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Lack of funds on the cloud? Come Huawei Cloud "cloud flash loan" installment payment easy transformation

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As an industrial researcher, communication with enterprises is a part of daily work, and there are many topics to talk about. From enterprise cloud to industrial Internet, from digital transformation to intelligent upgrading, they are basically inseparable from the problems faced by enterprises in the process of development.

However, different from previous years, after the epidemic, the most obvious feeling is that enterprises have become more positive towards the transformation. The author analyzes that, on the one hand, the practicability and subversive performance of emerging technologies have conquered enterprises. On the other hand, affected by the weak domestic and external demand caused by the epidemic, enterprises began to consider the use of new technologies to innovate the traditional production management mode, so as to achieve the goal of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. Especially for small and micro enterprises and individuals, the scale of capital flow is small, and it is easy to be affected by the epidemic and lead to the fracture of the capital chain. For them, the biggest challenge is to survive and seek transformation.


Subsidy on the cloud OK, OK! But that's not what we want.

Recently, some researchers visited Xiamen to learn that Xiamen small and micro enterprises, driven by the local government, rely on Huawei (Xiamen) DevCloud innovation center to create an intelligent manufacturing cloud, small and micro enterprises are actively promoting business cloud. During the past year, more than 400 local small and micro enterprises have been on the cloud, using Huawei Cloud software and tools directly. Since there is no need to build a computer room, no special IT operation and maintenance personnel, and no need to buy expensive industrial software, the IT input cost of small and micro enterprises is greatly reduced.

However, even if the price of resources provided by Huahua to the cloud has been very low, there are still many small and micro enterprises that are unable to go to the cloud because of financial difficulties. Among the enterprises that have been put into the cloud, some of them have applied for government subsidies to complete the cloud. This is obviously not a regional case, especially under the impact of the epidemic, this phenomenon is very common.

Through further communication with enterprises, we learned that although some small and micro enterprises have received government subsidies and completed the cloud, the effect of using them is very good and has obvious improvement on business development. However, it is difficult to further deepen the digital transformation and the subsequent capital investment. In the minds of these entrepreneurs, they do not want to rely on government subsidies to complete the transformation. What's more, they hope to continue to invest a part of the funds to support the digital transformation without affecting the capital flow.

Bank loans are not good, financing is difficult, the threshold is strict, and the interest rate is high

In June this year, the central bank, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other eight ministries jointly issued the "guidance on further strengthening financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises". There are two very important points mentioned, namely, to implement the credit support policy for the resumption of work and production of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to carry out the project of improving the financial service capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises of commercial banks. It is emphasized that the business focus and credit resources should be transferred from real estate and local government financing platform to the real economy such as small and medium-sized enterprises.

It should be said that this guidance is quite good, which is very suitable for the current small and micro enterprises' demand for funds and the objective economic reality. However, although the relevant departments have issued a lot of financial policies and measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to implement them, so that the financial services of small and medium-sized enterprises have become a stubborn disease.

The reasons are as follows: there are all kinds of resistance to eliminate interests in banks, the high requirements of loan conditions for small and micro enterprises, and the inability of small and micro enterprises to bear high interest rates. For banks, loans to small and micro enterprises must consider the revenue and repayment ability of enterprises, and need to have fixed assets as collateral. As a result, small and micro enterprises with difficulties in operation will not be able to pass the examination and evaluation.

It is also very important that many small and micro enterprises have to pay the due accounts or employees' wages to ensure the normal operation of the enterprises. However, it is difficult to invest the loan funds into the practice of digital transformation, and improve the efficiency by eliminating the inefficient production and management mode.

instalments, Huawei Cloud

The flash loan is a loan service launched by Huawei Cloud in cooperation with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It provides flexible and convenient installment service for small and micro enterprises after Huawei Cloud real name certification. It has


Lending process of cloud flash loan:

First, register as a Huawei cloud user (both individual and enterprise), with simple registration and low threshold; then, loan approval (the necessary threshold for bank credit); within 5 minutes at the earliest, you can obtain cloud payment credit with a maximum of 50W for individuals and 500W for enterprises;

In the repayment is also more flexible, can choose to pay monthly, the maximum can choose to install 36 months; annual payment, the maximum can be 3 years. Or the use of the year cloud flash loan. Cloud flash loan interest :1 year rate 2.61,2 year rate 2.48,3 year rate 2.43%(whichever is the bank repayment plan). And different payment methods enjoy different degrees of fee concessions.

The launch of cloud flash loan not only helps small and micro enterprises realize the precise docking of cloud demand and loan demand, but also reduces the loan threshold and capital demand pressure of small and micro enterprises, and the extremely low interest rate also makes small and micro enterprises affordable.

For more small and micro businesses, Huawei Cloud will open on Aug.12

With the advent of the digital economy era, industrial digitization and digital industrialization have become the core driving force of China's economic growth. As the largest group of enterprises, the digital transformation of small and micro enterprises determines the overall development level of China's digital economy. Huawei cloud and industrial and Commercial Bank of China jointly launched cloud flash loan, which precisely meets the current digital transformation needs of small and micro enterprises, and delivers the leading cloud capability to small and micro enterprises through inclusive finance, so as to promote the comprehensive development of China's digital economy in a more intimate way.

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