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Compete with Huawei for 5nm launch! Performance of Apple A14 processor

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No accident,The first 5nm chips in the world are Huawei Hisilicon 9000 and apple A14Who in the end will be the starting line of the two is a matter of concern.

From A4 apple to A14, what kind of integration will be brought about by the 10-year self-developed chip Road, which makes it become the expectation of hundreds of millions of fruit powder.

As the annual Spring Festival Gala of the scientific and technological circles, Apple's autumn new product launch is highly anticipated by fruit fans.

The main character of this year's conference, the iPhone 12 series, has many selling points, such asIt supports 5g network for the first time, joins TOF deep sense detector, returns to the classic design of iPhone 4, and supports up to 120Hz high refresh ratewait.

In addition to the above upgrades, the A14 processor installed in the new machine has greatly increased the appetite of many performance parties.

When each generation of iPhone is released, its A-Series chips can always cause hot discussion in the mobile phone circle, and even its popularity will overshadow the mobile phone itself.

As the masterpiece of Apple's 10-year core building road, how much performance of A14 chip is broken? Let's explore it today.


About 12.5 billion transistors are integrated in the 5nm process

As early as June, TSMC's monthly revenue reached NT $120.878 billion for the first time, up 28.8% from May.

Outside speculation,Its revenue growth may be driven by the OEM project of Apple's A14 chipThis also shows that the chip has begun mass production.

Similarly, Apple has benefited from TSMC's manufacturing process improvements for years.

Apple A12 is manufactured by 7Nm process, and A13 is further fabricated by 7Nm UV lithography process with mesa electrode, which achieves faster operation speed and lower power consumption.

It is certain that the new generation of Apple A14 chip will adopt TSMC's 5nm process, and it may be the first 5nm process chip to achieve mass production.

Different from the previous 7Nm upgrade, 5nm process is a big leap forward.

In the whole process of A14 chip, EUV lithography technology is widely used,The transistor density is 80% higher than that of 7Nm chip, and the performance can be improved by 15% under the same powerThe power consumption can be reduced by 30% under the same energy.

Previously, foreign media disclosed that,Apple's A14 chip will integrate about 12.5 billion transistors, a huge improvement compared with the A13 chip with about 8.5 billion transistorsIt has to be said that the 5nm process has greatly increased the number of transistors per unit area of the chip.



A long time ago, geekbench 5, suspected of A14 chip, ran on the Internet,It shows that the single core runs 1658 points, multi-core 4612 points, and the main frequency is 3GHz, which is about 25% higher than A13 chip.

Of course, the authenticity of this score data needs to be discussed, and it can not be ruled out that its actual performance will be greatly improved.

Geekbench mainly reflects the CPU performance of the processor. The GPU performance of Apple's A-Series chips is also famous in the industry.

Especially after the a11 is replaced by the self-developed scheme, the graphics processing capacity of each generation of chips after that has been greatly improved.

Recently, @ Komiya, a well-known foreign source, said that the GPU performance of A14 chip will be improved by 50% compared with A13 chip.


Considering that the transistor density will be greatly increased, combining with the previous description of TSMC, it is not surprising that the A14 GPU is increased by 50%.

The game business accounts for a large proportion of the revenue of the app store. Apple has also specially launched Apple arcade service before. This GPU performance performance of A14 chip is worth looking forward to.

Of course, the A-Series chips contain not only CPU and GPU cores, but also dedicated hardware for specific tasks. Examples include image processors that process video coding, and neural network engines responsible for machine learning.

The 5nm manufacturing process can provide a higher number of transistors. Apple will also increase the neural engine core and make other architectural improvements.

In this way, it's no surprise that A14 will double its machine learning ability.

An important turning point of A-Series chip hardware is the bridge to build Apple ecology

IOS system is famous for its closed ecosystem, which is easy to manage and provide users with a more secure and stable ecosystem. Not only software, but also Apple's control of hardware such as chips has been tightening.

Since the iPhone 4 first launched its A4 processor, Apple has officially embarked on the road of developing its own chips,Up to now, Apple has released 10 A-Series chips

To say that can represent a series of important changes in the chip, nothing more than the following to introduce the two.

First of all, as the first 64 bit mobile processor in history, a7 is of epoch-making significance.

The A7 chip is on the iPhone 5S,With a new 64 bit architecture and 28nm technology, the A7's performance is twice as fast as the A6 on the iPhone 5 and 40 times faster than the original iPhone.

Whether for Apple or the mobile processor industry, the advent of A7 is a leap forward.

When all competitors' mobile chips are still in the 32-bit architecture, apple took the lead in launching 64 bit chips, which accelerated the pace of the mobile chip industry towards the era of 64 bit processors.

Although the initial release of the industry controversy, but now, Apple's strategy is forward-looking.

From A8 to A10,The performance of A-Series chips has been steadily improved, and the number of transistors has increased dramatically with the continuous improvement of process technology.

Until the release of a11 chip, Apple's self-developed chip opened a new door.

A11 adopts the most advanced 10 nm process at that time, and the number of transistors reaches 4.3 billion. Compared with A10, the large core performance of the 6-core design is improved by 25%, and the multi-core performance processing is improved by 75%.

Of course, this is not the biggest surprise. It is from this generation that Apple announced that it will adopt its own GPU solution.


As soon as the news came out, imagination's share price suffered a sharp fall of nearly 70%.

Imagine has been designing GPUs for Apple's A-Series chips, and most of its revenue depends on patent licensing fees paid by apple.

Things always turn. This year, apple and imagination have reached a new agreement,The outside world thinks it is very difficult for apple to bypass the patent of imagination in the field of GPU, which also shows that the road of self research is not smooth sailing.

on the other hand,A11 is equipped with neural network engine for the first time, with operation times as high as 600 billion times per second, mainly responsible for machine learningIts importance is reflected in the face ID and its series of mimetic animation expressions.


We can see that the important turning points of Apple's A-Series chips in history are all upgraded for actual software services.

A7 creates the era of 64 bit mobile processor, which serves 64 bit software ecology.

A11 chip adopts self-developed GPU scheme and new neural network engine, which is upgraded for the full screen operation of iPhone X and the popularity of mobile game.

Chip and other hardware is a bridge to build Apple's software ecology, affect each other, together constitute

Write it at the end

We can find a rule from the past generations of apple a series chips, that is, apple does not squeeze toothpaste on chip performance.

When each new generation of iPhone is released, users' discussion on the chip is much hotter than the other upgrades of the new iPhone.

We have to wait until the press conference to really know how much the performance improvement of A14 chip is this year. But it is certain that its performance will be very explosive, which is bound to cause heated discussion in the industry.

The reason why A-Series chips are so strong is not only that Apple monopolizes the leading supply chain advantage in the mobile chip industry, but also because of its perennial accumulation in self-developed chip technology.

Companies like apple are good at acquiring technology patents and talents through acquisition. On the other hand, acquisition eliminates potential enemies, which is not bad.

No one is perfect, so is chip design.For example, apple chip has no integrated baseband, and it has been caught in the competition with Qualcomm before, resulting in iPhone Xs series being make complaints about many users.

Besides, iPhone heat dissipation ability is poor, resulting in the chip can not fully play its performance, play games fever frequency reduction is criticized.

This year, whether there will be targeted changes in the iPhone 12, let's wait and see.


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