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Non member downloads 10MB / S! Alibaba cloud disk is coming! Baidu network disk end?

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"Hurry up! MD can you hurry up! I have to be a member, right? Do you think I'm idle? "Xiao Li, sitting next to me, roared, shouted, flushed, clutching his mouse, as if the next second the mouse would be crushed

In fact, not only he, I also have a similar situation, as a non-famous text worker, Baidu net disk is my important file storage tool, often used to upload and save some large files such as video, photos, documents and so on. However, slow download speed is really "tired ", that is ," extreme download privilege" trial those minutes is happy.

Someone once asked me ," why don't you put the files in your cell phone? "I actually thought about it, but it's a lot of files, it's inconvenient to put it in a cell phone, and from an emotional point of view, it's like my" private space ". How can work get to my life (whisper)? Therefore, on business trip, I will temporarily put the file in the mobile hard disk, it is some kind of emergency measures. Later, I had to be a member, after all, a network disk membership rights and interests can be used in smart phones, iPad、 computers, television and other terminals, more convenient.

This makes people ask :" Is the net disk used in the future is always so tired? "Not really. Ali cloud disk "unexpected" appearance, its appearance may allow many disk users to have one more choice.

Ali cloud net disk appeared on the Internet users running around

Ali launched an independent APP, according to reports


Ali Cloud Network

From the current exposure of information, Ali cloud disk contains the home page, files, shooting / uploading (files, albums), album, as well as the personal center of the five main functional modules. There is also a search box at the top of the home page, which should be used to search files in the net disk. Note here that there is a "Sketch" logo" on the screenshot of the online outflow, a professional vector graphics processing application for visual designers, which means that the APP interface may still be in the design stage. So the interface after going online may be different from what it is now.


Alibaba cloud disk

In terms of capacity, non member users can get 1TB of storage space, but after upgrading to members, they can expand to 6tb. Judging from the current published storage capacity, it is enough to meet the majority of users. How about the download speed? This can really affect our file storage efficiency.

It is worth noting that at present, Alibaba cloud's network disk has not yet been launched, and it is still in the invitation test stage. Therefore, in the face of different network environments, the overall network speed that can be achieved is unknown. However, according to the current reports, even if the membership is not opened, the network speed can reach 10MB / s or even higher, which is really amazing. If the non member users can still achieve such network speed level after the Alibaba cloud network disk is online, it is a good guarantee for a good user experience.

For this Alibaba such Internet giant launched the network disk app, naturally caused a lot of netizens and network disk users to discuss, as well as with Baidu network disk comparison.


At present, non member Baidu network disk users can get 2TB of storage space for free. After becoming a super member, it can be expanded to 5TB. In particular, the download speed will be greatly improved. It is no longer a small pipe with more than 100 kb per second. Alibaba cloud network disk can start to get 1TB of free space. After upgrading to a member, it can be upgraded to 6tb. It is not known whether the network speed will be further improved.

Although Alibaba cloud's online disk has not yet been launched, its appearance has excited netizens, which has a direct relationship with Baidu's general user experience and the lack of powerful competitors.

Personal network disk industry reshuffle Baidu network disk

At present, Baidu network disk occupies an obvious leading position in the user scale. Taking July as an example, the number of active users reached 39.832 million, followed by Weiyun, 115, yunzhijia, Tianyi cloud disk and other similar products. However, it is worth noting that Weiyun, ranked second, had nearly 4.374 million active users in July, which was significantly lower than that of the first. On the whole, Baidu's online disk users have reached 700 million, with a market share of 85%.


From a hundred schools of thought four years ago to a single family today, there are two main reasons for this pattern

From 2016 to 2017, a number of personal online disks shut down the whole or part of their business. In 2016 alone, seven major online disks were shut down one after another. LETV cloud disk also announced to stop personal online disk business in the next year, leaving less and less space for users to choose. In the personal network disk through the free mode to obtain a large number of users, but also accumulated a lot of risks. On the one hand, garbage and illegal documents have attracted the attention of relevant departments, and the supervision has become increasingly strict. On the other hand, the long-term investment in online disk products has not seen obvious returns.


At that time, free online disks were full of pornographic, pirated and other illegal documents, but for enterprises, they had no right to directly check the files uploaded by users. After all, what enterprises provided was storage technology services rather than storage content itself. In addition, the personal network disk is the user's personal space to some extent, and there are often files related to the user's personal privacy. If human audit is adopted, it will not only cost manpower, but also raise the issue of personal privacy.


