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What can I expect from Apple watch series 6?

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Apple announced last night that it would hold an autumn conference with the theme of "the time is coming" at 1:00 a.m. next Wednesday (16th) Beijing time. Although the iPhone 12 series may not appear at that time, there are still Apple watch series 6, new iPad and other products to look forward to.


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So what are the things to look forward to about the upcoming Apple watch series 6?

After experiencing the ECG ECG and fall detection of Apple watch series 4 and the global emergency call of Apple watch series 5. The apple watch series 6 will undoubtedly continue to "ramp up" its health monitoring efforts.

The most important function may be "blood oxygen monitoring".

In the field of medicine,heart rate,Respiratory rate,Blood oxygen,blood pressure,temperatureIs regarded as the five most important health indicators to measure a person's health.

At present, apple watch's heart rate sensor has been able to measure the wearer's heart rate more accurately, and the apple watch series 4 / 5 can even monitor the wearer's cardiac electrical signal with the help of electrode type heart rate sensor. When the finger is placed on the crown of the digital watch, the heart rate can be read faster, and can be used in the "ECG" app ECG is generated in (not supported in China).

For the breathing rate, the apple watch also has a built-in "breath" app to remind the wearer to take a deep breath and help the wearer adjust the breathing rate.

As one of the five main health indicators, blood oxygen saturation (hereinafter referred to as blood oxygen) is of great importance. This health indicator is mainly used to measure the oxygen content in red blood cells. The normal and healthy pulse oximeter value is usually between 90% and 100%. If it is lower than 90%, it is considered to be low, so it should be evaluated by medical professionals.

Low oxygen saturation is an important characteristic of pneumonia (including general pneumonia and viral pneumonia) different from common cold. Therefore, after the prevalence of new type of coronary pneumonia, blood oxygen saturation detection has become a public concern.

The traditional oxygen saturation measurement method not only needs to take blood first, but also uses the special blood gas analyzer to carry on the electrochemical analysis. But at present, the common way to measure blood oxygen saturation in the market is to use optical sensor. The specific monitoring method is very close to the optical heart rate sensor carried by Apple watch.

So when the first apple watch was launched, ifixit, the dismantling mechanism, discovered that this optical heart rate sensor was actuallyWe have the ability to monitor blood oxygenBut Apple may not have actually enabled this feature because of concerns about data accuracy or regulators.

However, in the code of IOS 14, developers have already found the code related to the blood oxygen monitoring function, and also supports the same "blood oxygen notification" function as the heart rate notification. For example, when the apple watch detects that the wearer's oxygen saturation is lower than a certain threshold value, it will send out a notice in time.

As more and more sensors are added to Apple watch, the monitoring and reminding of various health data will be more accurate. It can even be speculated that Apple may introduce the third generation optical heart rate sensor for Apple watch series 6 to achieve better blood oxygen monitoring function.

In addition, the apple watch series 6 may also carry a slightly larger battery capacity, with the capacity of the previous generation of 296 MAH (18 hour battery life) slightly increased to 303mah. Such an improvement level should not have a significant impact on the battery life, but more importantly depends on the power control of the processor.

Last year's "constant light display" function has become the power killer of Apple watch series 5. If Apple intends to keep this feature on Apple watch series 6 this year, but it is difficult to make any improvement in power consumption, "constant light display" may be the first function that many users turn off.

According to the rule of previous years, this year's apple watch series 6 is likely to carry a new S6 processor and W4 wireless chip, and its running speed is expected to be further improved.

As for the possible changes in the appearance of the apple watch series 6, I personally don't expect much. On the one hand, the full screen model determined by Apple watch series 4 the year before last is basically the "ultimate form" of a square Apple watch. The following changes are nothing more than small adjustments such as narrowing the border and changing the shape of the middle frame. The appearance change most likely to appear on the apple watch series 6 may be a narrower border.

In addition to the apple watch series 6, Apple may also launch a slightly lower positioning Apple watch to grab the middle end market. According to Bloomberg, this model will become the successor of Apple watch series 3 to compete with low-end smart watches / bracelets such as Fitbit.

Therefore, when Apple launched the apple watch series 5 last year, it was a very correct choice to remove the apple watch series 4 from the shelves and retain the apple watch series 3. It can not only make way for new products, but also avoid losing the right to speak in the middle and low-end market. After all, the price of Apple watch series 3 is less than 1500 yuan, which still has certain market competitiveness.

But it may not be realistic for apple to keep the apple watch series 3, because the S3 processor on the device is a product of three years ago, and the speed of operation under the new system may be greatly reduced.

So I think Apple may launch a model that adopts the apple watch series 3 design, but the processor is upgraded to S5 or even S6 to meet the needs of the low and medium-end market. Because this strategy is adopted by the iPhone se2, after a "core" is replaced and a reasonable price is set, it will eventually become the hot spot in the market.

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