apple's competitor, Samsung can't watch the big cake of the real wireless headset market be snatched away by apple, so it has to launch its own real wireless headset.

After the acquisition of Haman International, Samsung also got many of its audio brands, and Samsung's vice chairman said that Haman International perfectly filled Samsung's technical and product vacancies.

So if Samsung wants to launch a real wireless headset with great sound quality, it has to seek cooperation with its brands.

In April 2018, Samsung launched the AKG Galaxy Buds, which was launched in China's mainland market, and began competing with Apple's AirPods.

At the end of October, 19, Apple released the airpods pro, which has more noise reduction function than the ordinary earphone.

Samsung, Apple's old rival, did n' t want to show off, releasing a Galaxy Buds Live. on Aug.5,2020 to AKG the noise-reducing features of the tune


The two giant enterprises not only compete in the mobile phone market, but also compete in the real wireless headset market.

But I don't think Samsung users will buy airpods. After all, the pop-up window and other functions of airpods can't be realized on Android phones. If you want to get a more perfect use experience, Samsung users should buy Galaxy budds.

Yet Apple users can eat both sets of headphones, iPhone can Samsung? them Galaxy? Buds application, that is, the mobile phone and Samsung Galaxy? can be easily realized fast connection of Buds series headphones.

Write it at the end

The main purpose of the acquisition of the two companies is to have other plans, and both want to make use of beats or Hamann international in other fields.

Creating a more perfect real wireless headset and other music products for yourself through the technology accumulation of the two companies is just taking advantage of the acquired company

I think that no matter how the two companies compete, the ultimate benefit is our ordinary consumers. The more fierce the competition between the two companies, the more perfect the products will be.


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