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Tesla starts the largest single casting machine model y in history

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Recently, some users have been working hard to get Tesla, but the official said they can't sell it, which has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Tesla positioning high-end has always refused to "assemble" cars. Musk said that model y will no longer adopt the "assembly" mode of model 3, and will start a giant casting machine for one-piece molding!


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What do you usually spell on Duoduo? Hair dryer, pan, have you ever thought about Tesla?

A group buying Tesla event on pinduoduo triggered the biggest melon in the circle!

Recently, it broke news that Tesla refused to deliver model 3 to pinduoduo group buying owners, and 250000 group buying Tesla's dream was shattered. You can buy a car, but you can't buy a car.

The reason for the refusal was that the merchants on pinduoduo had reduced the price of Tesla Model 3 to 251800 yuan at their own expense. Tesla's delivery specialist claimed that this activity was not in line with Tesla's delivery policy.

Tesla's official contract details clearly state that Tesla sells cars directly to end customers.

Pinduoduo made a response on this matter, "there is no order resale, which expresses regret and will support consumers to protect their rights.".

Pinduoduo and Tesla have this dispute mainly because pinduoduo's behavior disrupted Tesla's pricing system and affected Tesla's direct marketing strategy.

As for Tesla, its positioning is high-end products. It's hard to face such a low price.

In fact, Tesla has always hated car pooling.

New Zhiyuan Tesla launched the world's largest integrated casting machine, model y one-time molding small program

Tesla: I don't, I don't, I want it all in one

On August 5, Tesla's giant model y casting machine made its debut at the Fremont plant in California.

图片来源:TESMANIANSource: tesmanian

According to Tesla's news on August 13, Fremont factory will soon start the world's largest one-piece casting machine. This monster can greatly simplify the manufacturing process of model y and reduce the cost of large-scale production of Tesla again. Tesla, as the "price butcher", is really named.

It usually takes several years for a traditional automobile manufacturer to build four workshops -- stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. However, musk directly set up a shed when he met the capacity bottleneck.

This temporary "tent" is Tesla's production line. Musk personally stationed in the Tesla Fremont secret service factory, overseeing the war 24 hours and drinking Lhasa in it, making Tesla's weekly production capacity rapidly soar to 5000 vehicles.

Tesla's "devil like" production speed is obvious to all.

It is not a long-term plan to build tents to supervise the war. Musk did not place his hope on laying the floor every day, but constantly improving its manufacturing technology.

No, Tesla has launched a casting "beast", this time musk focuses on the body. The "model" will be squeezed.

Using the latest aluminum casting process, Tesla will reduce the casting parts of Tesla Model y from 70 to 4, and then to 1.

"We're going to use aluminum castings instead of a series of stampings," Musk said. We're going to go from 70 parts to 4 parts, then 1, reduce weight, improve MBH, reduce costs, and the capital expenditure of robots used to assemble 70 parts will be greatly reduced. ".

ModelModel 3 (above) body has 70 components, model y (below) has only 2 components

Tesla has made significant improvements to the production of model y, including this huge new casting artifact that can die cast most of the model y frame at one time.

Model y refused origami body, not afraid of face collision, not afraid of car crash

In the summer of 2019, Tesla company issued the patent of "automobile frame multi-directional monomer casting machine", which announced a new type of casting machine for Y-type vehicle.

The casting machine is designed to "reduce construction time, operating costs, manufacturing costs, factory operating costs, mold costs and / or number of equipment". Yes, you are right to reduce the cost of all links!

Tesla points out that the caster can reduce the number of casters needed to cast a frame and even build a "complete or substantially completed" frame.

An ordinary one-piece frame is composed of dozens of small parts, which are folded and cut by a giant die in the stamping machine, and then glued together by human or robot by glue or welding. It is like a huge origami. If it encounters severe impact, the probability of each part falling apart is very high.

Tesla's multidirectional monomer casting machine has finished most of the work of "folding" and "bonding".

This kind of die casting machine can reduce the number of casting machines or actual castings needed to cast complete or basically complete frame. Although it is mainly intended to cast the frame of model y as a whole, it is possible to cast 80% and 60% of them.

多向单体铸造机的部分剖视图Partial sectional view of multidirectional monomer casting machine铸造时,首先使第一顶出模具部分沿第一方向第一轴线朝向盖模部分一侧平移,接着平移第二顶出模具,盖模部分固定地定位在中心毂上。During casting, the first ejection mold part is shifted along the first direction, the first axis is toward the side of the cover mold part, and then the second ejection mold is translated, and the cover mold part is fixedly positioned on the center hub.

From saving production resources to improving vehicle performance, the integrated design will significantly reduce the weight of the body, thus improving the economy, handling, driving comfort and safety of the battery, because the integrated body can better absorb the impact energy in an accident, musk said.

Casting god beast is not "a man in battle", Tesla's intellectual revolution has already begun

In addition to this huge single casting machine, Tesla proposed a matching wiring solution last year.

The traditional automobile wiring is very complicated. Different wiring harness connects each different electronic component to a central power supply, and multiple wiring harness also need to communicate. In a traditional car, the total length of the wiring harness can reach several kilometers. Even Tesla's high-end model s has a total wiring harness length of 3 km.

These wiring harness usually consists of several flexible wires, which are lack of rigidity and need to be assembled on the vehicle by hand, which may be a complicated process.

Due to the need for lighting, air conditioning, power windows, etc., the more equipment, the more cables need to be laid. Slowly, the electronic wiring harness of the whole vehicle becomes bloated.

So Tesla proposed a new wiring scheme.

In this new cabling architecture, subsystems are packaged and defined as one or more components in some embodiments. For example, a door assembly may contain a controller (or hub) to control multiple devices, such as locking components, lighting components, audio components, and so on.

In addition to reducing the number and length of wiring required, the design of creating these components and connecting them to the main architecture will reduce the time required for final assembly, which is ideal for improving production efficiency in the vehicle manufacturing process.

The start-up of integrated casting and integrated wiring will significantly improve the quality and production speed of model y and reduce the cost.

In the past six months, Tesla Model 3 has topped the domestic sales list of new energy intelligent vehicles. Once this casting artifact is launched, the gap between Tesla and domestic automobile manufacturers will be further widened. Will the new domestic automobile manufacturing forces tremble?

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