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Huawei's freelace Pro wireless headset presents at new product launch

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On August 19,2020, HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headset new product appearance HuaweiMateBook series new product press conference. As a new generation of neck-mounted Bluetooth wireless headphones, the HuaweiFreeLace Pro continues the colorful fashion face of the previous generation of FreeLace, adding dual active noise reduction, at the same time in the sound quality, life, fast charging, connection and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, for users to bring an upgraded version of the use experience.


HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones

New dual active noise reduction, immersive listening re evolution

In this noisy era, there are many people like to voice, but also many people yearn for quiet, willing to pay for quiet. Compared with the previous generation FreeLace,HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones add dual active noise reduction function. Through the headset built-in 2 high-sensitivity microphone, through the inside and outside two pick-up accurate noise reduction. With advanced stability noise reduction algorithm, according to Huawei laboratory test data, the maximum noise reduction range can reach 40 dB, to create only your quiet private space. HuaweiFreeLace Pro is the first to be awarded by the China Electronic Audio Industry Association


Bluetooth headset noise reduction capability certificate a

When using noise-reducing headphones, we usually need to take off the headphones to listen to the ambient sound. HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones have the function of environmental sound transmission, by pressing the touch of the left headset for about 2 seconds, you can


Environment sound transmission mode of Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset

In addition to dual active noise reduction, Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset also has excellent voice noise reduction capability. Compared with single microphone communication noise reduction, Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset can reduce environmental noise or wind noise interference through an adaptive fusion pickup system composed of three microphones, which can retain pure human voice and improve call clarity. Even in strong noise environments such as subway, road and wind noise, Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset can still make communication as clear and smooth as face-to-face.


HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headset 3 microphone call noise reduction, make the call cleare

As an excellent headset product, in addition to excellent noise reduction, better sound quality is the best way to conquer the user's ears. HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones use 14 mm of large ring units, larger ring units, better diaphragm materials, aluminum-magnesium alloy spherical top with high rigidity and soft tone quality, and independent low frequency sound guide tube, which depict the three-frequency sound effect more delicately. By upgrading and adjusting the software and hardware, the sound quality of HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones can be upgraded to bring a richer and more stereoscopic music experience. Be quiet and take into account the surging sound quality, accompany you


Huawei's freelace Pro wireless headset makes music more beautiful

Adopt colorful fashion design to lead the new trend of neck wea

Wear, feel free to listen to; take off, fashion comfortable and stylish. Compared with a generation of FreeLace,HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones in the design of bold breakthroughs, into a lot of details, so that the external perception and wear of the product has been comprehensively improved.

Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset has three new colors: Obsidian black, spruce green and dawn white. The color saturation is further lowered to make the headset more neutral, stable and elegant. The shell of earphone charging box and wire control box is made of aluminum alloy. The square ring surface is matched with the round neck band of earphone to form a plane and three-dimensional balanced beauty. In daily wear, it is also like a music necklace hanging on the neck, which adds a sense of fashion while enjoying music.


HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones obsidian black, spruce green, morning white color matching

In order to improve the wearing comfort, Huawei freelace Pro wireless earphone has undergone a lot of ergonomic tests. It uses a small bionic earphone which looks like a bird and three integrated soft rubber earplugs of different sizes, which successfully takes into account the comfort and stability of wearing. Its lightweight body, which is about 34g, has a nickel titanium alloy memory wire embedded in the neck belt line, and is wrapped with skin friendly silica gel, which further improves the comfort of wearing. In sports, commuting and other special scenes, it makes the wearer more comfortable, so people don't want to take it off.


Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset is comfortable to wear, making sports more enjoyable

Seamless flash switch, quick charging at any time,HelpExperience continuous line

The traditional Bluetooth headset is mostly charged with external charging line. HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headset continues FreeLace unique embedded USB-C connector design, it can not only use mobile phone, PC or tablet (support OTG function) to charge the headset at any time, but also support Bluetooth flash function.


Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset flash connection fast charging

After getting rid of the shackles of charging equipment, Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset also solves the switching problem under multi device connection. Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset dual device one-step flash switch function, just double-click the headset power button, you can seamlessly switch to the previous connection device, eliminating the complex connection operation, for the workplace dual machine party, make the office experience more convenient.


Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset dual device flash switch, making the operation more convenient

The magnetic suction function is still reserved on the back of the earplug, and the built-in Hall switch can automatically disconnect the Bluetooth connection and pause the music playing when it is pulled in; when it is separated, it can be connected back quickly, and the switch can be opened and closed immediately, so that users can fully enjoy a more convenient use experience.

In addition to the convenience of quick charging, double-click flash cutting and smart magnetic earplug, Huawei's freelace Pro wireless headset has set a new benchmark for Bluetooth headset. According to Huawei's laboratory data, its built-in 150mah 3C high-efficiency lithium-ion battery can achieve a maximum of 24 hours under full power.

With the fast charging function of Huawei's freelace Pro wireless headset, according to Huawei's laboratory data, it only takes 5 minutes to charge to realize 5 hours of music playing. For ordinary people, a full charge can be used for a week at a time. Even if you go out for a long time, it can also help alleviate the anxiety of electricity consumption.


HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headset fast

Convenient operation to strengthen the strength of life, so that listening to songs, play more freely, but do not know HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones in the game is also excellent. Open the game will automatically start the low delay e-sports mode (support more than EMUI9.1 Huawei mobile phone or tablet), greatly reduce the game audio delay, so that the game experience dripping.

Huawei deep cultivation of the wear market for many years, has been committed to technology to enhance the user experience, this conference appeared in another promising new wear products


Gentle monster x Huawei eyewear II smart glasses

For the cervical headset market, HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headset in dual active noise reduction, surging sound quality, flash fast charge, long-term life and other aspects of the multi-sense upgrade experience, will be fully competitive in the cervical wireless headset market. At the same time, HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones return to the headset product attributes themselves, constantly improve the design perception, wear comfort, performance experience, while exploring a comprehensive breakthrough in the sense of audio products in the future to obtain more users like the key.


Huawei freelace Pro wireless headset shows all-round performance

It is reported that HuaweiFreeLace Pro wireless headphones will be opened at 18:08 on August 19,2020, at HuaweiVMALL Mall, Tmall flagship stores and major e-commerce licensing platforms, selling for 599 yuan. Want to have a better experience with neck-mounted Bluetooth wireless headphones? Then make an appointment!

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