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Uncover game version number trading: a version number 300000 false agreement to evade regulation

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Securities Times reporter Zhilan

On August 1, more than 30000 apps were removed from Apple's app store in China, including nearly 27000 game apps. At this point, the long-standing Apple will be off the shelf no version of the game finally came to the ground, and its implementation even exceeded the industry's expectations.

Apple app store to the version number requirements, undoubtedly raised the operational threshold of the game industry, in the version number approval strict background, the game version number has become a scarce resource in the market. Securities Times reporter investigation found that the current game industry exists a large number of trading, linked to the number of acts.

30000 titles of no format games off the shelves

Information from multiple data platforms shows that the number of apps off the shelves in China has increased significantly since August. For example, on August 1, there were 31388 off the shelves of Apple's app store in China, including 26961 game apps; on August 4, 5589 game apps were taken off the shelves again, totaling more than 30000 game apps in two days.

Most of the game applications off the shelves are free applications, but they contain in-house items. Among them, leisure puzzle games account for the largest proportion. For example, of the 27000 games that were taken off the shelves on August 1, nearly 10000 of them were leisure puzzle games. The off shelf products include some games with good market performance. According to the statistics of Securities Times reporters, among the products that have been taken off the shelves recently, five game applications have been ranked in the top 100 of the download list.

In the same period, Apple App Store in Japan, the United States, South Korea and other places have not occurred large-scale removal phenomenon. Reporters to a number of industry insiders to verify that the off-shelf game application and Apple issued in the first half of the audit policy.

In the first half of this year, Apple has been modifying Apple's application for uploading post audit requirements, which requires apple to submit the approval number issued in Chinese mainland or offer App game items before June 30th.

After the release of the regulation, although the industry has repeatedly heard that Apple will be off the shelves of the game, but the large-scale off the shelf has not occurred. In fact, until this time a large number of game applications have been removed from the shelves, many practitioners still believe that Apple will only require the version number of the newly launched games, but will not remove a large number of online games without version numbers.

The reporter noted that some of the off shelf products were released the latest version until the end of July and even early August, and the new version was taken off the shelf soon after it was put on the shelves. Obviously, the strength and scope of the offline products exceeded the expectations of game enterprises.

Sale of Unveiled Edition

As early as this time, the major android app stores in China have required the game to submit the version number before it is put on the shelves. And Apple's app store has taken the no format game off the shelves, which means that the way to put the game directly on the mainstream app store has been blocked.

However, this does not mean that no version of the game will completely disappear from the domestic game market. The reporter learned that there are many in the market engaged in the number of trading intermediary agencies, many no version of the game, through the purchase of version number, application version number and other ways illegal online operation.

Because the game name should match the software copyright, edition number information, therefore, the enterprise that buys edition number, its game product name should be consistent with the edition number game name that buys.

The name of a game sold in the market is often difficult to match the buyer's demand. Therefore, the buyer usually can only choose one game which is closest to its own product name and purchase its version number. The intermediary agency will also provide multiple names for selection.

In the name of looking for quadratic element game version number, the reporter commissioned the intermediary to look for the version number that matched quadratic element, and the other side then recommended to the reporter three game names that were being sold. Then the reporter through the official website of the State Press and publication Administration, found the registration information of the 3 games.

Information shows that the first time to obtain the version number of the three games is May 2017, and the latest is February 2019. One of the games, operated by Nanjing Cultural Development Co., Ltd., has as many as 27 games with a version number, which was obtained from December 2016 to June 2017.

Industrial and commercial information shows that the company's business scope includes the design, production and agency of various kinds of advertising, the use of information network business game products, game software technology development and technology promotion. The reporter found that there are a number of games in the market with the company's version name, but the operator is not the company, suspected to be using the company's version number products.

Since 2018, the domestic game version number approval tightened, the number of monthly version number is limited, game version number illegal trading is gradually active. Enter in the search engine

The buyers of game version numbers are mainly small-scale enterprises with incomplete qualifications, and it is difficult to obtain the game version number through formal means. However, most of the sellers obtained the version number when the examination and approval of the game version number was relaxed a few years ago. At present, there is no actual operation of game products and profits are made by selling idle version numbers.

Supervision departments increase investigation and punishment

Under the current game examination and approval system of our country, buying and selling the game version number and replacing the name on the shelf operation, bypassing the supervision and audit, obviously belongs to the illegal behavior. However, with the involvement of intermediaries, buyers and sellers will otherwise make the transaction look legal and compliant.

About concerns about regulatory inspections and app store audits,

Sun Nuo said that many of the current market sold version numbers were approved before 2018, most of these version numbers have been sold short-term, used, in app stores, the Internet has left a record.

For illegal trading version number regulatory issues, Sun Nuo introduced, the current investigation of the set number behavior mainly rely on regulatory spot checks, as well as reports.

At the regulatory level, during the China joy held this year, Feng Shixin, deputy director of the Publishing Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, said that in the first half of this year, nearly 100 types of games with illegal behaviors were found, involving issues such as illegal operation, illegal operation, etc.

With the strengthening of supervision, the illegal trading of edition number may be curbed in the future.

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