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2TB cloud disk view film, full speed download Thunder 11 experience version of the new features experience

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When it comes to Xunlei, we may have a lot to say. As one of the most influential download software in China, thunderbolt has almost become a must for every computer.

However, the rapid development of these years, really some people can not see clearly, bundled software, endless advertising, speed limit

The most important thing is that you don't have much to choose from, which makes people love and hate each other.



Recently, a group of preview installation packages of Xunlei 11 have been circulated on the Internet. Compared with the current version, the new version not only cuts out a lot of messy advertisements (non members), but also comes with a 2TB free cloud disk, which is the work of conscience. How about the details? Let's have a look.


Xunlei 11 preview version interface, compared with the old version of a lot of advertising

1. advertising

Thunder 11's interface is very different from the old version, the most obvious of which is the huge


The interface looks much cleaner. The right side bar still can't be closed


2. Three column layout

The new version uses a three-column layout, and the logic is clearer than the old label bar. The right interface can not be closed, but the entire interface performance is acceptable without advertising. Click on the download task, the right side will pop up the task details, but also will appear a one-click transfer cloud disk function, we will talk about later.


Whether the download is in progress or when the download is completed, it can be transferred to the cloud disk with one button

3. New task panel

Thanks to the cloud disk module, the new version


4. One click transfer to cloud disk

In addition to being able to select on the new task panel,

The transfer process is relatively fast, and the 200m optical fiber can basically run to full speed. But there is a small problem here, that is, there is no prompt pop-up after the transfer. If you are busy with your work, it is easy to forget.


Download a good file, one click to save cloud disk, the speed is very fast!

5. Cloud disk usage

As long as you log on to your Thunderbolt account, you can get a minimum of 2 TB of free space. If the feeling is not enough, you can also open members in exchange for more space.


If the free 2TB is not enough, you can get more space by opening members

Thunderbolt disk provided by default

As for the two initial folders, they are just different in name and function. At the same time, files can be freely copied and moved between different folders, which is more convenient to use.


Support for custom folders

In addition to being able to move from downloaded tasks, we can also go through the upper left corne


Support local file upload to cloud disk, single file can not exceed 1GB

Cloud disk upload speed is good, although did not reach full speed, but 3-4 MB/s average upload rate is already superior level. But compared with Baidu net disk, Thunder Cloud disk does not support second transmission, plus 1 GB of single file size limit, in the use of experience is slightly inferior to Baidu.

In addition, Xunlei for daily upload traffic is also limited, is 1GB, so want to fill this 2TB space, in fact, it is quite difficult!


Thunderbolt single file size and daily traffic are limited, daily you will often see these tips

In addition to providing cloud storage services for users, Thunder Cloud disk can also easily share resources. The whole process is similar to Baidu net disk, click on the resources, the right panel will pop up a

Compared with Baidu network disk, Xunlei cloud disk has more restrictions. It can provide unlimited, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, 6-day and 7-day options. It also does not support sharing without password.


Support for resource sharing, the whole process is close to one degree

And Baidu disk, share after the establishment, there will also be a section of the URL and extraction code generation. By filling in the web address into the browser, you can download resources with the help of extraction code. Of course, this is only for PC users, if it is a mobile phone user, the above operation appears to be a bit troublesome, because it does not support QR code sharing like Baidu online disk.


Only a single link extraction code form does not support two-dimensional code sharing

And Baidu network disk, for video and audio files, thunderbolt cloud disk can also be directly previewed. But more conscientious than Baidu is that the preview of Xunlei is played directly with the original resolution.

In other words, if the source video is 1080p or 4K resolution, this resolution will be used by default when previewing. And because the preview calls the local version of Xunlei audio and video, both the playback effect and the function operation are better than the built-in player effect of Baidu network disk.

Even if you can use DLNA, the video can be directly projected to the TV or projector to watch, and the fluency is great.


The online disk supports the original image quality preview (famous roast duck test piece), and can also be displayed through DLNA

Instead of uploading a cloud disk, downloading files from a cloud disk to a local location is called

But given the KB level of scratching next door, it's pretty fast


Like Baidu net disk, Thunderbolt also built in a cloud disk


Embedded in the software

6. Download speed

Finally, let's say that everyone is interested in downloading it, Baidu does not need to mention, anyway, for its speed everyone knows. Compared with the previous Thunderbolt X, the new version has nothing special about speed. If it's a hot app, running full speed is easy. And if it is cold, the performance of the two is similar, there should be no flow or no flow. Of course, this is not a good way, and the official speed limit has nothing to do with it.


Download speed is very good, popular resources can easily run full speed

The ads are much less in the new edition, but they can still be seen. However, the new version of the advertisement is no longer disturbing the public, and the pop-up frequency is much less than before. By the way, the installation of the new version is cleaner than that of the old one. There is no bundled software.


Of course


The installation process has been very clean, no bundled software can be seen

Similar to Baidu, Thunder 11 will be in


Here is just a link, not a sync disk!

At the end

Overall, compared with the old version, the new version of Xunlei has made earth shaking changes, especially the newly added cloud disk function, which greatly improves the experience of file saving and file sharing. At the same time, speed is also a big point of thunder, in short, compared with peer network disk, can form some distinct advantages. Of course, here's a special note. At present, we only get a set of test experience version. Whether the official version will continue these advantages or not is still unknown! But in any case, this edition is quite worth you and I look forward to!


New Edition Setup Interface

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