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The world's first intelligent dynamic noise reduction TWS headset on stage! Huawei freebud Pro wireless headset

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In advance, at the Huawei all scene new product Conference on September 10,


Huawei freebud Pro wireless headset (photo source: photographer happy in a trance)

As we all know, the noise reduction function of headphones comes from satisfying users' demand for quiet listening in noisy environment. Traditional noise reduction is mainly to simply isolate the external sound, so that users are not disturbed.

Although such a scheme can meet the basic requirements of sound insulation and noise reduction, it is difficult to say that the use experience is perfect. You will find that in the complex and changeable actual environment, the requirements for noise reduction in different scenes are not the same.

For the most common example,In noisy aircraft, high-speed rail and station environment, users need absolute noise reduction ability to isolate the physical and mental disturbance caused by noise. In the daily commuter bus and subway, while ensuring the noise reduction effect, it is necessary to hear certain environmental sound to avoid sitting over the station.

In view of the above pain points, Huawei freebugs Pro has built a set of intelligent dynamic noise reduction system through a number of Huawei audio innovation technologies.


Intelligent dynamic noise reduction

The system is composed of acoustic sensing system and dynamic sensing system. It adopts self-developed and customized acoustic components, and optimizes the denoising algorithm based on acoustic big data acquisition. Finally, the headset can accurately identify and judge the external sound field environment, automatically identify and learn user status, quickly and accurately drive acoustic components to generate reverse sound waves and eliminate noise, Achieve comfortable listening.

The first is dynamic sensing system.It is built by the built-in acceleration sensor and infrared sensor of Huawei freebus pro. The system can sense and learn the user's headset use status, help the headset to judge the user's scene more accurately, and drive the acoustic sensing system to run, so as to improve the accuracy of sound environment recognition.

The second is the acoustic data system


Adjust noise reduction with environmental changes (photo source: Zheng Xiaotong, microblog: Hai He Lan)

Thanks to this, Huawei freebugs Pro can quickly identify the type of environmental noise in which users are located. Whether you are in the office, library, aircraft, high-speed rail, daily commuting and shopping, the three noise reduction modes can automatically adjust to the environment, providing the right noise reduction effect.

In addition to the freeds mode, Huawei Pro also brings dynamic noise reduction. This mode is specially designed for some scenes that need to communicate with people. In some public places, users may want to pay attention to the surrounding sounds, such as listening to the avoidance tips of passers-by when running in the park,.

At this time, just press the handle to switch from noise reduction mode to transparent mode. You don't need to take off your headphones, you can keep quiet and you won't miss the sound around you.

Huawei's exclusive voice transmission mode can appropriately reduce the ambient sound and obtain clearer and more transparent voice.If you wear earphones, you can also hear the greeting of friends on the way. When you take the transportation, you can hear the arrival reminder and so on, so as to avoid sitting over the station. And these processes do not need to remove the headset, bringing users a more affordable experience.


Voice transmission mode (photo source: Zheng Xiaotong, microblog: Hai He Lan)

In addition, in terms of absolute noise reduction capability, Huawei freebudd Pro achieves a 40 dB noise reduction depth, leading the industry. In some extremely noisy environments, Huawei freebugs Pro combines Huawei's hybrid active noise reduction technology. With the help of dual microphones inside and outside the ear, it can detect the extra noise in the external environment and the ear canal respectively, and then drive the 11mm large moving coil unit to send out the reverse noise reduction sound wave, so as to make the world instantly quiet.

Another major use scenario of noise reduction earphones is to call outside. For example, it is difficult to make the other party hear their own voice clearly, such as airport, station, bus, subway and other high noise environment.

For the above scenario,Huawei freebudd Pro adopts a new integrated call noise reduction system, which combines the three microphone voice noise reduction system and bone voice print communication noise reduction technology, which can effectively shield the background noise and noise interference, and accurately pick up and enhance the voice, so that the voice can be clearer during language conversation and effectively improve the communication effect.

A single headset weighs only 6.1 g, and the reconstructed TWS headset is comfortable to wear

Children's shoes who often use TWS earphones know that the weight and structural design of the earphone are crucial for comfortable wearing. Many people choose TWS earphones because they are light, unrestrained and willing to wear them for a long time. So the importance of comfort is self-evident.

In the past, Huawei's freebugs are good at comfort, but this time Huawei's freebugs Pro is better than others. First of all, in terms of shell material, Huawei's freebudd Pro shell adopts wear-resistant PVC and non-conductive electroplating process to form metallic luster in a light shape.

