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Samsung note20 Ultra: the screen is still top-notch, the stylus is worth blowing

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Samsung's Note line of phones represents the top screen in the landing ring, which has been used as an Android benchmark for many years. This year's Note series does n' t seem to be as vocal as it used to be, and it raises the question: can Samsung Note 20Ultra resist the title? Today, let's try to find out.


Judging from the appearance, Fang Zheng's fuselage is still very familiar with the taste, because the super-good screen, Note10 has been one of my main machine, so the expectation of Note 20Ultra is not small. Expensive, can not make up for the shortcomings of the product, will only let the flaw be infinitely magnified, the more expensive, the more to find out where it is expensive.


Comparison of product parameters


Samsung Note20Ultra the upper and lower border is still polished metal, the bottom of the opening and Note10 made a mirror flip, completely symmetrical, but the antenna position has tightened. In order to match the design of hyperbolic screen, the frame also adopts cylindrical arc shape.



As for why symmetrical design should be adopted, I guess it's because of this




Spen has always been the symbol of the note series. In addition to the conventional writing operation, it can also realize more space separation operations, including returning to the previous page, returning to the main screen, calling up the background, intelligent multiple screenshots and screenshot writing.


Note 10 for Samsung


Samsung note 20 ultra

Note20Ultra Spen input delays were reduced directly from 42 ms to 9 ms., in addition to the added handwriting feature Apple Pencial match iPad Pro also 9 ms. The lower the delay, the more following and the more real the experience. As to how they reduced the delay, only the understatement was given


Usually we use our fingers to play with mobile phones. In fact, there is a delay, but the operation of thick fingers, clicking and sliding is not as sensitive as the pen. The touch delay of Apple's flagship computers is generally 40 ms, and that of Android is 60-70 Ms. some game phones can be lower.

Why do you feel the delay? You write, the device processes, calculates the handwriting, and then displays it. The process takes time. The problem of touch delay is related to touch sampling rate, screen refresh rate and system level. Touch sampling rate, popular by game phones. Touch sampling rate refers to the number of touch actions sampled by the screen in a second, which is directly expressed by the chirality.


(Android response sequence application -- Framework -- Library -- kernel)


(IOS response sequence touch -- media -- Service -- core)

At the system level, Android is inherently inferior, and graphics processing is in the third place. IOS has the highest priority to the screen response, as long as touch the screen, the system will give priority to the screen display content. So in the Android camp, with a refresh rate of 120Hz, the screen reaches this 9ms, which is against the weather and is worth blowing.

I have an idea, buy more pens, play games will eat chicken?



As a whole, my favorite feature is this page text extraction feature, like nuts



Another killer of Samsung Note Series is the screen. The square fuselage is full of screen, and the tiny curved surface makes the border look narrower. The world's first seven generations of gorilla glass victus, scratch resistance is twice that of the sixth generation, there is a face inside. It seems that the hole in the front shot is also further reduced. It looks like a piece of transparent glass, and the visual impact is very strong.



Like Note10, Note20Ultra still held in hand like a piece of glass, transparent, bright. Official figures say Note20Ultra local maximum of 1500 nit, means that the screen could generate more than 1,000 nit. of global excitement


It is true that the local maximum excitation brightness is 1587nit and the global maximum excitation brightness is 1105nit, which are the highest values measured so far. Manual maximum brightness also set a new record, reaching 720nit. If there is no accident, after Samsung improves the screen quality, the screen quality of domestic manufacturers is expected to reach a higher level.


From the aspect of video display, the higher the local peak brightness, the richer the level of playing HDR content, the more details the picture can display, and the closer the bright picture is to the real perception. However, mobile phone such a small screen, highlight the experience of the promotion is limited. The point of making the screen brighter is to keep it visible in a strong outdoor light, which means the screen looks bette


In fact, Samsung has a dynamic AMOLED 2x technology, which improves outdoor visibility by 25%, ensuring optimal experience and reducing power consumption. In terms of screen gamut, the coverage of P3 and sRGB measured in bright mode is 100%, and the average DE value in bright mode is 1.16, which is still the first tier screen, which ensures a good daily appearance.


As for the actual experience, Samsung's color management is not particularly perfect. In bright mode, the logo of P3 gamut map cannot be displayed normally, whether it is a web page or a local album. Switch to the standard mode, the album display is normal, but then again, the bright mode of the impression is really gratifying.


Before system update


After system update


Note20 ultra still supports 120Hz refresh rate. After firmware update, it supports adaptive refresh rate. According to the display content, it operates in 120 / 60 / 30 / 10Hz mode, which makes the use experience and service life more balanced. The comprehensive screen experience should be the best mobile phone we have ever experienced.


Although excess performance is no longer a false proposition, but judging a product, there must always be a positioning. The Note20Ultra uses the Qualcomm Cellon 865 processor, which is equipped with a A77 architecture large core, three A77 architecture core, four A55 architecture small core, compared with the Note10,CPU increase of 33%, the overall performance is good. However, the performance of random and sequential reading is moderate.


