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Will Huawei phone carry Hung Meng next year OS: break American chains

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A PPT, of Yu Chengdong brushed the screen in the circle of friends.

That's the last PPT, of Yu Chengdong's speech at Huawei developer conference 2020 It says


At this point, the Huawei is still five days away from the full United States sanctions. After that,Huawei will not only face chip failure, screen manufacturers will also stop supply. While everyone pays attention to chips and hardware, the problem of software system level is even more difficult.

after last year (2019) Huawei was banned, google service stopped. Huawei are forced to develop HMS ecology and will

And that's why Huawei need developers and partners. And so the key word Huawei this year's developer conference is

Yu Chengdong once said that Hongmeng OS has reached Android 70-80% level, a year later, Hongmeng can OS level with Android, or even achieve transcendence? After all, next year's Huawei phone will be fully upgraded to support Hongmeng OS.

Hon-Mon takes a key step: is officially open source

According to the agreement, Huawei released Hongmeng 2.0 on September 10,2020.

August 9,2019, Huawei officially released its new scene-oriented distributed operating system based on microkernel in Songshan Lake, Dongguan

Huawei said it was

The first product to carry Hung Meng's OS will be the Glory Wisdom Screen, according to Hung Meng's OS route plan,Hongmeng 2.0 will be used in domestic PC、 watch bracelets or car machines in 2020, while Hongmeng 3.0 will be launched in 2021 to optimize hardware and software collaboration and apply it to speakers and headset products.

A year later, Huawei released Hongmeng 2.0 as promised.


Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei consumer business software department, said Hongmeng's OS1.0 added distributed capabilities for the first time, and Hongmeng's most important improvement was the multi-dimensional enhancement of distribution capabilities, and took a key step: formal open source. Open to software and hardware developers for innovation.

Hongmeng OS is not just a mobile operating system, but a full-scene, cross-multi-device and platform operating system. Wang Chenglu introduced,Hung Meng OS strengthened


Huawei distributed soft bus performance infinitely approximates the hardware bus capability, so that multi-device fusion can achieve 10 ms delay, data throughput reaches 2.4 Gbps; and distributed data management can make cross-device data processing as convenient and fast as local. Distributed security recognizes multiple security factors simultaneously through distributed interconnection. Can ensure convenience while improving the security level.

Developers will be given simulators, SDK packages, and IDE tools, starting with a version of hongmeng OS beta for smartphones by the end of 2020.

Wang Chenglu mentioned that China's software industry has no roots, but really has to do an ecological or operating system, not just a technical problem, if there is no programming direction, if there is no compiler, if there is no tool, It's not an ecology or an operating system at all. Hong Meng has now taken the first step, hoping that more Chinese partners will work together to build the roots of technical software.

HMS: third mobile application ecology

At the developer conference, one of the most mentioned words except Hong Meng OS,Huawei is

HMS is the core of Huawei software ecology today. After being banned from obtaining Google GSM authorization, HMS has become the ecological core of Huawei independent R & D and replacing GMS in overseas markets.

It is understood that, HuaweiHMS Core open capability extends to 7 fields, such as graphics, artificial intelligence, media, system, security, intelligent terminal, The number of open capacity has increased from 14 published by HDC.2019 to 56 kit, API jumped from 885 to 12981.


HuaweiHMS ecology is accelerating, Global integration HMS Core has 96,000 applications, More than doubled; The number of overseas premium applications on the Huawei application market (AppGallery) has jumped from 6000 last year to 73000, As a global Top 3 app store, AppGallery January-August this year a total of 261 billion global distribution applications.

It is very difficult to build an ecology, but our development speed is beyond expectations. With the support of 1.8 million developers, the world's third largest mobile application ecology is breaking out of the ground and developing rapidly.

Hongmeng mobile phone will be available next year to replace Android?

For consumers, perhaps the most concerned is when Hongmeng OS can land on the phone.

Earlier, Yu Chengdong said in a closed meeting that Hongmeng will launch the first mobile phone in 2021 as soon as possible. And said Hongmeng has invested hundreds of millions of yuan, the system experience has reached Android 70-80% level.


Yu confirmed at the developer conference that Huawei phone will fully support Hongmeng next year OS 2.0,2021 October, Huawei will open Hongmeng OS 2.0. to all devices with more than fou

But as Wang Chenglu said, ecological construction is a very difficult thing. Compared with technology, the difficulty of ecology is not an order of magnitude, and the operating system is not just technology.

According to Statcounter global website traffic monitor, as of April 2019, in the mobile operating system,Google accounts for 74.85% of Android and 22.94% of Apple's iOS, while the rest of the platforms account for less than 1% of the total. On the desktop operating system, Microsoft alone, the Windows operating system accounted for more than 88%, MacOS 9%.

Will Hongmeng OS break through the duopoly and become a world-class OS?


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