It is understood that,Huawei's freebugs Pro consists of more than 500 precision devices. A single headset weighs only 6.1 g, which is only equivalent to a one yuan coin. It will not bear the burden of pressing or dropping your ears if you wear it for a long time.


A single headset weighs only 6.1g (photo source: photographer happy in a trance)

In addition,Huawei's freebugs Pro comes with three sizes of soft silicone earplugs. With a unique sneak in ear design and fit detection function, it can help the wearer choose the most appropriate size of earplug.

When wearing, the earplug can effectively balance the air pressure inside and outside the ear canal, and the soft material of the earplug can always produce the right pressure on the ear canal.

In addition, after subjective evaluation and objective 3D model simulation test, a unique three-dimensional evaluation system of earphone wearing comfort is established, including comprehensive evaluation of extrusion feeling, stability and stuffy feeling.

On this basis, the wearability of Huawei's freebus Pro has been tested repeatedly, and its size has been carved in micron level, so as to meet the user's different wearing and operating habits, and ensure that the headset can be light and comfortable to wear in any environment.

TWS headphones also have intelligent interaction, just remember two actions

In addition to comfort, TWS interaction is also a core factor affecting the daily wearing experience. It seems simple to turn on / off noise reduction, switch songs, answer / end, etc., but they test the interaction design ability of manufacturers.

Huawei freebugs Pro supports high sensitivity sensing,Users only need to remember two actions: stroke and pinch, which greatly reduces the stethoscope effect caused by the tapping interaction of traditional TWS earphones and brings about a better use experience.

For example, you don't need to take out your mobile phone and slide your fingertip up and down on the square earphone handle of Huawei freebudd pro, and the volume will be enlarged and decreased accordingly; if you pinch the headset once, you can answer / end the phone, play / pause the song, and then you can switch on and off the noise reduction / transparent transmission by pressing the left / right earphone for a long time.


Full scene dual device connection (photo source: Zheng Xiaotong, microblog: Hai He Lan)

Four channel dual mode dual connection, which can be connected with two devices at the same time, covering mobile phones, tablets, PCs, watches, smart screens and other devices, breaking the barriers of Android, IOS and windows systems. Farewell to the trouble of switching back and forth, it is the world's first truly dual connected TWS headset.

In terms of service life, when the noise reduction is turned off, the single call time of Huawei freebus Pro reaches 4 hours after full charge and 7 hours of music playing. When used with the charging box, the call time is as long as 18 hours and the music playing time is as long as 30 hours.

When the noise reduction is turned on, the conversation time is as long as 3.5 hours after a single full charge, and the music playing time is 4.5 hours. When used with the charging box, the conversation time is as long as 16 hours and the music playing time is 20 hours.

In addition to its powerful noise reduction capability and convenient interaction and charging experience, Huawei freebus Pro has also obtained the world's first SGS level 1 green health standard certification,The main components are made of materials that meet the environmental protection standards; the battery and antenna design and use standards meet the safety scope; it fully protects the consumers' ear canal health with more comfortable materials and design; and pays attention to the consumer's hearing health protection in the core listening experience such as noise reduction, call and music playing.

Huawei's new breakthrough in audio field

At present, TWS earphone market has entered into rapid growth. According to the latest report of IDC, in the second quarter of 2020, the global wearable device market size increased by 14.1% year-on-year, and the shipment of audio wearable devices increased by 32.6%, accounting for 60% of the total wearable device shipment. TWS earphone not only has a rapid growth momentum, but also has a huge market potential.

On the road of opening up TWS earphone field, the biggest surprise Huawei brings to TWS earphone market is accurate insight into user demand pain points and self-developed core technology.


Huawei freebugs Pro

Today, Huawei's freebugs Pro brings different changes to TWS earphones once again, bringing intelligent dynamic noise reduction capability into TWS headphones for the first time, which solves different demands of users for noise reduction earphones in different scenarios. It is not difficult to foresee that its release will become a bright banner in the TWS headset market. Huawei's new breakthrough in the audio field will bring a revolutionary new experience to the TWS headset market.

It is reported that Huawei freebudd Pro wireless headset has been put on sale at 20:30 on September 10, 2020, and the price is from 1099 yuan. The price of Huawei's freebud Pro is 1199 yuan, and the price of Huawei's freebud Pro is 1099 yuan.At 00:00 on September 23, users can purchase it through Huawei's official mall, major authorized e-commerce, Huawei's authorized experience stores and authorized retailers to taste the immersive listening experience created by the new Huawei intelligent dynamic noise reduction TWS headset.

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