Note20Ultra the performance of the GFXBench 1080P test is outstanding, even more than a number of game phones, then its game performance will not exceed expectations, or even exceed the previous test of the game phone. The 2K's performance was normal at 865, in the first place, or inferior to Apple's A13..(Agencies



Regular king, eat chicken, the game process smooth and no pressure, can reach 60 true mainstream level, almost no fluctuations. But at 2 K resolution, the draw frame rate will be 0.2 frames lower, in the actual experience of the game, perception is not obvious. QQ the flying car has not yet adapted 120 frames, but adaptation is only a matter of time, for the game to play 865 performance is still abundant.



Frame rate trend of Guangming mountains

However, in some large games, the game experience will be different. Guangming Mountain 1080 P performance under the quality of the picture is relatively no advantage, the lowest frame rate is only 23 frames 2 K the quality of the same problem, compared with the other 865, there is no advantage.


Mobile phone 1080 resolution GPU frequency


Mobile phone 2K resolution GPU frequency

By viewing the frequency of the GPU, we can see that the GPU will have different degrees of frequency reduction, but the CPU temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius, and it is very stable. It may also be that the game is relatively small, and there is no deep adaptation, resulting in no targeted optimization.



Therefore, we take the usual crash 3 test again, the average frame rate can be maintained at about 50 frames, the frame rate fluctuates between 26 and 30 frames, and the lowest frame rate is above 30 frames, which is superior to the snapdragon 865 and Qilin 990. As long as the overall experience is not too bad.

After playing all kinds of games, the 2K resolution of Samsung note20 ultra will have a little impact on the game experience. For the game, I think high refresh rate is more important than image quality, so if you choose between 2K resolution and high refresh rate, I choose high refresh rate! Generally, eating chicken and king is no problem. Although the overall frame rate performance of crash 3 is not as good as that of game phones, after all, the balance of the flagship should be considered, so it is already a good performance.



The image part of the Note 20Ultra, in fact, is streamlined, perhaps because the quality of S20Ultra photography is not proportional to the hardware. Note 20Ultra did not pursue top match, absorbed the essence of Note10、S20Ultra. The front and telephoto sensors are Note10, main and wide angle sensors are S20Ultra, truncated, and no longer pursue 100 times zoom. Because the S20Ultra focusing speed is complained, but also directly on the laser focusing, the effect is immediate.


Main photo 1 (off AI)


Main photo 2 (open AI)

The performance of the main photographer maintains the level of S20 ultra, belonging to the first echelon. The AI mode is turned off, and the white balance is close to the reality. If AI mode is turned on, the overall picture saturation will be increased linearly, and the image sharpness will be higher and more eye-catching. For daily use, it is recommended to open AI directly to ensure the best rendering effect.


Main photo 2


Main photo 3

Note 20 ultra backlight performance is also outstanding, whether it is the white clouds in the sky or the grid in the building, are clear and variable, there is no overexposure and under exposure, and the color of AI is close to the naked eye.

Changjiao sample


Note20 Ultra/P40 Pro

In the long focus part, the overall performance of note20 ultra is very similar to that of P40 pro. The color of note20 ultra is closer to reality, and the color balance between different lenses is stronger than P40 pro.


5x left - 4x right

However, a problem was found in the use of note20 Ultra. The difference in sharpness between the 4-fold and 5-fold sample sheets of note20 ultra is caused by lens switching. The 4-fold sample sheet is cut by the main camera, and the 5-fold sample is called the telephoto lens. In daily use, in order to ensure the clarity, it is better to use 5x directly, and the viewing angle is not too different.


Note 20 ultra has made a small improvement in video. Professional mode can specify the recording direction of sound, filter unnecessary sound as much as possible, and turn on omni-directional microphone to record surround effect. The overall right side can also adjust the radio gain to ensure the final radio effect.


In the more menu, a slow motion is added to the freezing time shooting, which can shoot 1080p and 240 frames of slow motion, which is clearer than staring shooting. Compared with the slow motion of iPhone and P40 pro, the slow motion speed of note 20 ultra is adjustable. As for the 24fps / 8K video, there is no anti jitter and the frame is dropped, so the probability of daily use is very small.



Generally speaking, the s-pen of note 20 ultra is still the essence, and 9ms delay is not a small progress in Android camp. If the s pen with low delay is used on the tablet, the improvement of product competitiveness is certain. As the main high-end note20 series, the note 20 ultra is more suitable for the title of "king of machine". Spen has improved the efficiency of daily work and learning.

In entertainment, level screen quality, large screen and breakthrough industry screen brightness, bring shocking visual experience. The camera has not made too many breakthroughs, but it has improved in the overall experience, combining the advantages of Note10 and S20Ultra, stable white balance performance in default mode and the experience of taking large films in AI mode. To meet our various photo needs.

The performance adjustment of note 20 ultra is not radical. No matter running points or actual measurement, it is not top-notch, but it is still the level of the first echelon, which is more than enough for chicken king. The top configuration and good industrial design are still the flagship level of the industry. Compared with the note 20, the note 20 ultra is more competent for the title of "machine king".

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