Four online disks on the market at present

But Wu Chunyong, CEO fusion network, also said ," but if let go, companies may be involved in copyright infringement, the dissemination of'gambling drugs' charges. Because do not rule out that some users will drill, illegal video or files uploaded to the network disk. "

In October 2015, online disk has become the key area of regulatory authorities for many times, and launched the special rectification action of using cloud disk to disseminate obscene and pornographic information. In addition, the net action and the notice on standardizing the copyright order of online disk service published by the national copyright administration have formed strict restrictions on the network disk. However, regulation is not the key to the closure of online disk in those years, and the core reason is that it is difficult to make profits.


The net disk obtains a large number of users through the free mode, but at the same time also increases the enterprise investment in the server, the bandwidth, the manpower aspect, lacks the suitable profit pattern, is difficult to realize, this directly contributed to the 2016 to 2017 personal net disk "closure tide" occurrence. However, some net disk products, such as Baidu net disk and Tencent micro cloud, began to turn to pay mode, attract users to pay by distinguishing services, realize realization, and like 115 net disk through a group of loyal users also survived.

Taking the mainstream Baidu network disk as an example, non member users and super member users have two kinds of user experience. The former has many limited functions, while the latter can enjoy a variety of user rights. In addition to the faster download speed and larger capacity mentioned above, there are also cloud decompression, 20g large file upload, unlimited batch upload and other functions, so the use experience is greatly improved.

Certainly, this may not be so friendly to non-member users, especially the speed limit, which is undoubtedly a real "torment" for users who need to download large files, even in the five G era. This has not changed significantly.


Baidu disk's response to speed limit

Public opinion, baidu disk on the speed limit has also issued an announcement response, said to provide free space, has been a need to continue to spend high costs, in addition to services and bandwidth costs. Subsequently, baidu disk also mentioned in the response that if the speed limit is released, it will further increase the cost of expenditure.

We only from Baidu net disk response, but also from the side to see the personal net disk industry difficult and difficult. In addition to Baidu net disk in the non-member user experience shrink, other net disk products, such as Tencent micro cloud storage capacity is also reduced. However, the core goal of the enterprise is to profit, Ali cloud chose this time node to enter the personal net market, perhaps because the market has some "subtle" changes.

After 2016, the development of personal online disk industry will return to rationality, and the scale will gradually increase. In 2020, the number of personal online disk users will reach 401 million. In addition, with the development of 5g, new infrastructure and other new technologies in recent years, it provides a new basic medium for the development of personal network disk, and drives the growth of users.


And for users, the network disk has become an important tool to transfer and share files. According to the data released by AI media consulting, online disk has become the main choice of netizens interviewed, ranking first in terms of comprehensive ranking and the proportion of preferred Internet users. Its ability to transfer files with larger capacity has become the most recognized advantage by users, accounting for 65.1%. Compared with other file storage and transmission channels, the network disk has large storage space, which can meet the transmission and sharing of different types of files.


From the perspective of usage, AI media consulting data shows that the main purpose of users is to use network disk to backup and store files, accounting for 61.5% and 58.8% respectively. Among them, office / learning files (65.4%) and mobile phone photos and videos (56.9%) were the primary storage files. It can be seen that with the development of mobile Internet and the popularity of intelligent terminals, users have a huge demand for the storage and backup of various kinds of information, and the network disk products have two major characteristics of portability and security, and the storage space is large, which can well meet the file storage needs of users.

Therefore, on the whole, the personal network disk market still has a large market space, and with the promotion and popularization of 5g, the monthly average traffic of 5g users will be significantly improved. Ovum, an authoritative consulting company, predicts that the average monthly traffic of 5g users will increase from 11.7gb in 2019 to 84.4gb in 2028, which means that the market for C-end data storage will expand rapidly in the future, and users will have greater demand for Internet access than now. In addition, the storage needs of users are more diversified than in the past, which also puts forward higher requirements for the use experience of online disks, which are exactly the driving factors for the launch of new online disks.

Write it at the end

Whether for individuals or industries, the emergence of Alibaba cloud network disk is undoubtedly a good signal, which means more choices and industry vitality. However, it should be noted that this app has not yet been launched. Even if it is online, it may not have a great impact on the dominant Baidu online disk in the short term, which requires time accumulation. For example, you need to persuade people around you to use Alibaba cloud disk first.

However, from a higher level, the emergence of Alibaba cloud network disk may be just the beginning. Maybe more products of the same type will appear on the market in a period of time in the future. The personal network disk industry may take advantage of 5g to open a new development stage. To be practical, maybe the experience of non member users will be better in the future.

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