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Ten year old fruit powder gave up buying iPhone 12: the reasons are as follows

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As an old apple fan who has been in trouble since the first generation of iPhone, he changed his iPhone x to Huawei two years ago. These years have witnessed the rise of China's mobile phone brands and seen the anti surpassing of Android camp in many fields.

Now, on the eve of the launch of Apple's first 5 G network and 5 nm chip iPhone 12, I find I' m never going back

As a 10-year-old fruit powder, I still have a trace of nostalgia for apple and iPhone.

After all, the iPhone has really changed the world, and apple has become an obsession of a generation of tech digital players.

But now, I advise you not to buy the iPhone 12. Are the following five reasons enough?

Aesthetic fatigue of appearance

iPhone good, I can say a day is not heavy. But for a long time, even a marriage

Probably, the iPhone 12 will use the flat middle frame of the classic iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 era.

Fashion is really a reincarnation. Maybe the appearance of iPhone is really hard to break through.


There was only one model per generation of iPhones, so minimalist design catered to everyone's taste.

Even though today's iPhones are only three or four models, the tired look is the same.

A look at the current Huawei Samsung and other Android brands

Take a look at the design of other brands, why do you love a flower.

The most boring cell phone

In the eyes of fruit powder, the iPhone is the closest to the perfect mobile phone, especially in the details and experience.

Pick up your mobile phone for the first time every morning. It has the information you need. Every time you press the car's start switch, it will plan your way home almost at the same time. That's how the iPhone understands you.

But from another perspective, iPhone is also the most boring phone.

It is estimated that many people are like me. When they buy a new iPhone, they just plug in the card and turn it on. The default setting and default ring tone seem to have been set in advance. It has become a consensus to buy an iPhone without worry.

Today's iPhone is becoming more and more stable, and many new technologies will not be applied for the first time.

Technology should not be so boring, we may need some new adjustments and experiences.

Upgrading 5g is not worth it

One of the most important reasons for a lot of fruit powder staring at iPhone 12 upgrade is G.5

Even in the communication with many netizens, it is found that many old users are still sticking to the old machine of iPhone 6sp or iPhone 7 in order to wait for the 5g version of iPhone 12.

Because in their eyes, this is a good choice to reach the goal in one step.

But I would say that upgrading 5g is not worth it. 5g has been commercially available, but it is still far away from us.

Not to mention when the 5g base station and 5g package will be available, the key is that 5g applications are still almost zero. 5g is not overnight, but a rather long process of construction and upgrading. Don't rush for a moment.

5g makes the cost of iPhone 12 skyrocketing, adding a large backlog of upgrade needs, the first wave is bound to be expensive.

Economic stress highlights

Although the epidemic situation in China has been effectively controlled and social order has been restored in many places, the real test is gradually emerging.


I don't need to introduce too much. I believe many friends have already felt the economic environment this year.

Although mobile phones are the necessities of our work and life, but in today's market saturation and performance saturation, a thousand yuan machine is enough to meet 90% of the daily needs of the vast majority of people. Why pursue such an expensive iPhone 12.



The fact that many fruit fans are waiting for the iPhone 12 is actually a knot in their hearts, especially those who are still suffering from the antique machines five years ago for the sake of the iPhone 12 is more than worth the loss.

With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous reduction of cost, cheap mobile phones have made great progress in the experience level.

In the end, it's just a mobile phone. It's enough and easy to use. That's it!


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